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How To Make A Splatter Effect Using Spray Paint - Sticker Backgrounds Ep: 002

by IISIVEII • 21,968 views

Let me know if you have any suggestions to make this tutorial better and check out the last episode in the series Grid Effect

Thanks! Works perfeectly with me! :D
Aye can yu put up a quick little video no editing or anything on what krylon yu get what ones the best because I was going to pick some up today and I seen a lotta different types? Plz n thanks
Hey SIVE, I was wondering how to do more of a drip effect on a sticker with more of an ink. for like edges of letters and what not. Idk I was just wondering if you have any ideas.
was just looking to throw some splattered red paint on my grey with black logos on my full face helmet that I wear when doing some more serious mountain biking. This video helped me figure out a good way to do this as I've already got plenty of spray paint. thinking of maybe using a brush for specific streaks, but I'll be testing on cardboard before putting it on.
i have bg tutorial check it out
second one, not gay. thanks sive. this helps
@OutToBomb1 give me till later tonight or early tomm and ill have a full vid on the best paints to buy how bout that?
Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for posting.
Alryt cool thanks so much bro I really appreciate it ! And I know about ironlak n hardcore n mtn I'm just talking about lyk the walmart paint cuz I dnt have a lotta money to get that expensive paint I just want to know more about krylon I know about color place and rustos I've blown threw many of them justt never tried krylon and was interested cuz it's cheap n has a lotta colors!
Cheers dude, this was helpful.
Lyk prices and the different kinds
First One Yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
does it leaves domes of paint or are they flat
or you can press the cap down a little and it does the same thing without the mess.
Lightly press down on the cap.... Easiest way.
thanks the hole time i was watching this video i was banging my head on the table and i got some nice splatter!! it did not help me at all watching this video 2:18 wasted
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