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Epic Cooler Prank!!

by RomanAtwood • 4,953,990 views

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Man!  Check out the outfit on the dude in the back at 1:57.  Weird.
He is not weird. We call him FABULOUS. Deal. With. It. (Wears shady glasses)
V-tec just kicked in, yo
the woman would also run away, why the guy should not, fuck this shit
The point is he abandoned the girl
only idiots care, its just water, not a guy with a gun...
No, I meant my cheeks hurt from laughter.
this was uploaded on the day after the tushka tornado that i was in o.o
You all posted that comment as i was masturbating
I´d do the first girl
i saw this video on tv once!!!!
N o O n e L i k e s G o o g l e F u c k i n g P l u s
I would no have the guts to do this, nice job!!
Same thing, I have no guts to do this
0:47 no surprise, always the afroamerican guy trying to ACT HARD in front of his friends in every fucking prank video
1:09 anybody notice the two guys jumped at the exact same time? 😂
Great way to get to feel up your gf lol 1:23
u guys should do the same prank but with free goodies in them or money. just an idea
He gives away free shit for a lot of his videos lol. Free gift cards for tires in his tire stealing prank. He must either have money or be really generous .
1:24 Awh that was really cute. The way he protectively put his arm around her. AWEEE
The sounds of cars in the street though.
Omg 2:56 i just cracked up i mean look at the run :D :D
bro in ohio everyone thinks theyre livin in this utopian society but if u do this in georgia youll get shot. noone will think this is funny.
see why cant all pranks be like this there is no damage no harm done just laughs
dese vicctums r acters u all r so stuppid itss obviosly stagd stoopid 
Because I don't waste money on those classes in college
Ice bucket challenge
it's so mean, fuck uuu ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
is this that ASLJKLAL thing?
+peter zhang because you said it crap, try "is this that ASLJKLAL thing?"
Is this his very first prank?
"Jesus that's so mean fuck you" haha this girl doesn't know wat mean means lol
why do so many ppl think they can block the water with their hands
They done got flipped tha burd right off the bat.
DONT you think we college students have enough stress?
The guy left his girl XD
The girl at the start was a bitch, cant even take a joke
which is the official website?
Did that girl in the green jersey 2:13 have the letters KKK on it?
+rollinupgoood well my fucking bad I didn't say it was the fucking racist group, like why the fucking fuck are you so mad......fuck!
+rollinupgoood lol who would ever think its a good idea to actually make a Tri-Kappa sorority knowing it would be KKK. Probably a University of Alabama sorority.
Hahahah 0:04 FUCK YOU Lol this was a great prank everybody fell for this 👏
The girl at 2:17 does her shirt say kkk
Someone please explain this: THAT IS SO MEAN Turns to the camera FUCK YOU
Does he live in somekind of teenage land ?
do they live in ohio?>
the expressions of some people lol
The best place to do that is the beach.
dennis had hair?!?!?!?!?
@1:57 what the hell is that guy wearing....
+Meh No, FUck YOU Thats wasn't fucking clothes its fucking "GAYe FUNKING DRESS" YOU MOTHRE FUNKER DIRKHEAD SMD SON OF A BIATCH
wanna see more of these originals
2:50 "That literally got me" White girls...
bbyge3 Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Check out this video on YouTube:frozen
This is still one of my favorites. Always makes me smile!
I would like to see how long they will survive doing this crap in Russia.
U should put a snake in it then they would flip out
Lotta ass round them parts ;) 
Am I the only one who thought the girl at the beginning was wife material??
Idk about wife material, but definitely hot af lol
0:49 , black girl didn't want to get her hair wet 😹
2:36 Niggarex, blue t-shirt
still your best prank to this day
Am i the only one who wanted the see the two cars we were hearing
Notice how the men have better defensive reflexes than the woman
bbyge3 Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Check out this video on YouTube:fr
"Niggers have cool life, sitting on porch or some trash bin whole day doing nothing, occasionally moaning about how america hates poor honest black people". -Some youtube fag
2:56left his girl to get "get wet"
Did that girl just say nigger 2:42
love black peoples expressions!!! lol
1:12 i'm sure, that's a b-series of honda! :D
2:57 😂 he just left his girl tho
если б такое сделали у нас, реакция біла бі наверное ужасающей.
Some of these ppl run like its lava in a bucket
Goosh did u c dose neggers akt! allways fiteing!
Hahaha 2:56 the guy just runs away.
Beautiful town what town is that pleases
john bomer Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
What if someone got scared and steped into the street and got hit by a car
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