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Kung Fooled

by Wong Fu Productions • 11,359,015 views

We're making a movie! Help make it happen here: BEHIND THE SCENES & OUTTAKES: Written, Directed,...

Wow I remember this was the first video I watched of Wong fu productions and I didn't even know they where like doing videos and stuff and then I began to watch them and I thought wow they remind me of that one video that was so funny that nigahiga was in and then.. Bam! I realized and yes now I'm here making a lame comment that probably doesn't make sense anymore. :3 (sorry bout my bad english boricua girl)
Dat profile pic tho .. :D
It's hard to believe this kind of QUALITY VIDEOS were made back in 2011 whereas now-a-days videos with NO SENSE are getting viral .... THIS IS GOLDEN YOUTUBE :'D 
Also its nice because most channels, HD vids aren't on their channel back in 2010 but here in 2006 there are HD video, and the script isn't some lazy person just talking about their day
First time I am Watching this video Hahahahaha Great Fight !! Good Job Guys !!
I wish I was asian so I could do all that awesome stuff. :( 
+The Philosopher I'm white and i taught an asian basic kung fu
I am white and I was being sarcastic. :)
I love how we white people have nothing special.... :( Except being stupid ofc xD
your wrong, white people have special bed sex lol
+Tae-whan Kim everybody's mind is the same :). A prime example is right here Freddie Wong is a awesome film maker :)
OMGeeee ^_^ this was my first video that I saw +Wong Fu Productions and back then I didn't know +Ryan Higa and he was in this vid too :) and now im subscribed and im loving all their vids :) watching em all :) :D
What disturbed me is that he didn't take the wallet on the ground..
+Stephen Justinen And thus a legend was born a legend named.... Rocket Racoon
Isn't one of the basic rules of basically every martial art that it is to be used solely als self-defense (and in the occasional tournament)?
+martijn van weele Are you challenging me? I accept, 5:00 on the dot at the flag pole nerd.
Ryan higa has looked the same for like 6 years now
The amount of stereotype references are insane
+Alex Chou . Its Not True. Jews are the ones getting treated the worst. if you've read Behind the bookcase you would get what i mean. their leader only let the ones who had blonde hair and blue eyes live. and the Nazis were always looking for specifically ONLY the Jews. the Jews moved from Germany to Holland to escape the Nazis.but even though they got arrested in 1944.they lived secretly but they were still found. and only one of the Jews captured survived to see the end of World War II.
I ended up in a mostly upper-middle class predominantly white prep college high school.  So many jocks did not want to mess with me because it was immediately understood since I was Asian, I could kick all their butts, individually or collectively.  At the same time I worked as a busboy, and the dishwasher there was (a convict that had served his time) ripped like no tomorrow.  On introductions, I gave my name to which he replied "No, you're Bruce."  And to him, I was "Bruce" for the next two years.  There are many other incidents in high school where my mastery of the "u's" was assumed and brief coincidental and accidental displays of amazing hand-eye coordination and athleticism became my "ninja moments" solidifying the stereotype.  Sigh...   Not bitter at the stereotyping, but it is interesting and amusing from this side.
+EarliestDog  i know i was thinking that
Debbie yep Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
you forgot starcraft
freddy used to be skinny wut
Don't you hate it when Asians get offended when you say that they're good at math? That's not an insult, a stereotype, but definitely not an insult.
Maybe they don't get offended but just sad that some people generalize like that.
This channel: Asian dudes making funny videos. FreddieW and Rocket jump: CRAZY SONS O' BITCHES MAKING FIGHTS LIKE HUWAAAAAAAA
That's Ryan higa 😝 his the best
has to be my favorite YT collab
Brought to you by racism. 
HaHa.  Everything about this video couldn't be any less spot on with how people view each other and the realities of a situation.
Good guy freddie not picking up the wallet.
oooooh wise man you are, yes, the force is with thee
the second fight looks like finalcutking 
This wasn't my first but this was the one that got me into freddie's stuff.  I miss this stuff. VGHS was awesome but I miss friddie's older stuff.
What movie were they watching in the beginning? 
"Hooly Shi..! Are you one of them kung fu guys?"
Ah, my first wong fu video ;u; I remember those days
i was the 11,299,500 viewer, do i win a prize, where is my flashing ad banner to a free screensaver
DeStorm is great hahaha
the ideas they put into poor people that got a different reactions... Lol i wanna watch that what do i youtube for that shit?
Omg I laughed so hard at 4:14 Hahahahahahahaha I love your videos!!!
I am a black belt marital artist. and i actually found is offensive. 
Ryan Higa was in this!
The black stereotype is so true, I'm a 6'3 black freshman and people assume I'm some mean dude walking around trying to get into a fight and when meet me they will literally agree wit everything i say and if i don't like what their saying i just got to give a loud "WHAT YOU SAY BOY!!" and people will shutup or walk away. IT'S AMAZING!!!
I think you forgot gaming, especially MOBAs. Otherwise, yeah. (Actually, I think it  goes for anything science related...)
Omg they weren't even fighting XD
oh man this is so funny ahahah
I have a yellow belt in judo... But a black belt in  single computer scortched earth multiplayer (a fierce full contact marital art form where you try to mess up your opponents turn while blocking others while you aim your own tank when its your turn... (old dos game a bit like worms))
oh mah gawd... das gr8 m8...
lol menthol cigarette badass
I knew they were going to say goku😂😂
This was pretty awesome. Thought it would be boring to the end after the second pointe, but the "black finish" was nice :)
I knew that was gonna happen when i saw dstorm 😂😂😂
Thumbs up if you wish for Markiplier in this.
This was the golden age of YouTube
That was hilarious. I just watched the blooper reel and was in stitches again.
I love when famous youtubers work together  
I am not Asian but know martial arts  Eye contact works for me or I walk towards my fear
Sandy Briggs Shared on Google+ · 6 days ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
what is ryan higa doing in this vido
My 2 favorite Asian youtubers in one video!
Did anybody else hear when they were fighting "UPPERCUT! HADOUKEN!"
Lol 3:06 pretty sure thats not kung fu
why can't u copy and paste on here
If you read this this wont happen to you.
Asians still rule YouTube... Am I right?
That's hilarious that the dude in black screams "Hadouken"!
Lol goku-san thats a girl its goku-kun
This vid never fails to crack me up haha
U are fighting whith rien
so they finally met....
Damnnnn, this was way before I ever saw a DeStorm video... 
So many famous charecter
该评论来自中国 from china
I'm asian but i don't look like one so people think i am something else?
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