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The Dead Horse - Red Dead Redemption Tips & Tricks

by GTA Series Videos • 269,642 views

Red Dead Redemption Tips & Tricks Walkthrough Video in High Definition The Dead Horse, also known as Zombie Horse, is a special mount created for Red Dead Redemption. The code for this mount exists...

I have this online, my name on XBL is llXenoQueenll
U get this horse at the end of the game lads if u go down to talk tress ur son will be there and come back after the mission and I should be somewhere around there
A mendes shut up what the fuck is frong with you?
I got one of these without being "evil"
No you get the dark horse
actually, this can be accessed by a rare skin glitch, the same one that makes people fly and bears ride horses. Also, if the glitch happens and is really awesome, you can see the marshall laying dead next to the cave, or bonnie or anyone but john, because his model is rendered seperately.
@9shrek Hes talking about having it on multiplayer...
You get this mount in Story Mode by becoming as evil as possible. (No Honor) Then you will call your horse and this one will come.
Wow and the horses shadow is different too! i would love to have this horse x3
damn kid...that's not the point of the game you know?!
@EpithalamionJinx Only in undead nightmare, it`s called an undead horse.
can it like eet food? cuz i thought u could feed horses apples
I heard if a developer sees u with a dead horse u would be band from multiplayer
@MetrokidStudios How about watching the video( 1:29 - 2:00 ), sherlock? It's called "Zombie Horse", because you can actually ride on it...
And imagine how shitty and laggy the muiltiplayer would be too. This ain't GTA IV asshole.
may be that the horse is jacks horse raisen for the dead
@megapowerman12 thats a dark horse. this is jacks dead horse... -_-
The real dead horse is mostly bones and is on fire
@Grantofglyn i tried to watchit but i half vomited OH LUCK I DIDNT
i havent seen this in the undead nightmare pack yet
what outfit is that and how did u get it?
@ollydabest1234 It's tongue was hanging out the whole video. It has no lower jaw
@EPICcodTIMES Give it a lick ''hmmm, I've just been infected'' And then it turns into a plane when you tug on its' winky ''EWW IT'S MISSING''
you get the zombie horse in undead nightmare when your horse dies and you call for another one to early
ok in undead nightmare its an UNDEAD horse and it is different than the DEAD horse.acually know wtf your talkin about before you start talkin big
i prefer this horse over any undead horse in undead nightmare the 4 horses of Apocalypse rock and unicorn the rest suck
Can you get this horse in single player?
@lucas76021 Well ther IS some free DLC coming right up... Wait has anyone else said this already?
look at my horse my horse is a zombie
Cooooool what outfit do u have on
my friend was playing reddead redemtion and decided to kill someone and there was a huge glich and no matter who he killed no one payed any attention
I did not find any useful tips only an awesome horse.
@gothdude176 rockstar doesnt care about rdr anymore dude.
i bought it i was sorry first but then i cut myself a couple of times cause i was horrobly wrong about the game ITS GODDAMNAWESOME
You're right... I think it just really threw me off and ruined my mood :S Sorry
i got that horse after the first mission good luck or what
in what type of gun are you using in this video?
i want this horse, how i made for get this??
Guys could anyone tell me if only Death is available on campaign? or war too pls tell me i want war so badd :33 also which other horses are available in campaign like this bad boyss? thx nice vid man ^_^!
Dead Horse, dead horse The thoroughbred of kill He looks so bloody gross that you just might be ill when you need transportation, and have a spot to fill His leg is gone, his eye is out his tongue just dangles, he can't shout. Dead horse, dead horse, dead horse He's dead! We don't know how he gallops, while missing a whole leg He's the bottom of the barrel, he's a creepy dreg! It's probably a zombie, but that's the DLC So but it now, it's cool of course and then you too can ride Dead horse!
How do I find this horse? Is it in the game?
Fuck this horse, The Unicorn FTW ! lmfao
can someone give a clear answer on how to get this horse??????
my dead horse on the dlc pack game disc its just the dlc the horse has unlimited stamina ITS AWSOME GLITCH!! it randomly happened
I swear, thats just the horse of the apocalypse Pestilence
yeah but if you get caught riding this by a rockstar dev while in mp you're screwed :)
Should be labeled Undead horse trick not Tip(s) and trick(s).
when your horse dies and you keep whistiling a zombie horse comes in undead nightmare
HOW DO YOU GET THE HORSE?!!?!?!??!?!!?!?
@xxclnmaxx NO! First off, it's "In Soviet Russia, etc." not In Soviet Union. Second, those jokes are NOT funny! :(
@FrazzleAndTheWolf It's something that happens in games (albeit, typically in older ones) where programmers decide not to use something, so they remove it from the game itself, but are too lazy to remove it from the game's programming/coding. There are several scenes from Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask that were removed, but can still be accessed through the games coding with a GameShark. I'm quite disappointed that they removed this living mount from the game. It's lovely.
PETA would not be happy about this
Damn, what a Tips and Tricks episode....
@theusschipmon so theres an undead horse, and a zombie horse? weird, But I saw how to get it, It's the horse Death, and you just have to kill it a few times and its body will keep rotting.
@ironmaiden12341 Just...Just get the fuck outta here. lol JK.
guys i have sumthin cool you could do okay first you need the invincible cheat code then you find a lot of zombies put on invincible then let 1of them bite u and zombies wont attack you and u wont die
When I saw the zombie horses' mouth I almost threw up! o_o
@H34dshotMickey no im not ive beat the undead nightmare now and there is no horse like this u little fucker
Doesn't seem like a Ride I'd like to try
To get the Hungarian half-breed in the stores you first need to go tame one out in the wild first
If the horse was gay, It look like he looked up blue waffle on google
ive got the dead horse its awsome
Think they've been using this horse to make my burgers..... Seriously though - anybody know how to get the white stallion (Hungarian half-breed) and the buffalo rifle ? They never seem to be available in the stores....
quizas no es zombie solo es un caballo perdido con heridas
so its on multiplayer and not single player? Ive gotthe dark horse already...
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