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VGHS Behind the Scenes - Ep. 4

by BrandonJLa • 345,621 views

Go behind the scenes of VGHS: Episode 4

o hareketi sadece biz yapıyoruz sanıyodum valla
2:41 Is it just me or is that guy really a copypaste of Jack Black?
I like how most of these people have hard voice XD
My question is....Did Ben ever finish converting his garage?
Vghs if you have Xbox live you have to play inhumane3 and die strike
Is there any way to become apart of the vghs cast
If there is, that would be awesome. Wish there was too.
KI and ted doing the vagina trick haha gotta love em'
that's because it is vaughn gittin jr's drift car
Does anyone know if they ever uploaded the behind the scenes for the race?
DK needs a blue mohawked duckling like the Duck King that he is.
not tobe like that but pretty much the entire story of the movie is a ripoff of never back down
It's a lot of work, but Freddie Wong actually specializes in low budget filmmaking. The stuff you see, spectacular as it is, is nowhere near the cost of a feature film. You just make the right connections, and sometimes people will give you a deal for renting equipment and hiring professionals. Or they'll even come out and do it all for free!
Naw. season two is over. they're working on three soon.
-facepalm- I know. It's coming summer of next year. It's just wishful thinking.
3:14 it was so awkward the first time i did that
Added to which, everyone seems to be drinking Monster.
Kickstarter and some profits from other videos
never back dowm....great film, and yes thats what i got form watching this
Jenny :P if u go to a car store with the V8 Mustang u could just see it, u wont see some1 like her whenever u wanna see xD
Just to let you faggy reptiles know its not cool to show your tongue you just look like a noob
First of all, it's a show, not a movie. And second of all, people around the world donated them.
What happened to the behind the scenes (DRIFTING)?
Eww those two were doing the vagina trick!!!
1:29 wait what? i didn't saw those scenes in final vid xD
"why are you guys writing the script right now? I thought it was done." *sigh* "We just tell people it's done, then we get to the day of the set and then we write everything." HAHA :D
I would love to know what went on between Josh Blaylock (Brian D) and Johanna Braddy (Jenny Matrix) because they got married after this web series was filmed ;) Sounds like a great love story!
or the lorax from dr seuss, with the fake stash :D
Never Back Down was a great movie omg
Somehow I knew it was JR at the wheel of that car. Awesome guy, let me get an interview just after his Formula D championship win.
The guy stuck the rude finger up at 0:16
I went to an elementary school called willow springs O_o
in the future for the behind the scenes can you guys either lower the bkg music or add subtitles? thankss
did anyone see jack black there???
DK/Rocky's voice is sooo different offset!!!
Loved the movie but I never knew they made it
Whats the song for the drifting scene
holy crap, I thought Brian D was like 18. he and Jenni are married?? who knew?!
did any one notice Brandens shirt?
Cost to Rent a Ferrari 458 for 24 hours: $2500 if only brandon was correct about rental and full prices for this time.
I am doing the same thing Cam Blank
Na..I'm waiting for episode 5 of season 2....I'm repeatedly watching all this and the episodes.
duuuuuuude, why weren't those V8 sounds louder in the episode?
How much money did you spend on monster cans???
Man I thought there would be some protomen in this.
I wonder if its confusing while they're filming when they call BrianD's name if The Law thinks he's being talked to, since his real name is Brian
they did a kickstarter and so they got a huge budget... and i think another part is paid by youtube/google.
3:15 are they doing the hand vagina thing?
"We may need to find some pro DDR players..." Omg if only...IF ONLY!!! Y they nowhere close to DC/MD region? T_T
Amm i the only one? Or does Law look like a garfield? Just by face, not by belly :D
He was on a sofa so when he dropped it it just hit the cushion. Calm down -___-
Sorry, I don't think shes interested in a prepubescent bat person...
0:32 Just casually throwing the expensive smart phone in the air lol
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