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All of Minecraft, Hardcore Mode - Episode 2

by AntVenom • 329,726 views

Ratings are Appreciated! Feedback is Welcome! If you guys like the idea of this series, I urge you to leave your feedback in the form of a comment or a rating. If you have any suggestions, be sure...

you downloaded a mod?7:07 is when i see it
Didn't you see NEI in the first episode when he opened his inventory? Of course he downloaded a mod.
Near the beginning, you said,"In case I die..." And I said, if you die, the SEIRES is OVER
i was afraid some how i was the only one who noticed.
Ant is deciding whether to do Diamond pick or enchantment table. ENCHANTMENT TABLES NEED OBSIDIAN! I'm just yelling that in my head.
Lol. When you find that Diamonds you just laugh. HAHAHAHA!!!
luv how ant says "wait I didn't get the sugar cane I'll go back and get some" then go's back and gets milk and leaves the sugar cane
only the prophecy will tell
If I were you I would rate your last episode R for RESTRICTED because a film that uses the F word five times would be rated R and R means UNDER 17 REQUIRES ACCOMPANYING PARENT OR ADULT GUARDIAN
that would be pg14.........
Really? Are you serious right now? It's a video. And, if AntVenom feels the need to swear, then so be it. Sadly, what you think doesn't really matter. I say that in the nicest way possible, though there is no nice way to say it. If you don't like it, find another video to watch.
So Retta Wood they would need there 2 parents to waste their time watching a video thinking about"what is this?"or"what does my kid watch.Ya they would love that :D
What is da textr pack?
Vattics faithful texture pack I have it
14 minutes later AntVenom: Wow ive dug for hundreds of blocks to find diamonds. Me: ITS ONLY EPISODE 2 WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we need to go deeper is also knowen as into the nether
You are epic and amazing man
when he said that blink thing, i blinkd at the time ,when he cot the fish
You should do a video about the best mods
overkill deal 8 hearts of damege
Me:*is watching him dig for Diamonds*Dude,it doesn't take 10 seconds to find diamonds... Ant:*find diamonds*
Ant venom I have a question please can you leave a comment in one of videos to answer this question how did you do the thing at the beginning of your videos please help
what is the name of that texture?
the end? involes entering an end portal and the end! is enter the exit end portal
If u die that's it the world is deleted
he says if i die like he is going to respawn
BRO u can't respawn in hardcore mode
what is your texture pack I can't find it anywhere?
why dig gravel with a iron pick
he found diamond in like 2 seconds and now that i count up how many days it took me to find them it was 97 days 38 hours and 3 seconds i know that because i recorded it it was bad so i did not post it!
2:09 *facepalm* THIS IS HARDCORE MODE!
lol at 2:08 he said "just incase i die" but when he dies its over
Lava can spawn at any layer but you find lava pools at layer 10
i should of watched a bit longer lol
"leave one just incase u die" ant I thought u where da smart one int it hardcore survival!
I keep one safe in case i die ... Its hardcore :-| derp
2:11 lol he said in case I die if you die you don't respawn
ur gonna die and lose your saddle ur in hardcore mode man the lp will be over
cows are amzing what is up with you and cows
5:15 just in case I die If you die you lose
You said sometimes i get a good feeling OOOOOooooh sometimes i get a good feelin yeah
I feel so good for you, you finally found a good set of diamonds. You and sky are my favorite you tubers and you should make a series of finding the most diamonds until you die
Mining stragety don't mine all the coal if its closest to the surface
Make a All Minecraft, Hardcore Mode Season unless it is One life Achiever
do on a rail with too many items
the seed is........a mystery for now
killing the wither should be a achievment
this is different than the faithful 32x32 texture pack
Is it possible for gold ore and diamond ore to spawn next to each other?
Make series that is the same but within a time limit!!
hey antvenom I know your gonna win because your smart and brave so your going to win:)
15:00 omg Trolololololololhohohoaaaa
lol i loved his laugh when he found the diamonds
Does not matter if u die ur on hardcore mode 2:10
He said he will when he dies or gets all vanilla achivemne
I was screaming "You don't have a sword!!" When he was going into the cave.
You can't do the pig achievement because you'll most likely die
Tame a cat should be a achievement.
I think it's Ant's version of Faithful, called 'FaithfulVenom'.
I've found diamonds faster and there was no bullshit
Awesome video I would have died in the cave in the first episode
Stop putting these on ever fucking episode, piss off.
you used to call a pickaxe a "picexxe"
Spiders wouldn't have died anyway they don't burn in the daylight! :)
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