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Slim Down Series: Ep 3 Lost 5 Lbs

by Vanessa Watson • 42,151 views

Down 5 pounds already and I even had a little slip up. as I said in the video will be making update videos every Monday from now on! :) vajac Thank you for watching! don't forget to...

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okay so i just had a baby im 5'7 or 5'8 i weight 148 but i dont even look like it i think its all my boobs tough cuase i still breast feed , well im trying to loose 10 pounds and be 138 i used to weight 134 , but its so hard for me idk why i wear a size 3 , i just have a gut please help me , plus sense i breast feed i get hungry allot what should i do any advice ?
@TouchOfVanessaNess But BMI is not always reliable - body builders have terrible BMI's because they're mainly muscle which ways a lot more than fat. So there's no use relying on that completely, it's better to pay attention to how you feel, look and how your clothes fit. Also around that time of the month, we women tend to have higher water retention levels. So it's best not to worry about weight at that time, as it's inaccurate. xx
@sildor3 I use to wake up a lot earlier when I wasn't getting off work at 230am. so I would eat breakfast by 8. snack around 10. lunch around 1. snack around 2 or 3. and dinner around 5;30-6ish and have some pineapple after with berries. but I never ate after 8. since I wake up later now my eating schedule has changed.
Keep it up girl.... i'm in the same boat trying to lose this weight as well. pretty hard Looking good..
well it will have sugar because of the fruit thats added. but one a day wont hurt you.
your skin is sooooo perfect. can you show us what your morning facial cleasnsing/moisturizing routine is?
I weight less but my body doesn't look like yours :/ especially the tummy area, can you tell me how should i do or eat to get the tummy like yours? Thanks :)
LOL. What I meant was injections. Or drops my bad "mis spelling "
How tall are you?U look absolutelly fabulous))
how did u get ur hair so long and pretty??..
When you make your own juice, what do you put in it?
@claudia1515 of course there had to be a cheat day :) but I've found the problem is more so over eating rather than eating bad. if that makes sense. Its ok to have a slice of cake but some people can't help themselves and they eat two pieces then 3 then ice cream and so forth
It would be a shame if you did not burn fat when normal people shed fat easily using Mimmu Fat Blast (Google it).
Didnt know what yo order I think there were others that didnt know what to order
Can you substitute a meal with a smoothie?
you are so beautiful/sexy/bomb/ etc..
you lose weight without exercising? this is exactly the kind of diet plan i've been looking for. so effective as well ! i don't think we can get the naked drink in england unfortunately! D: love your vids though :)
@129kittykati I have to make a hair care routine video!
@TheOnlyDutchAJ the ''my shirt is just retarded'' made me laugh too XD
do you have a boyfriend? Because relationships (stress) are definitely a factor in weight
hey you look amazing.. i really want to look like you and loose wait.. help me out.. can you email me :) i would really appreciate it .. thANKS -KAASSYY
@iluvmee26 When I was only weighing myself once a week I found that I lost more because I wasn't so obsessed with it. SO how about we all do NOT weight ourselves until next monday and you can tell me how you feel :) ! It seems harmless at first to weight everyday but it seems to have a more negative effect. so lets try No weighing until next monday
is it hot green tea you drink? and what brand of double fiber bread do you get?
I weigh myself every day which I shouldn't do :/
How tall are you? Im 137 pounds and I DO NOT look like that): Im 5'2 though.
@jamaicancoco I remember when I got to 134 the first time I was amazed! you will get there and you will be so proud !!!
Clean up your meals. Stop ALL junk food. No chips, candy, chocolate, fake juice (any juice with added sugar. drink fresh squeezed juice) And definitely no soda! When you go for a snack think about if it is out of hunger, stress or boredom. Pick a healthy snack if you are hungry. Drink a lot of water too! 8 cups per day. Water will help keep you full and help your skin too! I researched a lot online and tried this and within a week people noticed that I was getting slimmer! Hope this helped :)))
I heard this juice wasn't so good cause of the sugar content. I figured the sugar was all just from the fruit since its no added sugar, but everybody keeps telling me its still bad
Hey YouTubers, have you heard about "Fat Blast Formula"? (Go Google it) You will find out about the crimes we commit against our bodies. With "Fat Blast Formula", you will discover how to shed pounds fast.
My coworkers laughed when I told them I would lose weight quickly with Amos Fat Loss, but then I showed them the results. Google Amos Fat Loss to see their reaction. (It was epic!)
@LizJensen89 when your body isn't budging past a certain weight after a few days or maybe a week at the most you're not meant to go below that point. i'm 5 foo 4 and a half and at 126-128 my bmi was lower than normal
I love the "Naked Green Machine", it taste so gooood!
try drinking matcha green tea and oolong tea. I has a lot to do with my body. i actually plan on re doing my tea video :)
That Naked Green Machine tastes sooo good.
@129kittykati see my hair care routine video just uploaded a few days ago if you didn't see it
i dont look like this and am 5'3 and i weight 140 and in the belly ufff is big whit 2 kids any tips thanks
wow you look amazing!...i totally noticed the difference...keep it up girl! :D
'My shirt is just retarted.' hahahah, awesome. I'm really gonna try your 'method', because I really have to lose weight after the holidays. Hope it works for me 2.
at what time do you eat your breakfast, lunch and mostly I'm interested in dinner, do you have it at 7 p.m. and wahen do you go to sleep?
Does all this work for guys too?
what exercise do u do? please help me
@SkittlezAddict4Eva yes, but when you're body goes past the point it should be you are losing the fat tissue around your muscle and then your muscle which you need to be healthy. no one should be getting rid of the good fat they need in order to "feel good" because thats what harms the body. so sometimes when you are in the right ranges of weight and still feel big it can be back up in the colon, bloat, water retention. but not a need for weight loss. BMI isn't everything I know that.
I replaced my breakfast with naked juice for a week and lost five pounds just from that. It's really healthy for you too :)
i see a major difference its crazy what 5 pounds can do. I cant wait to be in the 130;s i have a long way to go. lol
where are you from. You keep mentioning trader Joes and wholefoods
how do you think you look in spandex?
@LolliManley Just like the person who said the same, When I weighed myself once a week I was so excited and happy about losing. So Im going to propose we all try not to weight ourselves until next monday. :) we should be able to do it and see how we feel. I think weighing everyday whether you gain or lose has a negative effect and Id really like to get out of that habit
Please stop stressing about your weight. Weight is so overated. Your pictures are awesome, you look awesome. It is how you look. How about making a workout video. You could wear sexy spandex shorts and one of your tank tops, just sayin.
@TouchOfVanessaNess thanks so much! i love your vids, btw :)
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Hey it come to veggie intake I'm sure you're buying fresh vs-canned & frozen bags right? Just guessing, & also when comes to the hcg what works best infections or drops thanx!
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@13victorious hot green tea yes. :) and check out my whats in my refrigerator video> the double fiber bread is shown. :)
Its alright to have a cheat meal once a week or every other week.. just dont go pigging out the whole day eating bad foods.. You wont gain much in one day. cuz then your gonna back at it again the next day working it off.. Keep your head up girl you got this..
Did you drink any sort of protein drink or shakes?
@SilentRachel injections work best for sure :) in my HCG videos you can click the link purchase and learn more about it from there :)
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