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Minecraft SSP Ep.287 - More Diamonds!

by TheWaffleGalaxy • 2,206 views

Leave a like to show some support ;^) Join me as I play Minecraft survival singleplayer and possibly fail a lot! :^D Minecraft...

According to the Wiki, it actually was a year ago. June 30, 2011
if you grind diamonds and eat them they will tear up your insides and you will bleed internaly :D
Life as a creeper, there is another mod that enables you to creep, Ucreepingbro
Paulsoaresjr uploaded more monsters, Waffle uploaded more diamonds. Coincidence? I think not!
1 block = 1 meter 1000 blocks = 1 km
An ocean is a body of water that's completely connected withe the other body's of ocean:D
I bet this will not make top comment...
Waffle, make a server, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
dont make rails!!!!! use the ones in abandoned mineshafts
Thumbs up if you live near a lake
Make railway going above the ocean to the other islands in the distance,
I found Silver (Iron) Before I found Coal
Please download the older version i miss that series!!!!! ;(
Nothing beats the taste of diamonds :D
VVAFFLE i coied this comment >:)
WAFFLE WAFFLE the life has a nother twin mod or it maybe just changed it name!!! It is called u'creepin bro
Beta 1.2 sooo long ago nope wooooo alpha rules
Life as a creeper is how I found waffle! XD
@TheWaffleGalaxy I'm still trying to learn the things about it. I kinda forget which stage it's in.
I started playing in beta 1.2.5... Which is the current stage now
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