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Happy Wheels w/Nova Ep.112 - Mid-Air Little Boy Catch

by UberHaxorNova • 659,420 views

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Oh god Nova if those sounds at 5:35 to 5:40 are the sounds you make having sex, I don't know who could keep a straight face. XD
The dino world told your were 2 go
My nephew laughed like hell at 5:46-5:49!!!! XD!!!!! I CAN'T STOP WATCHING IT!!!!
me and uber said o shit at the same time
At 4:55 does the segway guy think he's Quanchi from Mortal Kombat.
up in the skyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ummmmmmmmmmm catttttttt
it got suck at 3:03 and died of laughter at the pic
hahahaha this has to be my favorite happy whells video ever :D
Yes, 5:34 was definitely the best! Great Position!
5:34 I can just imagine Nova making those sounds while having sex XD
u finally admitted it is a hart in the dont move
Opps english isnt capitalized, 50 people will reply "English*" now
The woman looks at a dude trying to rip his leg off.
2:55 to 7:19 SAME MAP... --.--
8:15 Nova: Can I get like any further in there or is that it. XD Man, how out of contest, can you get that sentence. Ex. This what I say to my girlfriend every day XD
the strangest porn scene i have seen in my whole life
"Fuck your son!" I c wat u did der. x)
everyone including nova knows it's a heart.. he's just messing around.
@Themaximan97 if you don't like the swearing don't watch the videos derp
the new species of dinosaur lol about 9:30
Is anyone else having problems with Youtube not saving your liked videos? I have watched Nova's Happy Wheels up to part 20 and I "liked" them all and yet when I come back to watch them it says the last part I "liked" was part 109. WTF!!!???
I laughed from reading your comment. Congrats, you've won one free Internet.
He finally saves the kid... just to rip him to pieces in front of the kid's mother.
Fuck the kid! Fuck the kid! Fuck the kid! lol
Finally little boy control something
4:38 he ripped off his own leg XD
Hey Nova can you help out my channel? I would really appreciate it! I play Minecraft League of Legends and binding of Isaac, plus there is more to come! Thanks, -Explosiononmars
Slams into a lady and brakes her leg off and beats her with it
4:57 is all you need to know
"what is that ugly looking fucking thIIIIIING?!" Lol
4:59 - Why are you kicking yourself? Why are you kicking yourself? Why are you kicking yourself?
4:54 starts beating the sh*t out of the girl with here own leg!
Youtube keeps doubling up on adverts. Freaking hell. Am I the only one?
5:59 best position for the lady
did anyone notice the dont move level nova did was by texiton... the same guy who did novas youtube page level?
ive watched all of pewdie's happy wheels vids and all of toby's but THIS IS THE REAL SHIT MAN FUCKING HILARIOUS!
I got boner when nova fucked the girl up
8:02 XDDD I Can't breathe anymore!!!
ya haha i got your leg fuck the world with your leg
Here's your son ma'am.... I hit the floor laughing...
4:50 Lmfao dats how ya use a leg
Lol. When nova got the kid, she was in a happy position. But when he literally destroyed the kid in her face, she had a sad position and fell face forward on the floor. Lol
5:28 - hahahaha... Oh Yeah Baby. I waited a long time for this...
At 5:11 there is a Penis cloud in the top lest corner O.o
That would have been funny if he said, hey baby i didnt save your son but we can make another one
4:50 I just could'nt stop laughing
segway guy fucks 63 peoples legs
5:29 to 5:41 is so funny it makes me crack up and the weirdest sex
i was watching him play heavy rain and i was thinking that is not his voice at ALL
i love it when Nova finds things so gross and disgusting LOL "ewwww EWWWW" (Nova's voice) xD
Random bike will even break itself to cause havoc X3
like if you like this dumbass 4 doing a like if comment
8:17 that Dinosaur has a very small upper jaw compared to his bottom xD
Like if this guys a dumbass for doing a "like if....." comment
Where do these random bikes come from!? And killing the boy! Really!?
3:05 mom really mean to make son
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