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Ian Laperriere takes a puck to the face - Flyers vs Devils Game 5 NHL Playoffs

by PennNova24 • 430,754 views

Update: 8/30/11, Laperriere is a U.S. citizen. Update: 2/12/11, Laperriere says his career may be over. Credit

The only reason why soccer is the most popular sport is because of poor countries and the third-world countries.
@Bisonrulz16 kids hockey all have to wear masks - so they are saying that kids lives are more important than adult lives
@GuireGod sigh all you want, it doesn't really change the fact that he wasn't paying attention
they do... minor hockey leagues require a cage and most goalies are smart enough to wear a neck protecter
if you're gonna cover your face, don't bother blocking anything
Not all players wear visors because they constantly get fogged up. But I think they are necassary. Laperriere had his brain bruised, Pronger suffered a major concussion and Maholtra injured his eye real bad. Hopefully they will be made mandatory
Fuckin Jersey fans cheering and clapping after he gets hit -_-
Are you serious!?!? That's crazy because I took a slap shot to the throat when I played too and it hurt like hell. I'm sorry man. How long have you played LAX for?
@canufi No, they're saying adults have more choice whether they want to risk it or not.
I watch sports all the time. Watch the initial hit then look at the right side of the screen. See what dumbass standing up and taunting him?
0:09 look at that devils fan, NO RESPECT!
@TheBawse97 no they cheer when he leaves, you do that for every player that gets hurt, it not because they are happy he is hurt
he eats nails for breakfast...WITHOUTMILK
The clocks instrumental in the back is nice :v
Don't forget basketball players. Every time I see someone sitting out a game because their left big toe is sore makes me want to punch them in the face.
nah you can easily see it if you have decent eyes its actually clear and i watched the game the anouncers were talking about it
@GuireGod dirty hit? really? don't quite remember said "dirty" hit....
i wonder where are they going to find some ice to put on his face in that ice hockey rink
@TheBawse97 hey hey im from jersey and im die hard flyers fan
Look at the fucking moron on the bottom right at 0:08, getting pissed that the refs blew the whistle... I'd like to see him take a 100mph slap shot right in the fucking face.
If you think that was gross you should have seen Clint Malarchuk get his throat cut. Now that was gross!
Screw those NJ fans yelling about stopping the play. The man took a f-ing slapshot to the face. How bout you get off your drunk ass and take a slap shot to the face.
While I agree with your sentiment, the concussion that he got from this shot has ended his playing career.
@chewynickerson well not much of a Canadiens fan, just a hockey fan overall, but still could of been a career ending hit. Max had a cervical vertebral fracture.
its just easier to see, and plus when your not wearing one you dont think anything like this would happened, luckily hes ok
0:16-0:22 As the camera goes by the Flyers' bench, take a look at Carcillo's mouth.
@PickleSlap1995 did you get hit in the head with a pickle?
"Ian Laperriere takes an arrow to the knee"
I don't know, I only saw both of them on Youtube, and with Zednik I couldn't even tell he was bleeding that much (except when he goes down) until after when the camera pans out and you see the trail of blood. Malarchuk, on the other hand, he's leaning over and you can actually see the blood spurting out. But both were really disturbing and thank god both of them survived.
no he did not in fact he came back in the SCF but after that he was dune that was his last year ever. and the puck hit him in the eye so i bet he could not see in the eye for the rest of that night or longer so it would be tough to play with 1 eye
lost 7 teeth already? hockey is not worth that shit...
0:10 i see the new jersey fan isn't happen about that blocked shot?
if this guy went over to soccer, hed be a fucking tank on a field!
@Sting3733 oh haha i was talking about 1 min in
@GuireGod aww, someone can't handle that particular truth?? LMAO... how adorable
is the organ player playing coldplay the whole time
um no. he didnt go back in the game and considered retirement.
nhl play wouldn't be bying that kind of things in store btw
PHILLY LOVES YOU, LAPPY! Always and forever!
This guy needs to stop blocking shots with his face
If you think football players are not real men you are stupid
@Bisonrulz16 is it also a rule in the NHL that a full cup is not allowed, only a cup that protects the ball sack?
@PickleSlap1995 so was the pickle thrown at your head or did someone just slap you with it like how someone would hit you over the head with a fish?
you can hear the puck hit his face .. this make's my my face hurt
@TheBawse97 where do you here cheering. Maybe a whistle or two, from retarded ass fans but otherwise. We were a good crowd and clapped him off. Every crowd has its flaws.
basket ball player gets hit in the hand his career is over.
i love how when it scrolls across the flyers bench, carcillo is talking shit to someone
Ian LaPerriere is a great team player. he does what ever needs to be done
Thank you Lappy for everything you've done with the flyers! sure he'll do well in his new job with the flyers
See the guy at the bottom right at 0:10.. damn he's pissed LOL
@TheBawse97 I was at the game and those were all "Ohhhhhhhhhs" and "holy shits" not cheering.
"Laperriere is a U.S. citizen." ??
that's funny because Laperriere didn't return to the game and didn't return until the conference finals. You look like an idiot. There's warriors and pussies in every sport. Get off your hockey high horse
@chewynickerson its cute how hard you try #tryhard
well from my point of view it was bad. another reason i think he got hit in the face is it looked like his left right buckled and didn't let him go down how he wanted
@GuireGod riiiiight, sounds like something a butt-hurt Canadiens fan would say hmmm? it's whatever, to me..... chara owned him, case closed
There's probably a reason many players prefer to play without. They accept the consequences. It's hilarious how people who have no talent comparatively are so quick to put in retarded input. I think a professional hockey player might know a little more about what they're doing and why than you do...
you dont protect your forearms or belly or calves
i feel bad for Jersey... if my state only had one team like the Devils i would be just like them
plenty of baseball and football players have came back in and played with worse injuries.
I'm not sure if some of you don't know this but his brain was actully BRUISED from the shot (I think I spelled bruised wrong)
"see the reaction of the women behind"
yup hockey and lacrosse players are the toughest athletes. iv seen a lacrosse player take a stick in the eye and he came back 10 minutes later
"The New Jersey fans, even pay tribute to his courage..." LOL are you blind? They show only Philly fans clapping, and the area is dead silent. Fuck Jersey.
@canufi Rules of the NHL are a Visor or No Visor are all that's allowed. Full face mask is allowed only when injured...
@canufi That's not the point. Your eye is naturally drawn to the big object in front of you rather than the small black puck...
@canufi My mistake, it's IIHF rules. It's also a whole lot better to what it used to be. No one had visors. A lot of players find a full cage distracting and I agree from my time playing. Even a visor is slightly distracting. It's not stupid, it's tactical.
@etiendre Old school players doesn't like visors. They used to distort the view.
@CBabeey yea he is a commentator
Hey ruffsocks very funny would u be Lafin if tht happened 2 u
If a man jumps out of a plane with no parachute he's considered stupid, he should have just used a parachute. Why then, is it that it's so courageous to block a shot with no cage or visor to protect your face? I don't get it and I don't feel bad for an injury that could have easily been avoided if Laperriere had left his pride at the door.
@GuireGod you're assuming the worst; it could've been accidental...who's messed up again?
@chewynickerson id like to see you side step a 6'8 260 lbs guy charging at you l0l
wtf why not wear a full face visor? stupid americans...
@GuireGod by paying attention...all good, or even semi-decent hockey players have ice-awareness; if chara hadn't accidentally hit him there, it would of happened somewhere else
first my teeth then my balls then id't care if a brake a bone but talking to a girl without teeths is the worst thing ever happend it leaves me wanting to cry!!! XD
@chewynickerson you dont consider pushing someone's neck in the turnbuckles dirty? lol ur messed up
you can say that ian laperriere has balls after getting hit in the face with the puck the first time and coming back getting hit again thats what u call a warrior in hockey and thats y the flyers got him
@LiveTheHighLifeKUSH Yes, he is - I wish him that same shot wit the puck to the face, but from Chara, or Souray
Very tue, I play lacrosse and I have been hit in the throat by a shot going like 40-50. Not even that fast, but it hurt like a bitch.
@chewynickerson it was, chara could of just taken the puck away lol..
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