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"Chocolate Cake Made Me Late" - Gabriel Iglesias

by Gabriel Iglesias • 9,419,704 views

Too much cake lead to drama in the morning.

Can anyone please translate what Gabriel is saying in Spanish to the principal?? Please?? I want to know!!
Im spanish , Mexican actually :) He said: " Miss, I dont know what are you saying. Im leaving my child here , he goes here to school/Study , Her mother doesnt wake up , I dont know "
Does anyone remember Gabriel telling a joke on one of these videos where he pranked his son by waking him up on a Saturday (or Sunday I forget) and told him he was late for school? If anyone does, do you happen to remember what the name of the video was?
aloha fluffy bro lol and his dad says put on deorante
nice work man i laugh my ass off success on the tv shows
Was it the cake? "Yeah" Was it good? "Hell yeah"
0:15 - 0:21 That was a good beat actually.
Love transformers too : )
I can't find Gabriel's chocolate cake joke can somebody give me the link !! It would be really helpful !
You live by the cake you die by the cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heck yeah!! You should say you love Transformers!! LOL
I've watched this at least 50 times!!! i love this story!!!
That's what I love about him. He's not just funny. He's amusing too. His characters and little anecdotes are comedic timing at its finest
He is fucking awesome :D I love him :D Can't stop laughing :D When ever i'm in a bad mood, just have to see his shows and i'm LMAO :D Not many people in Denmark knows him, but i'm doing what i can to tell them about him :D Fluffy is the BEST :D
I just subscribed to your channel and I was in a bad mood but right when I saw your videos I wasnt. Thank you!! Your awsome
This has to be one ofy favorites
I am going to do the Spanish part to my teachers and director
I love his show cristela
laughed my heart out at .." i am 32, i dont give a DAYYAMMM" !!
I'm pretty sure "pendeja" doesn't mean "stupid"....that's not what high school taught me.
well in spanish it could be pendeja,tonta or estupido 
From where was this clip taken from? Which show?
but i know he does this joke in one of his hour long specials
you are funny as hell man, keep doing what you do
Señora sequel no se que dice mi esposa no se levanto...😂😂
Yo no soy pendeja lmfao
Lol like it was a gift from God.
When he started the songs i actually laughed so hard i cried ;D
Yo no soy pendeja jajajajajaja
when he said "I dont give a damn!" i was on the floor crying
This was a really good one !!! OMG !!! hahahhhhhaaagahahhahaa
You live by the cake, you die by the cake .. So good. :P
Ya live bah the cake you DAAH by the cake
LOL the Gregorian Chant.
Jiobannee Mex Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Funny As Ever!!!
Learned more Spanish in the last 30 seconds of this video then I learned so far in class
Your funny as fuck fluffy my mom started watching all your episodes
I'm 32 I don't give a DAMM
This is so dam funny!!!! LOL
Can someone please throw some light on what Gabriel sang at 2:01 and 2:12 please!?
+Arun Ghanta I don't think it's anything legit, except him saying something about Padre or Patri, which means "father". :p
What he sang is a pretty basic melody you'd hear in a gregorian chant.
'' Dude relax I'm 32, I don't give a DAMN ''
Fluffy is funny fucking funny
God his killing me hahaaha
spongerobblockade Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Haha, saw The Fluffy Movie last night, and just found this on his official youtube channel. xD
Was it good? HELL YEAH !
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 2:00
+Franceska Reyna There's always these idiot trolls like Liam who think TALKING IN CAPS MAKES THEM SOUND INTELLIGENT. It's rather annoying. And yes, he basically said the same thing you did in capital letters, probably thinking he was making more of a point. It just made him look.... well... silly. 
He did it better live this one sucked
You should say you love Transformers. LOL!!!!!!
+FILIPEB777 I think it was just kind of a mixture of movie hymns, that's similar to the sounds I make when I'm making sound effects for something xD. Sorry If I'm wrong I'd actually like to know the name of it too if it has one.
Dude relax i am 32 i don't give a DAAMMMNNNN :D 
Dammit now i want chocolate cake...
this was my middle school principal xD his son went to my school
Can someone please tell me what he says in spanish to the principle? Tell me what he said, (write down what he said, don't write it in English, write it in Spanish, thanks!!
Señora no sé lo que está diciendo, estoy dejando a mi hijo aquí en la escuela, su mamá no se levantó, yo no sé.
U should be on satuerday night live
Does anyone know the hymn at 2:00? Thanks in advance.
You live by the cake you die by the cake. 0:51
I wish other was a food fight
He's so good at those noises
I like how there was only a translate for 'I'm not stupid.'
It's because it was a more "colorful" word for stupid... Pendejo/a means "dumbass".
Captions are funnier than the joke
What;s the god hum he's doing?
It was a joke, but that was an actual hymn. He was singing the sign of the cross. "In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti". Although he confused it with Spanish and said "Padre". But eh he was joking around.
Lol he is soooooooo funny
If you are not rolling in your seat by this guys jokes there is something wrong with you.
HEHE now that was funny.  I like this female voice.  Good laughs.
I wonder what other language that principal speaks!
Drew Hetherly Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
Hahahahahaaha to fucken funny
you should say you love transformers!! lol
Ahahaha!!! XD This is hilarious! XDDDDDDD
Wowwww that's wonderful !
which show was this from? aloha fluffy?
Lol the gregorian chant
What is the name of the tune that he sung?
Only, and only if.. this had a better quality video
Chelsea Singer Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago
My favorite one...
Hahahahahah lmao It's a bakery!!!
" Was it good? " hell yea. XD
Yo no soy pendeja means I'm no a**hole
what is the song(if i can call it that) at minute 2:01and2:12?
:-):-):-):-) I really like those video you are a very fun person to watch on steroids cause your company is the best very funny funny funny funny
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