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Minecraft - Gloria Part 4 - Descending into the Shaft!

by YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon • 917,978 views

We've crashed on the S.S. Gloria and travel around the Island to help out the poor villagers! Apologies on the quality of Simon's Microphone! We're still testing things in the office! ♪ Outro music...

Lewis' attempt at "Grizwaldian" story-telling had me pausing the video... I could not concentrate on watching, from laughing too hard.
Commander- "we will live if you succeed" Me- Well their lives are stuffed.
you two are awesome so hilarious :)
no, the temperature doesn't exist because it's below absolute zero.
Sorry. It was a something I didn't mean. I was arguing with other people and I'm sorry if I offended you. I relly am.
At 1:57, That's what she said.
Oi. No need for name calling here. Granted he could have not shouted so much, but had he not he would have never gotten the attention of communist idgets like yourself.
They knew what F means.. -__- they just said -2000 degrees Fahrenheit didn't exist..
Having autism means you AREN'T smart, so it seems kind of odd you'd call someone mentally retarded when he actually is saying something you didn't know.
i like how simon was using a wooden sword when he had a better sword with fire haha
Damn it! I hate it when they get rid of comments. Who the hell was boasting about autism? How did it connect with the video? WTF is this talking about!? So many mysteries.
Nerd doesn't necessarily mean clever, I merely means someone who like things that are considered odd by society, usually because they are more technical or pendantic than other pursuits.
"Ok im safe I'm totally sa....... Oh sugar! O_o
I get it, it's like a plural thing, but I always counter this with "Does everyone else say 'sheeps'?"
Jep but still even though your/mine country use Celsius you still should know about fahrenheit
Lewis and Simon past a chest before entering nether portal
You mist some labis in the newspaper Stanton
Continued- It is possible to have that temp., probably on other planets far away from any star.
Have you lived under a rock since the 30's or have you just been sticking to YouTube so long you haven't paid any attention to the world around you. Mental Disorder is an overarching term used in many different contexts and Autism falls under it. Check anywhere you like, it'll say "impairment of the brain." So why don't YOU stop being an unpleasant jackass and keep your nose out of topics you don't even understand.
HAHAHA. okay you would like me to rephrase, yes ? we are all equally awesome in this world :D
08:43 I dont know but it just mad me feel wierd
the last word was math, but do not forget that the episodes was in fact shaft!
Lol!!! That's your shut off button!!! That genuinely made me laugh :D
I know that. But maybe you notice the comment I was replying to. Another American, being an American and claiming superiority over another country, and citing the revolutionary war as 'proof'. I could go into a banter, about how they wanted to get rid of the American colonies, because they were only a drain on resources and a pain in the ass. However, I won't unlike other people doing the same defending America. If they had stepped in quicker, they could have saved a lot of lives.
Ok i was in a rush and anyway, I was not talking to you. Also, I can spell but sometimes people make shortcuts when typing to save time called texting language. Ok?
Haha. did you remember that from class or just google it? nice catch either way.
never been taught fahrenheit tbh. if i saw an F after a little degree symbol though i would know it meant fahrenheit though
it would be funny if the exploson litteraly right in front of his face but it wasent near him so he thut he was safe but with all his merchemdice a eplosoncame balow him and blowed up oh wnd i might be thinking i am tring to be mean but i am not tring to be mean i am just tring to be funny and if you dont like my joke dont hurt my fellings becusei am new righting coments
as well as they missed at 2:55 (i think it's somewhere near that time)
lol true true, I just get uncomfortable when the intellectual high school kids of America are judged on the stupidity of the people you see on television.
who the hell started an argument on autism? the fu-?
Absolute zero is -459º Fahrenheit, which is the coldest temperature possible as far as I know. So no, that's not a real temperature.
the note from 14:37 sounds like the gravemind been there
Who else noticed that there were people following them through terminal b
"CAUTION - DO NOT ACTIVATE THE TURN OFF MECHANISM" ... "Let's activate the turn-off mechanism"
I find it amazeing how this map seems to build it'self... I think I'm also behind on my red stone skills :S
terminal c blew up because simon stole his sword. simple logic?
2 minites into the vid and theres 2 lez
wow that was some super metroid stuff. The player blows up wherever he is at the time.
Look. American english and European english are different. In america you do math, in Europe you do maths. It's not a huge difference though, and most other languages have larger differences. For instance, in Mexico they don't use the informal "you all" form of verbs, as opposed to Spanish spoken in Spain.
When they said "it doesn't exist", they were referring to the temperature itself, not to the Fahrenheit symbol. And they were correct btw, as the lowest possible temperature (absolute zero) is approx -450F *scienceface*
Maze? No problem, with Math? Noooooo!
fuck this autism argument, lets all talk about which part we liked best, like the bit where the station blows up, that was pretty cool
Sure. I don't know who or what a Yogscaft is, but I'm sure they'll certainly accept a man of... Your calibre... Hands down.
throughout the map i keep feeling like hurting lewis and simon for being such bumbling idiots no offence
@epic0191 ... How about if you just don't comment in English if you can't even speak the language correctly?
Those signs talk like Yoda to make the rhyme work.
"descending into the shaft" what are they semen going up the shaft of a dick?
people can write comments about whatever the hell they want to, stop being such an unpleasant jackass. also autism isnt a "mental disorder:", no one has used that phrase since the 30s.
to blue xephoses surprise the explosion did not end in honeydews demise
it was a air portal its was the "invisible block"
Yogscast diet: Jaffa cakes and tea!
I love how Lewis finally does voices too :b
We Americans ARE taught only one equation. That's because we're smart enough to figure the rest out.
lol guy gets in the way in 3:30
LOL in the secon he daid shut upp my pc froce
-2000 f....thats almost 4 times absoulte zero.....
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