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Electro-Harmonix Voice Box "Feel the Feeling" by Econoroller

by econoroller • 19,466 views

This is an experiment I did with the Electro-Harmonix Harmonizer/Vocoder...the female-sounding backup vocals and harmonies were also done with the preset harmonies on the EH 256-band...

Did you try singing off key to see if this would correct it? Anyway sounds kewl!
@econoroller , Yeah, really! I'm off on my own...not a lot of Eyes, Troggs, Sex Pistols or Ramones fans to jam with in this small town, and it's tricky to record all trax myself. Also I've got the most nauseating, excremental singing voice, but there's no one but me to DO any vocals! xD
Is there any kind of groove you can't roll in!?
Cool tune Darrin! I think it's pretty amazing how you can throw a song together in two hours..nice work!!! The vocal effects sound great! I especially like the 'bup bup' vocals at the end :) Keep up the great work with music! Thumbs up. 64m >:-)
This was fun. Relaxing but not boring! Good job!
Your combination is an excellent landlord
@gwugluud We are our own worst critics aren't we!!! I use a metronome (click) track, and then erase it after I've laid down either drums, git, bass, or all of them. On the Eyes tune I recorded while their version played back to me...when I laid MY tracks, I erased theirs :) Those Boss machines make it really easy....And hey if ya want something done right, ya do it yerself right? JUST DOOOO EEEET ha ha ha aha!!!
Talk about music putting you back in the moment! years back i wasgiven an album by Caldera - it had a similar flavor. Youv'e got me all weepy Darrin, thinkin of the past!! Nice one Dude - luvly stuff
I would love to record something with you
@lennyvoodoo Thanx Leonard I'm glad you liked it :)
@theclarkey100 Ha ha ha ha....well, I guess that would be the "money groove" coz I can't seem to find a way to roll in it ha ha ha!!!
@Vyn2007 Thanx......I had a feeling you would like this one :)
@gwugluud Thanx man! god news about yer git yer butt in gear and make some music buddy!!!!
Thanx man!....I had another friend tell me it was "a perfect driving song" ha ha ha
@colamoonpig wow that was a fast response!!!! This vocoder is the best one you can get for the money, the better the mic, the better the tracking it has, too. Lots of possibilities coz you can use harmonies/vocoding, and endless combinations of instruments to control the formants
@marcmickey tanx I must have missed replying to you! sorry 'bout that :)
I played this in the car and the kids were bouncin'! More importantly, cuz, I was out there for a week and you never pulled the equipment out for us to jam and lay a few tracks down! What the hell were we (not) thinking!?!?!?! LOL What a serious '70's flashback for me (I do have a few years on you!) now where'd I leave those lava lamps? Seriously good stuff, I think you've found something you haven't tapped into and ran with yet. Looking forward to more Electro-Harmonix work from you!
I've got that Boss 16-track...Also unboxed my ancient tape-based ADAT and Mackie mixer and hooked them up recently, and was ASTONISHED to find that the ADAT fired up no problem and operates perfectly! Now all I need is YOUR talent, LOL! That Eyes song you did; I'm thinking of trying to replicate another of their songs. My Daisy Rock 12-string is ready when I am....
@gotears2listen Thanx so much! this song seems to be evoking alot of feelings for all kinds of folks....I guess I hit my target, coz that's exactly what I wanted....sorry bout the tears, but it sounds like it was tears of joy :) !!! Thanx again :)
@64mung Thanx! My songs sometimes write this case I had the bass line already preset in my electric drum kit.....coming up with lyrics is usually the hard part for me.... the music part went quick..... the lyrics took the better part of the time on this recording., and I kinda cheated with that preset bass line coz all I had to do was come up with a vocal melody that fits it... Thanx for the nice comment :)
COOL MAN! I want to get one!!! Thanks for the Video Response!
this IS awesome! all thumb`s up=) it is groovy and cool and I like this mix.., with the guitar...I love it: )
@Husker65td Thanx cousin.....glad you all felt the feeling :)
A true jazz-funk sound , excellent Darrin ! :o) I'm very interested in this voice box :o)
Kanye Ain't got shit on dis ! Sounds great bro !!
I like this Darrin,that was so sure come up with some awesome shit.....I'll have to try out this voice sure would be fun....peace....Freddie
@AndreasBusshart Thanx Freddie! I didn't expect this kind of music to come out of me, but then I added some new sounds and effects and it just kinda built on itself from there. It was strange having the sound give birth to the song instead of the song giving birth to the sound....Thanx again Freddie :)
@TheStephaniebess Thanx so much for your kind words!!!
@Everlings Thanx so much for your kind words :)
@econoroller that all? make it sound so easy ;) You have a talent most people wish they had! Take care, man :) 64m >:-)
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