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Eugene McGuinness - Shotgun

by Domino Recording Co. • 280,219 views

Go to Eugene's Facebook page to get a FREE download of the tracks 'Lion' & 'Shotgun' Shotgun is taken from the forthcoming album 'The...

Should credit Herny Mancini for the Tv Series soundtrack theme Peter Gunn ? I thinks this is not a good idea. Video is cool
Why are ppl saying Bond? This is the Peter Gunn theme, also known from the first Blues Brothers film, NOT Bond.
De donde salio este tipo -- i love it 
De donde salio? Tricky - Murder Weapon
Über is the answer Über is the answer It looks like a funeral It look likes a funeral People they don't want To die are gonna die Ubeeeeeeer Ubeeeeeeber P.s they just have to sign me a billion each or it will Be a tsunami
Krays twins love it
He seem's more like james bond's choffer... Lol
Fuck you, Eugene.  Fuck you for making me a brand new fan.
Étienne p. Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Rico Chan Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
朋友請欣賞 晚安美夢~
Gd morning, Rico. Have a nice holiday .......
+Mailan Shan Thanks too ~_*
O Eugene mistura tanta coisa nas músicas dele que nem sei direito o que é... Essa aqui tem uns samples (to com preguiça de buscar links):
Beck,sim eu sei, não tem nada a ver xD não precisa me xingar Beck - E-Pro
nananannananananananana BATMAAAN
LDR brought me here....... i'm hooked!
Thumbs up if Soccer AM introduced you to this awesome tune!
Every time I hear the name Eugene I remember that bad luck guy from arnold:/
Supported mr miles Kane last night at Manchester, good sound
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#nowplaying #followme guns2the ready ulot cos il #danceuoutatheroom
Really cool video ! Hey our Byron haircut looks great wish you all the luck in the world you deserve it .
Shotgun !! My Fuckin' Piece of Cake ! See you in Lille, Fuckin' Eugene Bastard !
he sounds almost exactly like kasabian here
i think lion is a much better song
Feels like this song has been 100000000000000000000000x times before. Will be looking out for his album though
And the bass line is from the Peter Gunn Theme... But the song is quite good.
Seen him support Miles Kane in Dundee, absolutely brilliant. His cover of Dolphins Were Monkeys by Ian Brown was fucking outstanding. Looking forward to the album.
@HDHomage People have been saying that nothing new remains to be done for at least 1500 years. And, even if riffs really are limited enough to have all been used up, there are things which aren't riffs.
Is he still going to remain as Miles Kane's guitarist?
Like the song and the vid but, wrong car in the Video, should have been a Rover P5 Coupe from the 60's much more in keeping with the 60's/Kray-esque look and feel :)
A good song, however does he realise the riff is Peter Gunn...
The beginning of this song is exacltly the same as Planet Claire by B52's
I heard this the first day and I wasn't super impressed and kinda forgot about it, but listening again, it's fucking awesome.
oh hai Wannabes of the Stone Age, meet my friend Arctic Wannabes
Eugene McGuinness, Marry me. ♥
it is my first party in five months. flip out. oh snap.
@alldayHK Eugene said that Thunderbolt isn't a single so there's no video.
J'aime vraiment mais alors vraiment beaucoup !!
The car is a Ford Cortina Mk3 GXL.
Nope, George Moran is Miles' guitarist now
Where do they think this will be successful? Too derivative. Too boring and unoriginal!
Sometimes he sounds a bit like David Byrne.
@boylebongo How on earth does this have anything to do with the New World Order?
The melody played on the piano may be worn, but the refrain is chill and the vocal part is also rather interesting.
@lockergr There's quite a lot! Start with Lion, that's incredible. Thunderbolt is the other single off this album and you should definitely check that out as well. Elsewhere there's Monsters Under The Bed, I Want Action, Moscow State Circus, Fonz, Nightshift... you can't really go wrong!
This man knows. Has he acknowledged that he's completely ripped off henry mancini?
3 great singles, now hurry up and release the album you tart!
I know it sounds a LOT like other equally awesome songs, and it sounds like something I've heard before, and it's not the best song in the world, but you know what? I CARE NOT! *enthusiastic dancing ensues*
Nice voice, nice music, nice video and MADLEEN!!!!!!
Only 58000 fucking views ? I thought I've watched it way more than that
Watched this guy at Rock City tonight! Fucking amazing live, Hope he becomes very popular.
Is this guy popular in framce or something?
He looks like a young Reservoir Dogs Tom Roth.
In his album, Eugene McGuiness explains he uses the tricky's sampler for this song. There are some elements of the Peter Gunn Theme too.
I never heard his Lana del rey's cover, but i love Shotgun
I found that the real original one is Echo Minott - Murder Weapon, and Tricky remade it. However, I don't know if this one is a tribute or what and to whom.
When he sings "shotguuun" he sounds just like Keith Murray from We Are Scientists!
i lifted my arms up to the barr and sunshine i said i am not ready kill can i have a Million Dollar Wedding with Andrew Cohen
Well it's basically just Mansun, but you slowed it down and stretched out into an entire chorus.
Rip. Rip. Rip. Rip. Rip. Rip... Rip Off. Theme song to the new James Bond really? Fuck you. Theme song to the Blues Brothers? ... Yes i think it might be? Peter Gunn Theme? Oh Yh it is
Saw him at Nottingham Rock City supporting Miles Kane, and WOW incredible. Love him all the more after seeing him live. Some pricks heckling him but he remained brilliant. Pure talent.
Loved lion./ Love this too. All his songs sound shit to begin with but quickly engulf you like the plague. Has domino ever produced a bad artist?!
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