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KA Soundtrack 08 - Forest

by humanpersonguy • 83,078 views

All copyrights belong to Cirque Du Soleil for this song, album cover, and to the show KA, itself, i claim no rights to this song whatsoever. Now that thats out of the way, sit back and listen to...

저는 2009년도에 한 3개월 미국 시댁에 갔을때 남편이 깜짝 이벤으로 ka를 보게 됐는데 쇼에 반해 cd를 봅니다 잊지못해 그 추억을. .. ka 단윈님들 항상 응원 하고 영원한 펜으로 ...
Makes me want to make a character on that cute Adeshra game. ^v^
I'm listening to this and thinking about Guild wars 2 and the Sylvari race :)
Loved this show in Vegas. One of my top five favorites there.
Every time I hear this song I think WHO THE HELL THEY MAKE THE SNAKE TO GET DOWN THE TREE!?!?!?!
@hellokitty1977 That's true with most of the songs. It's in Cirque-ish, which is a mixture of multiple languages and jiberish of sorts.
Watched this on Sky Arts with my dad, we absolutely loved it. The music is brilliant.
usually, i dont listen to this type of music, i listen to u kno, K-pop and justin bieber, selena gomez but the first time when i heard these songs, i fell in love with it i couldnt believe i would actually like these songs better!!~ O.O
ok the beginning sounds like the lion king but I loooove this song
@patricia03150 Let me just say something....your AWESOME. Your mom goes to see CdS, you like the music, and your sister likes the Lion King music! jealous......
@MONSTERENERGY703 One of the singers said in an interview lately that it's actually a pseudo-language. The "words" don't actually mean anything.
If you can find clips of the newest vegas show Zarkana, the clowns will speak gibberish, called Cirquish[not sure how it's spelled] and most, if not all of Cirque du Soleil's songs also seem to be based on this made up language. The last three songs of the KA soundtrack cd are either in all english or half english/half cirquish. While the words themselves don't have meaning, the music puts the context behind the words for you. [e.g. Forest vs. O Makunde. Same lyrics, different song & context.]
back visiting one of my most Favorite cirque songs again!
even thought i didnt wtch it, but my mom did and brought back the CD!!~ and i listened to it everynight during dinner, and my sister got tired of the songs ha! then my sister will try to turn to her Lion King Songs, but i hid the remote so she couldnt!!~ oh~ i missed the fun!!~
I am not sure about that. Alegria has English Spanish and Italian. Most of the Ka songs are cirquish but based on a combination of real African languages
I did a 200 mile bike ride this summer, and I pretty much listened to Cirque Du Soleil music on repeat, but this track was most played! :)
i like this song... i have it on dvd.
i went to the show in Las Vegas! it was super. the story is about a young prince and princess, but the people of which they come from are fiction. they wear strange clothes and stuff. but the little princess gets kidnapped and the little prince wants to save her from that.
I love this song! It's so beautiful, makes me feel like I'm walking in a magical forest
Ah, just beautiful. I'm not entirely sure what Ka is about, the story, but I'm going to do some research because I saw some footage and it looks amazing. I also feel like that was a run-on... :)
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