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Vertical Leg Crunches - upper abs exercise

by Passion4Profession • 1,023,614 views

Vertical leg crunches: this exercise is effective for training the upper abs area of the abdominal muscles.

passion4profession is very much educational, than any other channel.....i recommend ur channel
Ajouter une musique a l entrainement
is this the same when ur legs are on the floor?
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how many times we have to do this in a single set? how many sets? or according to time?
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@passion4profession i can't even stand my legs up :P can i use a wall?
if some one held your legs would it still work?
It seems he got all his McDonald's friends to dislike.
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can you put your legs up against a wall ???
Yo quiero saber como poner la aplicasion en espanol
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i´m gonna miss the black tank guy, but the twinky guy is ok
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already knew this exercise blah lol
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results.................theyre coming.-_-
makes it seem so easy..... (jealous)
@Iplayrs8D seriously me too! I just put them up as far as I can.
Exelent exercise, i do it every day !
@budweiser377 i was wondering the same thing....but thats what i do because this exercise is very hard for me
The first time I did this I ended up falling off my mat.
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Its hard for me to keep up my legs perfectly straight at the last 10 reps as part of Abs Lv2
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I Was Wondering Can I Put My Legs Against A Wall?
Im pretty sure its without support
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Bring back the black guy please, he is so tasty!!
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The hardest one, in the 8 min workout!!
Oh! That's how you do it properly!
@MrDimapol No you expressed it like an utter retard, you are correct, we have already seen this exercise in the abs workout level 2!
ive the problem that i cant hold my legs THAT straight. do you someone has any tips?
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@MrFe4nor first to comment = last to get laid
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so.... there is not a excersise about middle abs ?
We need an Asian guy now lol! xD
is that with legs rested on wall or .. without any support ?
do this xD 1.pres 4 all the time 2. you laugh 3.thumbs up!!!
... its hella hard for me to put my legs stait into the air... and im skinny
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I just keep my elbows bent when I'm lowered
@southoreast im an idiot??? what makes that comment soo idiotic anybody will side with me faggot.
@longhornz0811 "Anybody would side with me" is what you say huh? Well, the only people that would side with you are the ones that are full of shit like you my friend.
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@longhornz0811 You're an idiot dude. Seriously. The comment of a vigin, i can tell.
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thats what he do at abs workout level 2
THERE"s OUR BOY not that gigantic scary black guy
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