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RESULTS: Gaming System: Console or PC

by Machinima • 41,792 views Click here to watch Versus: Gaming System: Console or PC! Versus: RESULTS: Gaming System: Console or PC This week on Versus, Steve and Larson tackle a...

Lol a real gamer uses a pc and we'd be alot more advanced in graphics if it wasnt for shitty 5 year outdated consoles holding them back and dude upgrading is worth it you get thousands of mods for epic games like skyrim that could make the game fun for months even years where on a console you'd get bored of it within a few days
Free porn 12 year old fanboy haters will always beat anygame...which is always on pc...BIYATCH!!!!!
Nah, i dont play COD games in the first place, try some Demon souls or Dark Souls.. The more you swear the more it stays the same..
Youre comment here totally stand out, feeling the need to defend PC?. I dont speak for all PC gamers, i speak to the PC Fanboys! It only takes a shitty comment before it starts to itch a PC Fanboy. So the butthurt tactic on a PC fanboys does help.
If there was a dumbass that defends his Place, then it is you.. Simply by the fact that you cant respect opinions from others because you know that im right.. PC gaming is fun for you, but others have different preference, and in some way you cant wrap youre head arround it because youre that stupid. You can talk about PC dominance, Emulators or graphics.. Those are the things that people arent interested in because you swear to them. No wonder why everyone rejects you. Think before comment!.
i know this was 6 days ago but i would like to point out the halo was also on the PC
Funny. Developers use PCs to develop console games. You can even get a PC in a portable form...a Laptop... that can still surpass a console. It's common sense. A PC will always be better then console. Nothing to even argue about.
@Sickboiy27 The best games on consoles are better on pc, exclusives are not relevant and never the best. im not sure why you use the word "we" as though consoles are unavailable to people with pc. if consoles arent exactly in short supply, or expensive
There really was no competition here, pc is always the best
You're blaming PCs for your own mistakes and lack of knowledge. Computers don't just suddenly combust, there is always a reason.
Console's are for people that are in for easy multiplayer and no need to upgrade. PC's are for people for mods and Steam and the performance on some games that console cannot achieve.
yeah right with consoles that offer NO BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY and thy have more games gtfo dude you can still play games from the 90 on a pc and you can even emulate ps and ps2 on the pc but you can't play a ps2 game on ps3 and consoles have more games
pc and consoles will probably get replaced with a game device that will suck you in the world but will get banned and pc and consoles will be brought back
What? Consoles are missing an entire genre of games...RTS
The one thing I like about console gaming is that if I put a game in and it doesn't work, nine times out of ten it's not my fault. When a PC game doesn't work, it's because I'm an idiot or because my computer is crappy... or more likely both.
Yes on emulators. I've played them all. Fighting games are rubbish on pc, same with racing games, and anything 3rd person that's emulated is hard as fuck to control.
Damn it Consoles get on our level and stop holding us back, every year the next gen is delayed your proving the PC's obvious superiority.
Alot of PC fanboys here, so fucking sensitive.. It makes my dick itch!!!..
Je moet leren lezen en daarna antwoorden, idioot.
I don't understand? I have 3.5Tb? Is my PC broken, how do I fix it?
My point was that the majority of people voting were doing so from a PC, so clearly, PC had a voting advantage from the very start. The same would have happened if this video went up on the Xbox live dashboard, or on the front page of PSN.
so you dont like cheaper games,steam,mods,indie games,void (the gamersgate one), community and better graphics
PC: Mods, customization, some instances have better graphics and looks. minorly expensive (hardware-wise), becomes obsolete slower (when running console games), requires the same hardware (for console ported games).
Yeah but a gaming PC can be really expensive when you can just get a pretty good console for maybe around $300. Plus you can play co op on a console .
I dont follow idiots that are playing the same fucking games like you.. For example COD.
I enjoy games on console more, i like pc great graphics and performance but i cant play on pc anh more like old days i dont know why.
A PC can only hold 32 to 40gigs? You do realize cheap desktops sold for 500-800 have over 500gbs of memory and easily 8-12gb of ram.?
console saved gaming. if it werent for consoles there would be no pc
Hmph. Says the idiot who replies and comments to everyone liking PC and the one who said he doesnt want to continue this console vs pc war. PC is dominant. And you are jsut some butthurt prick. İt even says in the video. You are only against PC because you have only a console. İf you had a PC you woudnt be saying this. You are a butthurt prick who cant accept somoane whooping your ass. Go back to your mothers rotten vagina you butthurt little wanker. it was PC vs Console PC won. Now shut up.
Cheaper, more flexible, unlimited possibilities, better OS, more compatible, more games... common man seriously? PC OWNS CONSOLES!
Also the reason why the american school system is having more and more kid not graduating or failing is because they are constantly staring at that damn computer screen so you can take that comment about pc gaming and shove it up your ass.
i love how everybody who hates pc gamers thinks we all play world of warcraft but i do belive only a fraction of pc gamers play it none stop (probly less than a fraction) but a lot of them play many differt games that wich consels dont have and this is coming from a guy who loved consel games intell he got games on pc. p.s. have u notice that when someone makes a comment like u ther either 9 or sitt at home all day hating on someone because of stareotypes
Typical Douche accent. okay MUTHAFAKA go play ur shiting call of duty. Now dont come here again you got ur ss whooped here enough.
the bitching about the red ring should have ended 3 years ago ever since th new xbox came out and its pretty cheap, basically your argument is invalid.
wow people chose World of Warcraft over God of War? some people are wierd...
are u a fucking idiot? all games ARE originally made on pc and hen only converted on consoles. So PC games will always be made. And mods a re waaaay to populair to just drop pc gaming
i rather consoles b/c the fact we have more/better games n exclusives..
It's funny I saw this video when it originally came out and I was like WTF consols are way better for gaming! Now I have a gaming rig myself and man It's awesome! I was so wrong!
"PC can only handle 32 or 40 gigs" Well say that to those fancy 1tb plates on those cheap HDD
lol dude theres one reason people upgrade graphics cards for games instead of buying a console games like arma 2 realistic shit you could play that game for a year and not get bored of it you could play skyrim with 100+ mods and not get bored of it on where consoles u cant do shit without microsoft goin up ur ass banning u i got bored of skyrim within a week on console on pc its fun as fuck
You guys know you can plug your bullshiting Xbox Contrller or a Game Pad to a PC and play games? Thats right you didnt know couse you are too poor and a son of a bitch who dont even know what gaming is and sit on ur assand rage and nerdgasm everytime u get a tomahawk kill. Fagggots. PC is god i have a PS3 and i had a Xbox till it broke and got the red ing like the piece of shit t is now go cry in a corner stupid dumb kids.
Monster Girl Quest . . . End Conversation
dude people bitched about sega for many reasons but it broke down to the same playstation vs xbox arguements now they are almost entirely opinion and preference based its not nostalgia goggles its opinions and the fact that you are trying to turn this into an issue bigger than what i like and what he likes is a little ridiculous
PC won as a gaming console cause it has porn ...That's ...Lonely.
What you got console? Game disk? Sports games? PC rules
dude that's a whole different story. The computers they use to make the console games are a different type of computer. Also here is why consoles are better. Consoles and PC's are basically both the same except consoles are WAYYYYY cheaper. A PC can only hold maybe 32 or 40 gigs but a console can hold maybe 100 or 250 gigs. I don't want to spend $3000 for a gaming computer when i can just buy a console good enough to handle games like skyrim or crysis 2. Therefore I prefer console more.
Dude, you cant just say yea and expect me to believe you.
lol ik this is late but if you have a good accurate mouse its better than a controller in alot of ways ive played on both and the xbox controller...if i move the joystick 1 second later the screen moves if i move the mouse on pc it moves the mil sec i move it just saying
TO THE END indeed....because one day consoles will end while pc keeps going every console have an end but pc will never die beside stop being lazy get a job and build yourself a good gaming pc and stop being a fanboy :i own all consoles but no pc is better:
Then please direct me to a 360 emulator and a PS3 emulator so that I may play these systems on my gaming PC.
How convenient of You!, I dont give a flying fuck what the fuck you play.. This conversation is pointless as i should leave my point here.
You still dont fucking get it do you?, Gaming based platform to keep telling yourself how much you hate Console gaming? :P I wonder how big youre mouth will be within a Decade when PC gaming will decrease..
The more you defent youre precious PC gaming expirience, the more you make a fool of yourself, People have preference.. Unlike you, you want to convert people into 1 gaming platform and that should be it.. It only takes 1 pro PC gamer to realise that they even understand my argument about PC fanboys ragging on consoles for no fucking point, And there you! are talking how poor console gamers are in youre delusion.. You are really desperate are you?, dumb prick.
Also they live in their parents basement eating off of cheetos and doritos also drinking mountain dew and pepsi max while playing World of warcraft. and i put a bit of rhyme in there if you noticed it.
You can't even compare one agants the other. God of War is a beat-em-up kick-ass action game. World of Warcraft is the top MMORPG out there. They're both awesome games, but you really cannot compare them. You have a valid point tho. Lots of really cool console games are not and will never be available for PC. But also most of the greatest PC games will never be available for consoles.
aye dont tell me 2 stfu machinima made the video 2 start console vs pc and you made a comment saying pc has huge lag, so fuck you and have a nice day
I can gladly say that I play console and pc but i do like pc better
PC won on a video which is being viewed by people on their PC's. YOU DON'T SAY?
only big time nerds play on pc dey spend all der money upgrading it and shit waste of money
should i go for console gaming or pc gaming? and why?
pc won because we r all watching this on a pc except for those apple freaks
i dont play those half ass games. the last decent flash game i played online was Thing Thing
Console games is where developers publishers gets the most funding, keeps the economy going and the entire gaming industry.. Consoles are here to stay either PC gamers like it or not. I cant wait for the Nextgen consoles Ps4 and Xbox 720, It will even participate more gamers into the console market.. The Hard truth, but true.. Soon the Mobile phone or tablets will be more powerfull than a standard PC.. The Standard Pc will probably be a tablet..
consoles used to be badass a long time ago but pc is the best
Arguing that PC gaming will decrease might have worked 10 years ago, but not anymore. Sure, you can't go into GameStop and buy many PC games, but that's because anyone who buys PC games anymore does so through GOG or Steam. Steam and GOG are massively successful when it comes to game sales, and they aren't going away any time soon, so PC gaming, if anything is well on the rise.
Most of your comment makes no sense. Seriously, before commenting about something try to get some knowledge about it.
360/PS3 has more games? LOL. And Wii had good games. Only the exclusives though.
Haha, praise that. Nah I only update if there is a game that I really want to play to the max. The last game was Batman: Arkham City and I updated my sound card, that was it. As for the pirates, I agree, I don't support it. Though I won't bother telling people they shouldn't because some may actually not have the money for it, but still I disapprove.
Soon The Pc gaming wont matter anymore, because cloud gaming is coming to place for consoles and Pc, so youre pc superior thing is a thing of the past.. So yeah, Sony bought Gaikai for that reason.. Prepare yourself for the Ps4 with Gaikai!.
Here, how bout this? PC: Mods, customization, some instances have better graphics and look Expensive, becomes obsolete faster, requires better hardware to keep up Xbox/PS3: More games overall, have a lot of TV based features, does not require updated hardware to play most games, built in connection (Some comps do this too). Can't play during server maintenance, paying for online features, more frequent hardware issues Wii: Wii sucks ass. That's probably a better summary.
I have an xbox. I never dropped it once, and it doesnt work. If I turn it on for 5 minutes it freezes and burns my game. Ive had a Ps3 the same amount of time of my xbox and my PS3 works 100% fine. I dont go with the "Flock" I just speak the truth. Xbox is shit quality
so u didn't choose a side and want them 2 like in harmony and peace? well that's cool :)
We all know that Games are developed on PC, thats totally no exuse to bring that developing up because you dont develop any game for that matter.. You just play them to see it in High settings.. So rething youre argument before you write the responce. Wat im just saying is that Gaikai will Stream PC games in high settings On Sony's devices and Most definitely PS4, so the console gamer doesnt need to buy a High end PC for that matter (anymore)
i'm not a PC gamer but i can admit that PC is the superior
pc is way better, you can build a pc for 400$ that can run any game at 1080p and graphics 2x better than consoles also steam games are always on sale and if your a pirate you can always do that\
I have to say PC is better because you can add more to games with creation programs which will keep players more interested but I love to play games with friends which console has a much better systym for so I guess its based on how you like to play
power and mods. thats all of the things which makes the PC better which are facts. others are just opinions
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