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Minecraft - Episode 36 - Boston Bridge is Falling Down

by YOGSCAST Sjin • 245,860 views

The boys are back in Beaverdale, this episode we pay our respects to an old friend neither of us remember and build the means to travel safely to Mootopia and our farm. Music by Kevin Macleod Intro...

sips lets stop naming things after places in America!... how bout Boston?
holy crapper they actually know that New Zealand exists, that's amazing. NZ is the best.
just came back to this series after like a year and a half. man iv missed there "byes" at the end x)
Whoever introduced sips and sjin to lego talking should be praised...and then shot.
I was talking about the concept of talking shit with your friends when you're otherwise occupied when i made this post because clearly "lego talking" was his own word for it. Which I think was a thing before sips was born, Could be wrong. I'm sure someone will pedantically correct me.
Did Sjin say "Boa noite" in the end? :O
I was eating a cheese burger from red rooster while I was watching this video
Wich 1 did d bye at t end 'twas so f*ckin funE
that loud 'bye' at the end scared the shit outta me haha
Look at 21:18, he slides, he's not on the fence. That's Minecraft flying. He's clearly hovering above the fence
Makatain or marketing dude you sound like your from the states when you try the NZ voice
Bury your friend alosious in one of the small towers
did they not read what was on the signs saying that if they didnt get out of beaverdale guy ould get it!?
anyone else feel hypnotized after the capitalism vs. communism add?
Optifine mod, don't download it unless you have a really good computer.
i got stabed by a daisy once
The beaver mafia is going to troll you. They will eat the wooden center of your bridge and hide, then laugh as you walk to the center of the bridge and fall into the river.
Hes jumping on top of the fence which is 1.5 blocks high, know your minecraft.
They should call the bride cowcrap
U bastards forgot aloyoisious and guy
the crows nest looks like deep space 9
you should make the brige out of glass
It's a T-34 that they're thinking about.
am i the only one who's seen the strange manmade stucture in the 9th minute, it is near the desert
Love the tags: Minecraft, Yogscast, Sips, Sjin, Bridge, Remains, Aloysius, Lick, Centipede, Axel, Foley, Nick, Cage, Gives, Me, Night, Terrors
you guys should have the medal wood like the medal line so for the stairs wood in the medal
Aaaand now I have to watch Sipsville as well.
i smoke alot of fucking pot, im very stoned right now...and i for one love it
though i know you lie ing i feel like i should be leave that
I hope they realize that the sun could go through the windows and kill Slye... that's how he probably disappeared... same with the others... ....Dammit....
What's the glass walkway under the water?
Lol they said lers not name things after random stuff in america then said lets name it the boston bridge XD USA! USA! USA! :)
15:16 Name it after the cow that the beavers murdered
Though I know you are lying, I feel like I should believe that. * learn 2 english
they are gay for each other, they just dont know it
Sjin isn't a centipede he is a Sjintipede
sips,this isnt yor first time u put fences down!!!a few episodes ago u did the fort crapington the tower made of wood
use red brick for a ched roof with chests in it
Bad ascent I'm from New Zealand I don't sound like that
Not necessarily. Cows don't always drop anything except xp.
Is it just me, or is half of crappintons dirt black?
it was called pure luck were he got stung in a plane
that "bye" at 24:17 got me to like the video XD
Dont worry Zeeba the do that on purpose.
well eastenders sure got better in the 10 years its been since i watched it
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! The beavers are coming
i live in the swamp in minecraft
@spikey verschoor S.Q.I.D. Close my friend.
But if they kill guy they lose their negotiating power.
Dude, my keyboard was broken. Don't be a douche. * learn 2 english
SWAMPY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No but they did do gang man signs
I remeber the days when Sjin was just a novice bridge builder. Look at him today, building bridges like no tomorrow. Awwww the memeories.
10:18 it's a pernis with sperm coming out of it LOL
"my full load of wood" "your wood is secure" .... why... why every episode *facedesk* my mind is always in the gutter I swear
The bridge is off a little...
yus good ol New Zealand got a mention :) its said like marketing not marketing, just a helpful tip for the accent ;)
And they always manage to remember the details perfectly.
Cool running is a awesome movie very big in Britain
that skelly in mortimer's tower scared the bejesus out of me
But we like the purposefully wrong movie references
Being fat is not so bad when 1000 people have said it
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