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by nigahiga • 7,116,958 views

I'm FedUp with this... Special Thanks to: Justin Chon (Asian guy in twilight) Timm (friday beat) Marley...

I was almost ran over by fed ex, I obviously looked both ways before crossing but I was on the side of a corner and one of their stupid vans sped around and nearly hit me. I was about 3 inchs away from my face. They were probably late on an order...
+Kaye Yeo  I'm sorry but I kinda laughed.are you okay?
Im fine HAHAHA thx
anyone else get the title? fed as in fedex and up and is... well up ;)
just like the bad english dubs in anime :D (all of them are bad. watch it in japanese.)
black butler is hilarious though, Mey-Rin's cockney accent is horrifically brilliant
yea i suppose thats an exception it is set in england after all and ceil in the sub sounds completely japanese sigh and when they all chime in "YES, MY LORD" it makes you want to cry
Pretty kitty!!! <3
Your old videos are so much fun :-D Whatever you say I love them. It would be probably shame if you wouldn't make videos anymore, but I feel like they are forced now, Sorry for that. I think it would be ok if you took a break for a while and when feeling like making video again.. just do! I think your videos would become more interesting and more energetic!!! :D That's my opinion ;-)  Just do whatever you want  ;-) Regards, K. :D
Did he mention he was ADHD?
It makes him go off topic
make a video with your cat please
It's his brother's cat.
Me and all my friends cried while watching Homeward Bound!!!
I know this is old and all... But still, I don't care what anyone says, you do a great job and have made me laugh for years and entertained me through hard times. So I thank you!
Hi i just saw this i watch old vids to
=) I've watched on and off for some years now
Dear Ryan, can you do a video with your cat?
How come you never use your cat in any other videos? Not that I don't love Marley:)
That Homeward Bound reference xD
That movie was my childhood. :p
Anyone know what happened to the cat?
Don't get UPS they don't ring the doorbell, to see if were home they leave it on the back. so we put a sign on the back garage if you haven't runged the doorbell please do so now. Thy still don't. Next time they sent it to us the box looks like it went through a hurricane an the thing we ordered is sticking through the box. 
That's odd, we order things from UPS very frequently, and they always ring the doorbell and place the package where only we can see it, and no one from the street.
You have a cat too?? Why don't you ever feature the cat?
You are talking about FedEx
Lol that wink at +1:22
'oh sassy you're sucha pussy' xD
1:21 - 1:24 oh my god he's so freaking cute 
homeward bound haha😂
Dat ending dough 😆
The homeward bound ending 😆 did not suck at all! What are you talking about nigahiga?!
Oh my gosh Homeward Bound was like my favorite movie when i was a kid! I literally watched three times in one day once. OMG I remember when I figured out that Michael J Fox was Chance I flipped out
Spoiler alert-it's a ninja
Dear Ryan, can you do something including cats?
a badass dog... what the fuck hahahaha
Never use Fadex, use UPS instead!!! Fadex sucks most of the time.
Haha Fadex and Ups......hehe
Only liking for the ending ^_^
0:16 "like Doppler effect" I don't know why that got me so bad :'D
Aww homeward bound I cry every time I see that movie
Homeward Bound!  And I hated Sassy.  lol
I didnt know what company you are talking about untill I saw in the comments DX
Haha he's so subtle XD
lip syncing was totally off.
Dear ryan, can u run a mile in 8 minutes?
My dogs name is shadow!!!
Ugh i hate Fadex, I ordered a new camera LAST SUNDAY and I was supposed to get it in 3 days, and 5 days later i tracked it, and they said it will be here NEXT WEDNESDAY! Never doing Fadex again...
After watching this there have been a ton of FedEx vans near my house
It's a ninja costumes
Knock Knock, who's t- Interrupting Ryan.
dear ryan, ACKNOWLEDGE MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! 
DONT USE UPS i used it for my elgato and it came in a week when i paid extra money for fast delivery 1-2 days
i think his kitty name is momo
"they said its coming.." ............................right in yo mouth...... ok immature
dear ryan make a video with your cat
OMG Homeward Bound, hahaha
I just watched twilight again and suddenly remembered this video... LOL! I love Ryan and his random interruptions!
Wasn't he in the movie Wendy woo homecoming warrior
i have a cat that kinda looks like that
When did you get a cat
"Oh Sassy you're such a pussy" hahahaha
i'm dying bc these videos are just that great :'D
I loved Homeward Bound!!
i have a cat and it looks like a cat TEEHEE
I think his talking about FedEx
OMG. When I was younger I saw a UPS truck and I read it and said Ups. My parents broke out laughing
When you said `crap', i thought you mean the viewer. Good thing i watched it twice
This video was still awesome!
i wonder what company he used?   lol
Fadex?More like FedEx
Maybe whoever was working at Fadex got lost at sea on a small island and had your costume with him and decided to call it Wilson.
UPS might be the best shipping service. Whenever I order I always get things early. Maybe it's just where I live but just for example, 2 or 3 weeks ago when I preordered call of duty ghosts I payed for three day shipping so I would end up having the gam e delivered on a Friday, but when I came home from school on Tuesday the game had arrived as if I had ordered same day shipping. Thanks UPS :)
is it spelled U.P.S ? or Ups ?
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