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Terraria With SlyFox | Ep.93 | The Homie Blade!!!

by xXSlyFoxHoundXx • 95,421 views

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I just met slyfox on terraria :D shit? i know that i was just saying he should make it eventually
its terraria and no way in fuck thumbs up so he can see
wait for the dryad, buy purification powder from her, queef all over the corruption with it :P you don't need to get rid of the dirt to stop the spread of corruption, just the grass from it (though the drill is so fast that the dirt block might actually go with it) also from the dryad, buy hallowed seeds, get 5 pixie dust, a water bottle and see what happens :3 the souls of night are dropped by any mob killed in the underground corruption, and light in underground hallow(the pretty land)
oh mannnn no more tewawiaaa wahhhh come on slyyy u dont 1000 ups and abandoneshipp
0:00 0:1 0:2 0:3 0:4 0:5 wtf every 1
You can stop da corruption wit da holy water
Well, now since it's 2013 I STILL WANT MORE
keep the videos comin doing a great job so far
And he could install mods and shits!
slyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy MOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEi have been subbed to you since 2011 and i loved this series this much i have watched it 3 times upload more please!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Sly, come on mang, make more terraria.
you is like a jedi in starwars, killing everybody like a boss.
Stop the corruption with holy water
kill the new bosses. get the last armor. and then ur done
HEArt statues give you hearts sly! NO JOKE IV SEEN AND DONE IT :D
Is this his last terrestria video?
Why didn't keep upload? I love to watch•﹏•
Can I buy Terarria at GameStop?
A Megashark is the first boss-weapon that should be crafted in my opinion.
No no no sly please come back to tewwawia pkease and do the items behind the scenes
U can turn the curruption back into normal stuff with Purity dust or somthing wiki how to make it I forgot
sly go to the space of terraria to get the soul of flight from the dragon
woah,for 1 sec i thought your name is CriousGamers
@D'lena May-Woodruff and in hard mode corruption and hollow spread on there own
Sly! I don't mean to force you or anything, but your greatest objective is to record more Terraria!!!!!!!!
why don't you play anymore, play more for the homies come on.
why u stop for long time sly :(
he should change the lighting to trippy instead of color
Why u no upload tewwawia anymore?
sly make adamite armor then make a destroyer spawner. then box your self in with any building material but first make thease potions regeneration ironskin thorns hunter and a bowl o soup i recomend you make wings first though once you done all that spawn destroyer in the box you made. then beat the destroyer with your homie saber once beaten collect the soul of might and anything you want with them! I recomend making excalibur first but you can make anything else first. thumbs up so he can see!!
Hey Homies! I'm making a mod that adds Hipo to the game! I'll be updating it later tonight, google Droid15243's Modpacks! HOMIES UNITE!!! XD
Make all the best weapons and armor (all the sets combined).
Sly your terraria lets play introduced me to the creatures you need to play more please :D
@MuttmanpwnsbossHD DAY 12. 12 blood moons and apparently blood days. Still no way to gather rescources.
DO NOT BUY IT FOR THE IPOD it a ripoff game it is not terraria its like cheese-man
Do 100 vids SLY come on MAHN homies unite by tewwawia!
i say there should be a way to turn off corruption at the start of the world so you could be less hardcore then be able to craft a corrupted flower that when used makes 2% of the world corrupted same with hollow WHOS WITH ME HOMIES UNITE!
when the driad spawns again talk to her and buy some hallow seeds and then plant them to help stop the coruption
Sly cAn you keep doing terraria series
Like the crap out of this video to show you want more!
Next step is to make more terraria videos.
Sly, make spectre boots on the tinkerer's workshop by combining hermes boots and rocket boots!
Note all ps3 owners terraria is coming to ps3
He said that he will definitely play 1.2 version for PC! ;)
Play more you are epic at playing this and they are awesome
Hey Sly I see you like a lot of RPG games, I think you should try playing RuneScape, just a thought from a homie :)
I,d like to see you do all the bosses because I find it entertaining to see how your character gradually grows XD
i didnt beat wall of flesh i figured everythng out lol
damn, it was a year the last time he uploaded this... I miss this series :(
Sly! I started playing Terraria from watching your vids. Any plans on playing once 1.2 is released?
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