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Minecraft: SkyBlock Reloaded Ep. 5 - Piston Transportation

by CaptainSparklez • 780,106 views

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Eh, I would have perferred if he continued this series without TooManyItems or creative. Would have bee more fun
This is hurting my brain a lot, how the hell do this
Thumbs up if you watch this in 2014 school day
Fucking redstone... So confusing
cool video but the pistin transportation that you built,you said that it can transport you to the dessert but it transported you only 10 metres
Why is red stone sooooooooo confusing!?!?
This is like the vertical piston elevator
u problebly saw sethbling doing the moving thingy with pistons couse the most of his videos i saw he was doing something with redstone
Nice! I'll try that
I love your videos
now i know it's because he is on noclip right???
why can you go though blocks this video,last video and the video before that???
yeah i just know that
were there sticky pistons during this recording? cuz if so that would have solved everything
I know right! Vorahk3985 kinda got irritated at me for using the @(username) thing.
From watching these video's, I'm not in the process of building a mob spawner and this. Minecraft just got even more epic.
If you still care, I think the song is called worth a thousand pictures.
This isnt worth all the work you had to do for it... the railroads are so much easier
why does mine not work at two ticks? :'(
Are you stupid? Or just don't listen? He's already finished Skyblock and now he's on a new adventure using the same map.
If you guys want to download his Skyblock reloaded map download it here /YdKWL just take the spaces of
Okay, I can't quite understand your comment, so I'll answer to what I think it means. "He meant what is the SONG, not the band." Well, I've been pestered by these comments for months, and I learned something. No matter WHAT I say to you, some other person is just gonna come back in a week and say something identical to what you're saying right here. So, for the last time: I WAS TRYING TO MAKE A JOKE. >.<
@puertoricanXX23XX i agree. you have no idea what your own comment was do you. this is the sort of random trolling i go through all the time
Hey ChaoticGacko can I join your server I tried to join but it sated I need to register
why the fuck did i jump when the music started playing in the end fail
It kinda looks like a creeper :)
Just sheer awesome redstoney goodness :O
Does anyone have a clue what all that redstone talk was?? or am I just special :/
It's simple. A 'tick' is the unit of time it takes for one torch in a redstone repeater to go one space forward. This takes 1/10 of a second. When the button is pressed, a 'pulse' powers the connected redstone for 10 ticks. The first circuit gives power to the lower pistons, pushing the upper pistons up. The upper pistons are then powered and push forward. Then, a second pulse travels through the lower area again, causing the lower pistons to go back up and retrieve the top ones.
why it's noting sounds, are my laptop it's broken
np & thx ; I've being posting in other ppl's vids(specially ppl with lots of subs) and say, if you can watch my vids and stuff, and I nd help with that, do you know any1 that might like my vids and like mention me or something and it will make the vids get lots of views I appreciate that :)
Check out PureSalvation he is awesome at redstone
13:24 is pla pla pla pla pla pla
did that skare anyone else 12:53
The music scared the crap out of me
Well, I have to reply/defend myself, right? Or do you mean my comments are too long? Oh well. I'll keep this one short, just for you. Happy?
I still love you, your so cool
Can i have your map, i think your is better
Jordan you sound like u have a cold
I was screaming to use BUD switches!
I have no idea what you just said anout pulses and starting positions >.<
Why hide the redstone, when you are so proud of it?
actually he did a redstone thing in Will It Vend and failed!!!
Well, in that case, thanks for mentioning me :D I sure hope they get famous!
he sounds like he is try not to cough lol
never in this video, did i understand any of that redstone talk...
Was the person you talked about in the first video me? I love your kittens, just by the way.
He shoulda put torches were the red stone is so no mobs would spawn there!! :) ps: love the videos
This whole episode just went waaay over my head.
I liked the real survival of sky block
launch yourself while riding a pig and pretened your superman riding a pig! : D
Thats awesome I want to make that but I only have pocket edition :( but ive made the nether reactor :D
I tried making it... I wasted 3 hours of my life...
I love the song you were in "I came to dig" i was singimg it sooo long i kept replaying it and my grandma got annoyed
the fast forwards are better than just cuts
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