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by TobyGames • 499,814 views

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this sucks this noob's voice is soo fricking anoying
then don't watch it. there is no such thing as a Noob in mine craft, seeing as it is one of the easiest games to play nowadays. That is why mostly kids play it. it is fun and relaxing
Toby: im going to take a nap Me: Toby what u cant its not..... Toby: god damit i can only sleep at night Me: i tryed to tell u
how in the world do you make a battle axe I'm mine craft
Lol. I love the Jim carey impression.
Do the horses come with the mod because if they do that's kind of dumb because the new minecraft update has horses in it ahahah
The mod is M&B Battlegear 2.
I'm glad he found out how to use the compass.
I have only sneezed once 😂 out of all his videos lol and it was when I was sick 😁 lol what mod is this?
The green bar is experience levels
U know that a person told me u suck
how do you get the duble weapon mod and how do you get the battle axe
What mod is this toby
what kind of mod s that
Mine and Blade battlegear 2
how do u install mods on a mac also I've been dying for the battlegear mod
PS I also think you should make a love garden and add me in it if you don't know what I mean basically you make the shape of a heart and put fences around it and then put some signs with peoples gamer tags on and also put people in the love garden who are closest to you like Griffin for an example and if you add me in it then I will be SSSOOO happy that's if you make one. but if you do my minecraft name is Collie King1:):):):):):):):):):):):)!!!  
Hallo alle, und willkommen in Ihrem deutschsprachigen Unterricht ... (Hello everyone, and welcome to your German lessons) Death - Tod
I sneezed and nobody in my family said b
dude, epic new weapon, step 1. install castle defenders mod. step 2. install feed the beast mod. step 3. put stick @ bottom center, chain @ middle center, and block of iron @ top center to make a MACE
stop playing song its getting old
Hi Toby I am a HUGE fan and you are my favourite youtuber and I have made my own version of fort buscus called fort collie and no offence really no offence  but I think its a bit better but it is on pocket edition but maybe I think you should tame a wolf with bones on minecraft and take it back to fort buscus and make it sit down and never take it with you because all the dogs I have taken with me on my minecraft adventures have died:( but if you did that you could name it Griffin but anyway I love this video and I like it when you did he Chinese  club hello toby impression and you are epic and let me give you a few house furnishment ideas for a couch you could get 1 rail of any sort and a minecart then get some cobble or wool and then put the minecart and rail in the middle and there you have it. and buy the way I like the Jim carey impression!:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)
I don't know but the brand name Dixon cyder sound wrong
Alllllllllllllllllrighty then... :D
axe axe axe axe axe awww i killed it :( ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Axe axe axe axe axe axe aww i killed him :( ahahahahahahaha
The tolet water is in your tub
he has Battle Gear mod
thats not dirt, thats gravel
battle gear mo creatures castle defenders and i think too many items
Hey Tobuscus you should make your own server! :D
The battle axes are so cool
Flirt and shirt rhymes with dirt
Mine and Blade :Battle Gear 2. Its the best mod ever I use it always.
How is he getting those creatures shit
Sweet axe shit is the 2 axe a mod
hvbbnnn,'lkugunhgtfewsdtvgh jhbgyfresewxtf ub hubgcrdxdf b. fcdrxrc. f drxrd tf fc. fcdrvfy.
霧黒い Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
You have 2,752 cobble stone, holy shit man
dude you should really remodel your house o-o no offense but it needs to be bigger o_o
U need to take ur potions out Toby
YES! I finally sneezed while watching this video
why the heck is he speaking german ? XD
What's the mod?! I want to freaking make chain!
When your singing you don't scream in terror when you see somethig frightning. o.o
Its called Battlegear, mine and blade I think, but its not for 1.4.6 so.. we cant use it.. I already tried
Does he have to throw away his armor instead of keeping it in a chest?
If you know what the mod is send me an email to tell me what it is at
More creatures mod and mine and blade mod
lol every time he tries to sleep its day time
I can speak German too, dead is Tod. But instead of saying Ich will dir nicht ge-death machen, it would be, "ich wollte dich nicht Töten." XDD Did you take German in high school or something? I LOVE it when you speak in German!! It's so FUN! You should try doing it more often.
Dianne ur awesome skydoesminecraft is boss
If you right click with armor in your hand it will go on
Axe axe axe axe axe axe axe axe axe, now make those mother-fooping mobs drop
OMG! I think I could sneeze! *YAWN* DAMN IT!
what mod(s) is toby using with the extra mobs and dual wielding and more weapons??
Its a mod called BattleGear. They have it for 1.6.4. The mod also includes The cool weapons such as battle axe and it should have daggers and shields. and all u need to install it is forge modloader. just look up how to install mods using forge mod installer. :D
sieh dir seinen "german lazy vlog" an, da kriegst du dich nicht mehr ein XD
the mod is battlegear just search it on youtube -.-
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