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Fridays With PewDiePie Winning Song! (Brostep) - by Omnipony

by PewDiePie • 2,527,819 views

THANKS FOR ALL THE AWESOME FANART BROS! *BROFIST* Winner of: Gratz Omnipony! Favorite...

It scares me to even think that many of the new fans have no idea how important this song and the DJ Fortify one are to the classic Bro Army. Everytime I listen to this I get taken back to that time, when Pewds wore his adorable sweaters in his dark apartment and played Amnesia and Happy Wheels and other awesome games. Pewdiepie needs to find a way to reconnect with the original fanbase that he has pretty much become disconnected from. 
Dam right. Love u Pewds but it would be cool to have a new series of "Nostalgia Gaming" or sumthing. Nevertheless, he's still awesome!
I subscribed to Pewdiepie in  December 2013 I think , but I didn't find his videos so interesting. Now I'm just watching his old videos back in 2012 when he used to be the real Pewdiepie and i wish i had discovered him back then , not when he started changing..And if you have noticed, even if he has 33M subs, his daily videos get 1-3M views , which means that the most of his bros have abandoned him.Please PewDiePie , if you see this comment , do something for us , be what you were back then in 2011-2012.
I wonder how many people found out that the artist of this song is a brony
+InfamousExdarius Actually he was 14 at the time he made that.
now with all the kiddie bros it has never been the same i think pewds has gotten a bit overblown with his fame
True my friend, I am fan since his 5 million subs and to be honest after the 8 milion subs he changed... he stopped being that funny, he stopped the series and started with stupid browser games... RIP pewds 2010-2013 
+EagleEyE0204 You know they've gone to far when retard like me can find out just how stupid he looks and sound when he was a bro, and left PDP 2 years ago and never came back (only when I was drunk I go to look at few happy wheels videos, srsly)
i miss the old intros and outros... and his hairstyle :(
BROstep could be Dubstep nor even Brostep that's PewDiePie related
I miss the old intro and outro songs :(
Listening to this made me tear up. when I discovered him in 2012 I was just a sad 15 year old going through some really tough times. Pewds videos were everything to me and sometimes all I had to look forward to. I would be upset after a shit day of school but he would always make me smile. I'm not going to say "I want the old pewds back!" like a lot of people because that's impossible, he's moved on and I totally respect that. I just wanted to express how thankful I am for being what he was when I needed him even if I don't watch his videos anymore. So thank you :)
You said it, this is exactly how I feel. I discovered him a year later than that, but I spent a couple months in early 2013 watching a few old videos at a time every day, chronologically, until I had watched everything. I especially loved his playthroughs of old, classic series, like Shadow of the Colossus. I feel like we're lacking those types of playthroughs in recent days (can't really blame Pewds, he's trying to appeal to such a large crowd now). But those were some memorable times for me.
I wonder if he even still has contact with Omnipony... :c
Was Stephano also in Amnesia like the bro-monster?
O_O Is Stephano a bro-monster??  ........How many episodes of Amnesia have you seen?
+Lala Hughes None, but I meant/asked if Stephano was/came also in Amnesia, together with that weird monster :)
2015 and I still love this song :D Love ya Bros !  ...................__ ............./´¯/'...'/´¯¯`·¸ ........../'/.../..../......./¨¯\ ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...') .........\.................'...../ ..........''...\.......... _.·´ ............\..............(
those feels ;_; those memories;_; they make me wanna cry brofist from the Netherlands <3
Brofist from Wisconsin XD
Brofist from Alaska. :3
Like if you watching this in 2015
Like if NOBODY CARES! :v 
so happy i found this song!
I bet not even half of his fans know who Stephano is :( I miss the good old days of Pewds :(
Is this where the term brostep came from? Because it's clearly dubstep but just has the name bro in it
Oh man, the days when Pewdiepie was good. Played horror games, had humor and wasn't all over the top like he is now. Sometimes, it feels like I'm watching kids TV. It's just so embarassing to watch him making a complete idiot of himself. He had a neat intro, and it was all so "amateur"-ish, yet had a real charm. I think today, with all the bullshit, the charm is completely gone. Turning off the comment was a crybaby act and it was conter-productive, since the fanbase atleast had the illusion of interactivity on the channel. Man this sucks. I fucking hate it when I start watching a youtuber at 1k subs, then he becomes a bullshit selfcentered faggot at 30 mill. Meh I unsubscribed, so why the hell do I care
Most of the comments are around the time he got an extreme amount of subs, so I think a lot of people are lieing about actually seeing this when it came out. I'll be honest and say I subbed to him before this came out, but it just never showed up in the latest feed of his uploads. Like a week later I had found out that he uploaded this :/. Still great listening to this again :)
I agree with the guys saying that hes changed but remember that hes gone from playing for fun at around 100-1mil subs and taking it all in to being the BIGGEST youtube channel in the WORLD. Imagine the pressure of editing a video and uploading it. Hes also got to make sure that god his 5mil viewers a video actually enjoy the content. So although i agree you have to remember the bigger factors that he has to come against now.
This brings back memories...
Best song ever!!! brofist 👊 yayayay! XD
ficni barls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
In my opinion, I hate all the ppl who say that pewds newer vids suck. I mean sure he doesn't play a lot of horror games like the old pewds, but new pewds is still funny. He fine where he is now. Plz don't hate.
I really feel like I'm not subscribed to the same guy anymore ;-; It's been 3 years Pewds....time to come back
Freakin love it.. I heard it at the end of one of his vids and thought.. hmm.. what song says >..... Meh.. meh.. meh.. so I typed it in and I FOUND IT!!!
+redyoshi1985 Click the "Add to" Button right below his YouTube picture and there will be a list of your playlists. Click on "favorites" and it'll add it to your favorites list
There's honestly no video games on the market that would catch interest beside common call of duty. I sort of enjoy the fact that he does play browser games, but some of them are just plain creepy. Especially the girly ones. Perhaps it's just me, but it honestly says a lot of things if the target of those games are for females.
Complaining about "old pewds" isn't gonna bring him back , let alone change anything so stfu !
I love this damn song XD
i play games to this and dj fortys - ITS AMAZING <3
This brings back memories of when I found Pewds in 2012... Sigh He's changed a lot since then..
this music is fabulose
Dear old pewds, we miss you :'(
Holy shit the guy who made this song is a brony. I subscribe to this guy a long time ago nice to know that a brony can win a pewdiepie contest
and he was only 14 when he made it
Freaken love this song
Total Epic Song! xD
old pewdiepie very nice song
Its hard to breath when you remember something super nice!;)
Fridays With PewDiePie Winning Song! (Brostep) - … :
Brofist from Argentina!
No se muy bien que quisiste decir ahi al final pero creo que quieres que yo hable en ingles, verdad?
Brofist from The Netherlands!
i am from  the netherlands!
+ If listening in 2015
BARROLDS am i saying barrolds right?
ahem made by brony "ahem"
+Dante Pheonix lots of people hate bronys and people always thought PewDiePie hated bronys
Best song ever I like the intro song in the beginning of it can someone tell me that intro's name?
Pewdiepie is sooooooo CUTE just starting I'm a girl
Oh god the memories from listening to this.... Ow! Right in the feels.
Wow... My fanart looks horrible compared to some of the art heck all I can draw is a wolf and that's not even to some of the wolf fan art 😩😫😰😢. 😿💔
1st time seeing pewds create an old video
MY life is NOW complete!
Haters gonna hate BRONIES FOR LIFE!!
It's been a little while since we last played Felix, I remember listening to this intro back in the days when you weren't as famous :( 
+ If your listening in 2014
BROFIST from The Philippines! :D
sees some barrels and attacks them
pewds is still awesome BUT, he will never be great as he was in this time :D
i really like what you were doing back then with barrels and stephano i miss it alot   brofist
Hey best Music i really enjoy it and great winning Music i'm just thinking about dat Brofist yo are best at gaming no remakes :-D great sound level!.More likes ahead instead of dislikes and bad comments Oh yeah!
OMG like This song so much
Brofist from a different world/dimention
so cool man its fucking awesome
Wow A blast from the past, hope pewds starts using this song in his new videos it would be amazing :)
I love this pewds but i really hate the new one i get so angry that he changed it feels like i could really connect to the old one now he took that away from me. I really looked up to you but you got carried away with all your subscribers...
Back when Pewdiepie was good...
HEY! sence u r a bro r u also a BRONIE!!
bro step all the way
This song is as awesome as pewdiepie
Brofist from mantua nj 😛
2:02 Brofist From Argentina? :DDDDD
Brofist from Lake Village Arkansas! :D
1, this song is made by a brony 2, he was 14 when he made it 3, SHREKT
The song sounds better with ear phones and head phones turned all the way up
447 people who disliked fuckkkkkkkkkkkk U
Back when PDP was awesome and not as he is now 
Pew =gun of sound Die =death Pie =a pie.
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