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Toe Nail Gets Ripped Off

by Rachel Silver • 14,576 views

get toe numbed and toe nail ripped off

Poor girl...why was the nail taken off? I can see it's black, but that's usually just clogged blood under the the nail. ?
why you cryin like a bitch?
I wasn't really grossed out, that just looked really painful.
i feel so bad for her that takes bravory to do that stuff
Since when do girls call dudes bro? I mean les-bi-onest.
The bone breaking is in an instant, you wouldn't even know. The toenail is slow ugly bleeding pain.
Well I have better things to do with my life so Ciao and I'll probably never see you again :)
I feel soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry for u!!!
-faceplam- I'm being serious -_- And I don't give shit about how far you can stick your head up your ass. Even my enemys will admit that It happened....
Oh my gosh, WE HAVE A BADASS OVER HERE. Lol. Kid shut your fake ass up.
Think something fell on it.. Just ripped mine
Shots hurt the worst. I know the feel.
Exactly. You were lying. People are not as gullible as you think they are. Kids these days.
My whole finger nail came off. I don't know what to do about it now. It looks so bad.
Folter!!! Die Spritze war schlimmer als das ziehen.....
@4killercod But uhhh it did hurt when i did that... wanna know how i did it? I fell off a midget bench
OMG!!! i crindged when i saw the shots
i had this happen today the worse part it the shots and having to walk out of the hospital
Sorry for the stupid question, but grew it back ? o-0
You snapped your bones in your arm? You dont say?
I read it as toe ripped off. :/ Atleast it wasn't :D
pussy -,- i snapped my bones in my arm in half i didn't cry one bit (bare in mind i was 9 when that happened)
omg wat the hell that had to hurt omg
@MultiCorkey Dude i broke my arm too! the reason WE didnt cry is because we were in shock of our bone breaking. this looks like it hurt alot!
Your FAKE. Face it. Your mother is the only person who calls you tough. Wow. Your making me laugh right now. I would try to see things from your point of view. But I can't seem to get me head that far up my ass.
@ihotch I agree he had to put four shots in the same wbu?
@4killercod If you dont give a fuck i dont need to know
i dont like how the doctor just stuck her without saying ANYTHING!
That looks really painful I am so sorry
why did it nedd to be ripped off?!
@ihotch lol yea, the shots were the worst part for me D:
How are you even typing with your head that far up your ass?
@MultiCorkey That was a sudden wave of pain, this is a constant pain.
How are you dumb enough to think that you can stick your head up your ass?
lol broken bones are a different kind of pain than this. I've broken my clavicle, didn't hurt until I tried moving my arm. This kind of pain is completely different. Trust me.
Ouch that happened to me the other day!! But before it was removed it was pretty much ripped of!! The injections where really painful
I swear to god I was not faking it i have scars from surgery I can prove it to you....
Omg you're such a wimp! I had this same thing done and I wasn't screaming like a bitch.
@HnLove14 Yea, but it took a very long time >.< the doctor said that sometimes they don't grow back though
Guys it was probably infected or ingrown or some thing like that
Quit crying my god, i had 12 shots in my toe and got it ripped off and it wasnt bad at all!
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