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YouTube Illegal in Japan?

by SourceFed • 307,039 views

Japan may be outlawing YouTube and censoring certain sites punishable of up to 2 years in prison! Order your SourceFed Posters here: Our Sources:

I am in japan and im at a Cafe I was  watching illegal content im not fined
Oh... Well, that's the first ever reason for me to not go to Japan...
Because his parents are Japanese, and i assume you know what genes are
The picture on 0:57 is North Korea, not Japan.
NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!! DAM IT NO!
What's with the picture of a Korean building? For all your knowledge, you should have at least been able to upload a picture from the same country.
They're talking about individual videos and copyright violations, not the entire site.
Yes I do realize that they said November but it is a LIE, I am using youtube right now in Japan.
maru vidoes rock my world. maru is from japan. maru is disappoint.
youtube is illegal in China not Japan
I'm Chinese. China had banned YouTube years ago, and whenever I go back there I suffer the pain of not being able to see sourcefed everyday.
My favorite video is Super Glued by OMFGItsJackandDean.
definatley talking about JON FUCKING NA!!!
C'mon source fed! You can even see the Hangul on the building @0:59 It's like talking about Joe and showing a picture of Wolf Blitzer because they both have beards
Its November Right now and I am using youtube right now In Japan, Don't believe this video, When they mention secretly passed a Law thats bullshit because when passing a law in Japan it has to go threw the Diet (Parliament) and at 0:59 in the video thats not Japan thats North Korea.
That's right, but you must agree that the title is misleading. SourceFed started to do the same thing as the news agencies, giving sensational titles to increase their views.
I want a download button on my keyboard!
good job for you because now you can see that youtube is awsome
He didn't say YouTube would be illegal, he also said the law wouldn't go into effect until November..
Well the article did say November. it was July when you posted this, It's August now. and its not Youtube is illegal. its watching *Certain* things on youtube.
But how are the otaku suposed to get there daily dose of loli yuri?
im moving to japan for the revolt. VIVA LA REVOLUTION!!!!!!!!
we need to save japan,you are so right they need youtube,how can they still live without it.
how could you hate japan for creating anime and all that stuff.
Oh my god you guys did you even watch the video? it's not illegal to use youtube in general, just the illegal parts of it, Which are few anyway.
All of sourcefed and Phil defranco ( hope I spelt right) are my favorite videos. Love all u guess 3!
I say we should all help japan and start lots of petitions for them before november hits, I mean they give us most ideas for things. So why not repay it by helping them keep internet rights (plus just like with sopa and pipa the internet should remain free for everyone :/)
Joe, I have a fan crush on you and your facial hair.
Not to be rude or anything, but you'll probably get sent to prisen where they'll woop you in the pooper.
Maybe they changed their mind cuz they missed Youtube XD
He wasn't saying that youtube is illegal, only that watching copyrighted material on youtube is illegal in Japan.
1:10 AMERICAN PIE SERIES! SHAME ON YOU JAPAN! shame on you for prohibiting your people watching GREAT American tradition.
There is a video called Don't Fear The Reaper- Mass Effect 2. my favorite one.
Anonymous you free the Japs and I'll actually think something of you.
Actually, they said it was quietly passed already and that will go into effect in November. 0:07 Did *you* not watch the video?
These people got it so wrong. YouTube won't become illegal in Japan. Downloading copyrighted material from YouTube will. For details watch @gimmeaflakeman 's video here: watch?v=mpaNfgmD9l4&feature=g-user-c
No, at 0:59 they show picture of North Korea. Please, I'm not as ignorant as half of the internet seems to be. :P
My fav Youtube video? Do my own count?(Just kidding! But if they do count than yes, one of my own) Weeeeeell.... It's hard to say because there are so many videos, but I think my favorite is just any Anime Music video that uses my favorite anime. -shot- Sorry!
When they were talking about Japan and SOPA/PIPA, they put a picture of Korea. Dafuq?
That was a picture of a Korean building not a Japanese one. Also, this really sucks for the Japanese :o
lets just keep talking i guess cuz i dont know wat happend
Nice sweatshirt joe, glad your not in Japan
Who enjoys Rick Rolling. Are you doing it to someone else?
Nope that's Japan's flag.. Please check your info before talking :)
I haven't heard "Twenty Minutes or Less" in a while
At 1:00 that's not in Japan that's a South Korean building
I guess you folk haven't seen how useless law enforcement agencies are in Japan
the picture used was actually of North Korea and not Japan o_o
I didn't catch that either till I read your comment. That's the Government building, in Pyongyang, North Korea. Japan, North Korea? What's the difference, eh?
LOL I love the JON FUCKIN NA reference!
save the japanese before they die,haha that was funny but we seriously need to save the japanese people.
Did you bother even watching the video? They said it MAY come around in NOVEMBER
You gotta be kidding me!? Japan come on! whyyy!? whyyy!? Don't you dare to harm dramacrazy/animecrazy site! >:( then I'm gonna hate 50% of myself like forever...
@SourceFed did you guys mean john as in adelstein? the dude that wrote the yakuza books?
umm does this mean I got Rick Roll'd?
i am Japanese and im pretty glad im not there right now...
do you guys breathe sometimes?
jk btw but time to nuke japan again since they banned utube
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