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MW3 - Tips and Tricks to start SNIPING - 44-11 sniping gameplay/commentary with Sik Sensei

by Sik Sensei • 47,246 views

NEW MONTAGE TRAILER!!!!! here are some pointers to start sniping without having to trash your K/D or not be a team player. i truly hope this...

Thanks for ALL The Support!!! I Truly Appreciate it :D
Lol sniping is bad at close range maps, and it's not even possible to snipe someone at close range before he shots 50 bullets with his machine gun into you and who the hell cares about K.D???? Like I don't give a shit if I get 5 kills and 30 deaths or 10 kills and 1 death... it won't give you anything from it anyways. only nolifers cares about k.d, and sniping isnt even good at lvl 20, only bad perks and no attachments lol, will take forever to lvl...  and all these with 50-90kills and 3 deaths ppls that hacks.. lol 
Ur using a hacked camo but ill give a a 1v1 add my psn mabe u can join my clan be sure to watch my video peacee psn: TyPiiCaL-B3AsTZz
I hate getting hit fucking markers in mw3 with the msr
how do u change ur controlar to tataicl?????????????????????
did you hack for that camo?
Can I join your elite clan?
I have a L118A with stability but i need to learn how to qs without attachments, i have 10 sensitivity ,and i eant to learn how to trickshot. My gamertag is RampaGe207 on Xbox. Thanks.
@sK8nERD508 that is a winter camo that you get from COD EliTe
u are nothing against me and optic predator ;)
Absolutely the BEST intro to sniping I've seen. I started sniping bc of your vids and love it now! Please keep the MW3 sniper vids coming!
hey thanks for the tips this really help me and i play on 10 sensitivity from cod 4:D
Can someone help me? I'm a good quickscoper, but what I hate about myself being a sniper is missing my shots. I always miss my shots. I figured it out that it's because of my aiming. I'm good at aiming at other guns like smg/ar, the thing is I sometimes miss my shots on sniper. It's just so frustrating, I need to aim well with the sniper, can someone help?
Can You PLease Help me man My ps3 name is Swag_-zeke i suk at quic soping
i use the specialist strike pakage and think its the best so do you think i should change that to do better gameplays
"I was so red I could passed gas and died then some kid shoots me in the big toe"LOL
Thanks bro it really helped me 8====-
you should try the L118A with thermal sight steady aim its the best i hate thermal but its like i never mss
for the Barret .50 Cal, what do you recommend, Focus, Speed, or Kick
quickscope dropshot = one pissed off 8 year old
Thank you no other commentator has explained it. Pls do the quick scoping one. Kick ass gameplay man!
what class set do u prefer when using barrett .50 cal???
Just a fellow quickscoper checking in here to drop my 2 cents in the bucket: when quickscoping, make sure you get used to knowing where the middle of the screen is. know where your reticule ticks end up going when you start to zoom in. I learned how to quickscope the hard way at first by going in to ffa, which don't get me wrong, can make you better faster, but makes it extremely frustrating for someone who's new. i recommend playing private matches with others who are new to it. message me 4 ?s
its up to the player. i use fps freeks so 10 feels like 7. play with what feels best for you :)
Who the fuck needs to care about KD? All you gotta do is have fun :D
K/D dropped, now I have a much better K/D! Even though I don't give a shit about it, it got pointed out by my mate! :D THANKS
Dude, I'm gonna need you to do me a favor and stop being a bad ass in mw3 O___O. xD
Great tips help alot and yhea in never care about the k/d just have fun and kill what you can or get killed so what its a game and a stress relief when you have 3 kids to attend. Thanks guy and keep making these videos and get paid if you can.
hey add me hasaldo713 or can you please give me your ps3 name
whats your psn name bro i want to learn with you im not the best because i just started quickscoping so i wanna learn in person... no homo
specialist with assisan as your first perk!!!!!
Watch out for Assassin Pros! :p
this is why quickscoping is balanced, you have to use quickdraw. try dropzone bro, there is a lot less assassin there and more blast shield.
I Could snipe better with the msr without quick draw, but now i use it just cos everyone else does, but still i think qs is harder with quick draw
great tutorials.thanks mate. subscribed
Thanks a lot i have been using the msr and my k/d when to shit!
whats ur name on playstation network and i have a problem with my accuracy mt kd is 0.790
I really use kick for all my sniper rifles. Play around with the attachments, and see what fits you.
hook up a ps3 controler (or whatever you want) and do this
are you recruiting people for your clan?
i recommend using what the console has. for ex. pc=mouse and keyboard / ps3=gamepad etc.
i use 8 and i have a 1.9 kd add me on xbl ga codtard
msr sleight of hand quick draw marksman, thats me
i used 2 have a .87 with quickscoping then i stopped and now im at 1.73 and i quickscope now and im a hell of alot better at quickscoping when i do
i go with msr that second weapon peoficancy extended mags. perks are sleight of hand pro quickdraw pro and stady aim pro. i play with the support paclage uav advanced uav and the stelthbomber. try that cpass out hope this helpsbyou and ps i play on ps3 my name is svennybob and i have made 3 moabs with that class:)
i pay attention to the top & left reticule ticks. i mean you know that each is going to make a straight line toward the center of the screen where they all meet, right? well you kinda need to imagine the invisible lines that lead to the center, & then focus on making sure your target is at the center. The hardest part of learning to QS is figuring out how it works. After that & lots of practice, it becomes second nature. and as far as talent goes, even the best QS'ers miss 25-50% of their shots
tell me this how have u not quit yet our channels are so underated, yet we spend so much time on this shit bro...
is this video still relivant? like marks over steady aim? and kick over impact?
But i dont get it why do i have to change my button layout from default to tactical?
can u tell me what perks do u use
I use speed 3, but am master quikscope. Did last another 150 kils in a private match, but I was quikscope 1st: D It does not matter what speed it is, if you but it can handle ..!
Please inbox or reply your ps3 game
what are the best perks for MSR to use?
Badboy gsameplay subscribe and liked ty for vid
TBH your the best!. your the only youtuber that actually helps me in my gameplay! thanks by the way!
pls add me u made me start quickscoping i love it now im a sub add me pls it would make my day PSN:joemapr
Hey thanks very much for the tips, just one question, i've heard you always need assasin/focus etc to help quickscope, or snipe in general, is it nessecary to use these as some people think focus help while your being shot but I dunno, what do you think?
hey sik i have a question. i notice most people who are at good at sniping as you are usually play core games. my question is, for a novice sniper like me, would it be better to play core games instead of hardcore. i have always played hardcore because of the extra bullet damage and it just seems more real. you know, shoot someone with a gun and they die lol. anyway, loved your sniper tutorial where u showed a snapshot of your hands on the controller and the fact u play ps3...peace
Best QS videos on youtube You also explain things in clear and easy to understand ways your vids have helped me tons as a quickscoper thanks so much and keep posting vids!
Hey there I have been watching a lot of your videos lately and I have a question about the new face off maps. I have been trying to learn to QS but I keep running into the same issue. MP7 users that are using portable radar. If I don't have quick draw, I just get gunned down. If I don't have assassin, they are ready for me and pwn me anyways. Advice?
how do u make your snake camo look like that
atleast it wont be treyarch making the game. Treyarch makes trash. black ops 2 is horribly bad
anytime i quickscope on a high sensitivity i miss, anytime i quickscope on a low sensitivity i miss, also i use fps freaks, so any advice that can help me?
psn lick_your_tears. gl me 2sik. l11 and msr only
can u add me on ps3 so we can play together and private matches to help me quickscope
I'm just playing the game? OK... Let me understand this correctly YOU think i'm "Ruining" the game JUST because I use equipment THAT the game designers PUT into the game? It's not like I'm hacking? HACKERS RUIN THE GAME in my eye... or is it just me. I think your over reacting just a bit... K BYE :)
I have a guestion am In ps3 can u help me
my sensivity is 5-6 and yet im pretty good sniper.
thumbs up if u think ghosts engine is gonna be too much like halo
hey, i am a pc guy and i want to start QS. i have a controller like ps3 but i never played shooter games on a console. What is better for me to use? Mouse or controller?
he said marksman but i like to use either steady aim or dead silence. and when i quickscope, i tend to use a specialist class so i can get more of what i want without worrying about killstreaks. If you think about it, if you're trying to go for killstreaks and you die before you get what you want, you will get mad. When you get mad, your game will be off. when your game is off, you get discouraged. Just saying. Not that everyone gets mad about it though.
@NoisyBane i use focus on almost all my snipers. but im starting to try out speed lately
agreed!!! i made that point because for many people, the idea of dropping their K/D is really bad and it is a barrier for them when it comes to quickscoping :)
what do you use for your third perk? for me it's either Marksman or Steady Aim. What do you prefer?
Thumbs up if you know there is no top comment here so this is pointless.
use the specialist killstreaks to get the other perk you cant get
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