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The Real South Park (English)

by Flabber • 14,755,557 views

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how can this have 14 million views when Justin Bieber still hasn't died? wtf?!?!?!?
+Kenny Mccormik It's not that i don't love watching you die. I just would like to see Justin at least get hurt. Like really really bad he needs to be put in his place a little bit.
Shit gave me autism
Awww! sounds like someone's jealous because autistic people are smarter than him, adorable!
Idiots, watch till the end and it makes sense. It's marketing, not someone doing a project on making real life South Park. IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE BAD SO YOU'LL WATCH THE REAL SOUTH PARK. 43,000 people don't get it.
+Jan Koopmans Figure it out yourself. It's a clever add. "There is only one South Park". It worked on me.
Alot of dipshits on this that don't understand that this was made to be bad. It's an advert, watch the end "There is only one real south park". Jesus christ, dumb shits. EVERYWHERE!
+Emmanster103Rises Yeah well, I like to have an IQ higher than 30. Something you should really try to achieve. 
For some fucking stupid reason it has become the norm in American society to show someone being cut in half and being murdered or slaughtered rather than show a nice pair of tits on TV.  For some dumb reason nudity is worse than death and death is ok to show and nudity is taboo!  WTF! I would rather see a pair of nice boobs and or  tits on TV every 10 seconds than violence!
Well sir, thats what porn is for 😂😂
why does this video have so much dislikes?
because it is not good at all. the guys are same tall in SP and very similar looking except the hats (hair). their outfit is crap too.
Worst thing ive ever watched
Thx for your story on a vid that wasnt posted april 1st LOL
+RandomRapper "Go"   "Go" finish troll school please. 
For everyone who says this sucks, and don't understand why it has so many views; It's a dutch comedy central commercial that intentionally made it bad.
Mission accomplished.
They didn't know it would suck until they watched it
fucking horrible.... at least try a little bit
+JustinBieber Yes, that was the entire point. To show there are no imitations for South Park.  But clearly you're fucking retarded and don't understand satire.
+JustinBieber You have nickname "Justin Bieber". You don't deserve to live.
All the dislikes are for the really bad acting right?
all the dislikes are for the really bad everything
The kids sounds like they're voice acted by Beavis and Butthead.  Why didn't they just stick to normal voices?
+Mayking Nah, he was right the first time, AIDSbola XD
Why does this have so many views? It's terrible
I call it the car accident effect
because people did not know it was terrible before they viewed it. jesus Karrrrrist!! AND ITS NOT TERRIBLE. 
all these dumbshits who didnt stay till the end and disliked and commented negatively. Stay until the end dumb fucks.
+TheiLame you are one fucking dumbass xD
Behind the school are mountains.
А чё картман не жирный?!
Screw u guyz was the beeeeeest part.
the kid whose meant to be cartman is too skinny to be cartman... the real cartman would weigh about 43 stone...
Smart people started watching Southpark. Dumb people started to also watch it to appear smarter. Southpark authors make fun of them. If you had to read the comments to get the joke, please. Please stop watching Southpark. It's not for you, and if you continue watching they will make dumber episodes so you can continue buying merchandising.
Ive said it the entire time. It evolved for me in a very sick way because they are always on the ASS end of the fucking message they are bringing, and are rich for it out of construction paper and comedy central.
READ THE END. " There is ONLY ONE REAL SOUTHPARK " They are telling people to stop making "SouthPark" parodies or immitations because they will never be as funny...This was a PAID AD by COMEDY CENTRAL...Jackasses 
foreign south park just as outrageous as the u.s. version, whether live action or cartoon, just remember to...NEVER QUESTION ANY OF IT! i think it was sick that certain humans mock a character death for a cheap laugh, btw the Kenny actor was replaced by a dummy full of fake blood and body parts before it was crushed by the tram. it is what i wanna believe!
they actually just used these kids in the last episode....fuck youuu!
Why all the criticism? I'd totally watch this.
Бедный  Кенни  мне его жалка   ему всегда  достается.
cartman is fatter than that boy 
Amsterdam... how the fuck is Netherlands famous... im dutch...screw this. im going home.
I shouldn't say this without a spoiler warning, so....SPOILER ALERT!! Ahem, these exact same young actors appear at the end of the latest episode of South Park. At least, that's what I'm seeing.
oh you know'little this'little that
this is the worst thing i've seen in my whole life
Very clever. People, wait til the end to understand why this sucks.
That is so not kyles hat kyles has a Russian hat not a gay ass beach hat whoever made this is a bunch of fucking retards
Is this south park?? OMG
Why so many dislikes?
Мне понравилось, ну конечно кроме сцены с лежачем мистером Гаррисоном. Переснимите несколько серий. Актёров подобрали отлично и сыграли на 5+.
How can this video have 14 million views, world doesn't exist !!
Could anyone with a good listening in english tell me what Kyle says at 0:43 and what Cartman says right after it, ending his sentence saying "just like your mother, Kyle", please? I'm sorry, i'm learning english and sometimes i don't understand very well what people say. Thanks in advance!
Awww, thank God there's only one real South Park. I'm a huge fan of the show and I am not happy and shockingly confused about what the hell these sons of bitches are saying. Like, for instance, with Stan's and Kyle's outfits. Oh, my God! It just made me have a sickening feeling to the gut that Stan's and Kyle's outfits are wrong, but Cartman's and Kenny's are right. I don't like how the "real" South Park is made, but I love the animate version of it. Screw "real" South Park, I'm going to home!
fuckin gross at the first school part
I swear Kyle's and Stan's height kept changing o.o
fuck you amsterdam rules! (cuz i live there)
wtf that makes no sence
La voz de cartman se parece mucho a la de murdoc niccals xD
Terrible impressions.
Ребят, это отстой.
Screw Amsterdam, I'm going home!
I can tell that these four characters were fake . There dressed in the same way as the cartoon version .
Feel the butthurt? Good.
LIES! That kid is not fat, I'm fat! I should of been cartman
+ames lee rly? I thought I was the only one who had to suffer like this 
Wtf this is fucking retarded oh my god you killed south park you bastaaaards
this was absolutely UNwatchable
Oh my God they killed Kenny!!!
i remember this , it was a april fools prank. they advertised real south park like it was going to be a proper show. and then did this
Hey Kenny did u make this
14 fucking million views they like and others don`t like?WTF?
that was fucking shit
Great now you made me hate South Park great work
I have had better shits than this.
Ah. ho my god killed kenny the (00)
That gave me rickets. I now have rickets.
why is at the end a police sirine?
They r not 8 year olds cartman looks like a freaking teenager and kenny looks like 7
Maybe you should have had kids play the part?
and again this bold messed up poor Kenny (((
Why is Cartman an adult?
ust saying I thought this SUCKED
Jerry Fusion Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
fucking real kid South Park XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No unscramble I'm reporting the video
I hope you get sued because that was shit
+Ann Doris Saintelien im sure matt and trey wpuld be disappointed at this shit - dp the world a favor and fall off the edge of it
It's made by Comedy Central. Check the text in the end. It's an advert for the real South Park.
Ha i liked that was really funny and awesome cartman acsent was the best
Meeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhh 10-10
To the 43k who don't like this video, you're all ass lickers.
Ok that may be the oddest thing i have seen in awhile
C'mon, you can do something better (^.^)"
Maybe they couldn't do it in time...
Cartman isn't fat enough.
As soon as I saw those kids knew this was going to be crap...
Cartmans not a mexican
And you're not a duck.
im from the Netherlands and this is so funny, nt affansive at all (non sarcastic meanings)
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