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Minecraft Misadventures 2 - Slime on head

by ThunderHumor • 2,173,626 views

The second episode of Minecraft Misadventures! Enjoy! Our facebook: Our twitters:

0:16 "Uh mu gud, it's a slume un u head"
Press 1, 8, 3, and 9 on your keyboard (Double click the video then come out of fullscreen)
Lol! Uh mah gud... Penises, IN MAH PAHANTS! The end
Christopher Walken skeleton?
press 2, 7, then 5 it may sound weird but it is still something :\
Press 8 then 3 while watching the vid
Ethan Smallcombe Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Minecraft Misadventures 2 - Slime on head:
I love the intro song
Oh my fucking God..puts the dirt in my pants
Let me interdouce to you,Doge Doge Doge Doge Doge
Just like Samuel green..
These guys are swedish
This comment is in english
noooo the dog's!! I'm sorry, but dog killing (even in minecraft) is too much 
sweedish humor in a nutshell
This is the best one.
Is the song at the start something they made? or is it an actual song?
They made it their selfs.
Fred said hey gays we all have panises hahaha
1:34 <--- Dog Face xD Awsome dirt house :33
0:23 Aw the cute little Slime's butt is so adorable ;)
Anyone else thing the skeleton sounds like Christopher Walken?
Whats the intro song?
He might not have a penis but I bet be gets a pretty good boner
Dirt house song love it
Skellopher Walkenton.
Press 1, then 8, then 3.
Press 8,3,1,9 It is a great story.
i was lookin at the coments i see coments from girls that say ;poor skeletion; you dont know how it is you dont know how it is...........................wait meaby the skeletion was a girl and she dosnt even know it yet.....mmmmmmmm
edit didn't mean to cross off pinches air. Meant to emphasize it. Typing seems to be a difficulty still. <3
Lol at least he doesn't complain about a small one (skeleton)
I would be sad if i didnt have a penis either, its the most useful thing i have
what do u use to animate with?
pinches air No peenenulus". x) The most hilarious thing I've ever heard! xD Very creative. Can't wait to surf more on this. :D
"His name's are booring, why we do diis?" :D
dat slime is so fcking cute 
:33 < i want it my head
dont cry skeliton my mom doesnt have a pennis or my sister 
Such a depressing Life
tts the mine craft version of dick figures make more make a SERIES OR I WILL PUNISH U WIT MY BUNS
noone got penises... and whats with the bagel? 
These names are boring y we do dis?
this one is just all funny stuff lol my fav is dirt house song I WANT DA DIRT IN MA PANTS   
lol the dirt song reminds one of weebles music videos
The slime kinda sounds a bit like one of the peas from veggie tales...o child hood...
When did Christopher walken become a skeleton?
Lol 6 wolves died, but only 5 were shown tamed by Adam!
What is the intro / outro song?
Adam sounds like tomsyndicate
I grew up without a penis. I know he said that, but after it sounds limo penelisis
do this episode in ESPANISH  and i SUSCRIBE
A real ThunderHumor classic!
aww I feel sad for the skeleton 
I don't have penalis
Press 8,3,1,9 and enjoy :)
The Skeleton sounds like Pewdiepie
Weren't skeletons humans? xD
what type of music is played for the intro and outtro?
"Like skyrim with dogs" -IGN
Im still waiting for the release of the intro song. 
(°-°) wtf?   /|\    /\
I love that slime <3 he zo cute :3
whats the intro / outro music
I never have pet wolves on minecraft because they always get themselves killed at some point.
My new ringtone has been chosen!
when I watched da wolfies die I DISLIEK DX
Albert Einstein. Btw Hitler wasnt german, he was from Austria.
ive only heard of two of those and IDEK what Karl Marx is known for.
dont cry man *dog shot* its all good XD 1:44
this thing is so retarted... ... I LOVE RETARTED THINGS
They want dirt and penises in their pants
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