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by TobyGames • 297,541 views

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Did Toby just drop 6 people in 40 seconds?! na... I must be seeing things is all..........
1+1=3 if you don't used a condom
0:34 Loving it for some reason :))
sometimes i lie down in the middle of a road and pretend im a pickle.
I'm a bad @zz. I am myself. Therefore, I am a bad @zz
you should have said the comment box is white i am white therefore, i am the comment box.
People are mostly water. Water comes from oceans. I am a person, therefore I'm the oceans. And other bodies of water. Potato.
lightbulbs are bright I am bright therefore i am a lightbulb
1 + 1 = Murder 1 + 1 = Math Math = Murder We love watching Toby do murder. Therefore we love watching toby do math. Therefore we are cruel.
69 people will get pee'd on by tobys dog griphen
Sure...Because calling someone a bitch is totally not offensive in America..Unless your from some other weird country where its okay to call someone a bitch.
Toby makes a great math teacher.
Nothing is nothing. I am nothing. Therefore i am nothing.
I liked the video, i didnt want to get pee'd on!
I look amazing. Beer looks amazing. Therefore, I am beer. WEEEEEEEEEEEW!
Ice is 100% water Jesus can walk on water I can walk no ice therefor I am 100% Jesus.
You got married to a gold digger? Seems like a sad story. D:
I have a face You also have a face Therefore 2012 is the end of the world
Your sandwich is food. My stomach's full. Therefore, I ate your sandwich.
1+1= Murder!? No wonder I failed math.
nintendo = otters otters = ruined Therefore, nintendo ruined the otter
Notice the spam below draws very little if any attention to the listed site
Jesus walked on water People are 80% water I can walk on people Therefore I am 80% Jesus.
those comments are stupid, some of them were funny, therefor i'm going to laugh and then watch minecraft stuff.
i recon tobuscus is funnyas hell
Jesus has eyes Humans have eyes Therefore we are all Jesus
1+1 = 2 2 is a number 1+1 = 2 numbers so... 2 numbers = 2 divide it by 2 then numbers = 1 so All Numbers (Infinity) = 1. (It's kinda of true actually)
whats the dirty dub song called at the end?
Privacy on a public youtube video comment board on the internet? Blasphemy.
Jesus walked on water Cucumbers are 96% water Therefore i am 96% Jesus
Toby: The Combination Of Numbers CANNOT Be Equal To A String Of Characters   -Sincerely TheLordsedrick
Guy = Nothing Girl = Not Interested (Ignores) Guy = Rich Girl = MARRY ME!!! *True Story*
I have the same game and its fucking awesome . Press the like for this vid if you have game or no or like watching it
Im a dog griffen is also a dog therefore we are yellowness
I will like any video with that at the end
I was going to think of a brilliant comment I didn't I was going to ruin it, shit just did
1. BBRBRBRBRBBRBRBRBBRBRBRBRBRBRBRBR sorry i vomited all over you demolitionist 2. The math involves death. Not THAT
Make up before you die or I'll kill you!
x = condom 1 + 1 + x = 2 2 - x = 3
Oh! just amazing. such an original comment. i bet no one in the world has heard this comment a million times before.
Blah blah blah, Blah blah blah, Therefore blah blah blah.
u have a great taste in games toby
Does Toby do his own annotations?
The "SUCKAH" at the end made it perfect
I want to fly Ostriches want to fly Therefore i'm an ostrich
People replyed to MediocreN3rd's comment a lot. I replyed to your comment. Therefore, I have become part of this.
Wait the fuck why are you even taking to me when your not the guy i commented to start with?
Toby Turner plays video games I play video games Therefore I am Toby Turner
You're supposed to say therefore you are a comment box, you are already white according to your description.
I like to lay on my bed and pretend i'm a carrot.
Ezio has a hidden blade John 117 has a blad that is hidden Therfore, John 117 is Ezio
Shit! Gotta go back to grade school if i didnt know that!
Tobuscus has hair I have hair Therefore, I am tobuscus
grifin peed on about 200,000 people
Dolphins are smart. I am smart. Therefore, I am a dolphin.
Nope, it normally means you're a repulsive unpopular whore! Nice try though.
What's up with nnancy886?( She?) posts the same exact comment on like every single Tobuscus vid
you spelled masturbate wrong ..... LOOOOOSSEEEEERRRRR
Click (show the comment) to start a wonderfull adventure :D
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