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Jimmy Fallon's best musical impersonations

by CBS • 915,621 views

Jimmy Fallon performs some of his favorite musical impersonations including Dave Matthews, Neil Young, and Bob Dylan.

jimmy is the most talented late night show host out of all of them. he is crazy talented!
Jimmy Fallon... You Are Spot On With Your Impersonations.. Funny Stuff!! Keep The Laughs Coming :) 
Wow... this was boring...
he did sound like neil young.. it was very soothing.. 
my favorite will always be bob dylan hahahah it's seriously the best impression ever! i always laugh so badly
Nice! Take a look at my Dave Matthews cover. i think it ain't half bad =)
I would love to have someone like Jimmy here in Italy, the TV show are not as fun because the actors and actresses Italian take themselves too seriously , almost no one would be willing to play eggs russian roulette
Jimmy Fallon is one of the most talented people around today and one of the most endearing genuine people on television.  Genius.
Best host ever!!! 2015
Is there anything this man can't do well?  He's amazing!
Jimmy Fallon is SO talented!!!! amazing!! xo e.
my god he is very truly talented. god bless you jimmy :') (:
gotta screenshot that 777777 view counter
Jerry Johnson Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
best I ever husband and I grew up with both Neil and Bob since we were  in 7th had us fooled with Neil...can't believe it...
Turnes out Jimmy is a fucking savant..... Go figure yo
He's not a great impressionist, he's well known because of his show. Bob Anderson is one hundred times the impressionist Fallon will ever live to be
He's not a impressionist though... He's a host/actor that can sing and do impressions :P 
Jimmy you are the best !! So talented , don't ever change, you are a shining star!!
howz about Eddie Vedder, there, JIMMY
I just fell in live with you !!!!! I have been waiting for him to cover Eddie!!!!
He does Bob Dylan better than Bob Dylan  !  Neil Young  admired him since i was young . 
My hound doesn't normally howl, but Bob Dylan's harmonica did it.  Howwwl!!
Jimmy you are such an amazing entertainer!
Love Fallon.  He's really going to put some new blood into The Tonight Show.  THANK GOD.
add clarinet and snake and maybe some dog poop by the way this is not insult It just suggestion
i loved the Bob Dylan one the most!!! LOL
wait... if you died how did you post that comment
Is that a Dean Razorback behind Jimmy?
Weird. This might be the first Bob Dylan impression where the guy sounds like Bob Dylan instead of just doing a stupid caricature.
Fallon has to be the biggest bore in the history of late night televion hosts.
thats a really good dylan-impersonation
LOL the host has such a dry "professional chuckle"
Funniest thing happened while watching this video, when Jimmy was playing the long harmonica notes, my terrier (who I thought was sleeping) started howling like crazy. I played it over again and same response. Too cute!
Well, we now know that there is one person who does not have a sense of humor...
Charles in Charge by mid-sixties Dylan would have been a classic with millions of people trying to pretentiously interpret it
he is so good at bob dylan lol wow
Thats what they want you to do... Sadly hes the only person in the media that isn't full of shit. And one day this will be revealed to you. For now hold your little pathetic opinions.
Way to convince people to look-up "Whip My Hair with Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen"!
Fallon rules, so talented and funny. Jimmy provides the smiles and laughter we need in desperate times.
Hahaha. I love watching late night with jimmy fallon. He is honestly SO freaking hilarious. I want to go back and watch all the seasons he was on SNL because this weekends was GREAT. I like the "thank you notes" and "late night hashtags." :) his impressions are awesome!!!
@kalifornia3333 Thumbs up from me! I think I saw the same flick, you know!!
i love how the interviewer said impressions instead of impersonations, lol.
@sncxlou OMG ur right this video i want to dance! Hey you can use this to get it on your pod ->
whip my hair back and foooorth
Man if it was possible, I would marry Jimmy in a heartbeat.
Where's the Dave Matthews impersonation..?
He's so good at those impressions. Surprises me for some reason, lol. Props jimmy!
You know when people play characters? Yeah, and how that isn't actually them being themselves? And how the point is more to sound a particular way, rather than sounding exactly the way you like? Don't worry, you'll get there.
I love the way Jimmy laughs!!!!! lol
he has a clip on hermonica, and electric gutairs hanging on his walls....he's officially awesome! ;)
That is some serious talent right there... genious
dylan aint THAT bad of a harmonicah player
probably one of the best bob dylan impersonations
Jimmy Fallon is good and funny but my mom wont let me watch him because his show is past my bedtime. he uses bad language to. thanks for making myfunnybrianshow number 1 on youtube. bye
Omg! I love jimmy Fallon!!**** My friend Lauren draves loves jimmy Fallon. Every time I so over there on Saturday to spend the night we love to which this show!*** Jimmy Fallon is so FUNNY!*** I LOVE THAT SHOW!!**
LOL he could compare your comment to Nazi Germany and you'd probably believe it.
Oh, I just busted a gut at 5:27. So. Perfect. *wipes tears*
Not available in my country......
I like Jimmy's version of Bob Dylan more than I like Bob Dylan's version of Bob Dylan.
i watch alot of shit on you tube dosent mean i like it
Why is this not available in the UK? What Earthly reason could there be? Is he talking about us or planning a surprise party?
His Doors impression is funny and impressive.
@ryan33bttm pretty sure he's already a hot dude, thanks very little...
wow jimmy fallon can actually do something, lol
He's an amazing musician! I wonder how much he practices
Yes. Seriously can he do like "Close to the Edge" with Bob Dylan singing "Star Trek: The Theme Song".
amazing..he`s incredibly talented!!
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