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Justin singing I'll Be by Edwin McCain

by kidrauhl • 3,481,977 views Justin Bieber singing "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain. ********************************** Watch this video in high quality...

watch this in 2015 and proud
People insult him and wonder why he made mistakes if you tried coping with the world bullying you then you would be the same he has feelings Yano and he hasn't hurt you so why insult him you don't even know him? Have you had a face to face conversations with him? No. So don't insult somebody before you even get to knw them it's very very discriminating.
screw Justin I HATE HIM as a kid he was cool but then he grew up to be a duche bag
If you hate him then why are you on HIS Youtube channel watching HIS video that HE UPLOADED 8 YEARS AGO. YES I SAID 8 YEARS AGO. When he was younger, all people like you said that he was talentless and sounded like a girl. Now he's older and became the image that PEOPLE LIKE YOU made him, you're all mad. He was innocent and people made fun of him about it saying that he needed to grow up. And now he did grow up, people still want to talk shit ACTING AS IF THEY LIKED HIS OLD SELF. He is still as talented as he was before. He still knows how to play Piano and Guitar and Drums and he still knows how to play hockey and soccer. All he did was grow up. He grew up and people like you are talking trash about it.
Yes always had talent but this video I'm really hate to say doesn't do any of the others justice. The keys off, And he's way off beat. He'd do a good version now. For sure would like to see that happen.
If your watching this in 2015 your a true ass belieber or a notorious hater who has bother better to do :)
I don't have words to describe how proud I am to be right here, listening to this incredible cover, 8 years after. I saw and I'm still seeing how you are growing up and I can scream to the hole universe that you are becoming in an honest, generous and, even more important, happy man. Justin, you touched and made yours the top of the world while you was stealing millions of hearts with a simple smile. I'm so grateful about your existence. Forever yours.
to all the people who hate him because of his MISTAKES, unless you know him personally why do you care?? Plus, who r u to judge him when your basing him off media (who scrutinize celebrities and make everything they do seem bad). Whenever Justin tried to get back on his feet, everyone bashes out on him for trying to be better.
So so so so proud of him!!!
Watching this in 2015.This was the first video I ever watched of you and since I seen it I've been a fan of you. I've been here since the start and nothing could ever change me from loving you Justin with all of my heart. You changed my whole life. Your music , your words everything about you has helped me through a lot. I could never thank you enough for the great impact you've done on my life and I just hope one day I'll be able to meet you so I could tell you in person how much you mean to me
your a true ass belieber if your here
Oh Gosh, Imma Cry I Love Justin 😘 Proud Belieber Here In 2015 Once A Belieber Always A Belieber 😊💗💞🙌😄 #2015
I´m so proud about i´m he is so big and old and stay kidrauhl #8yearsofkidrauhl  
2015 and I still here.
8 years of kidrauhl ❤
Justin? Never heard of her.
I'm so proud of justin he had a dream and he made it a reality He changed my life and so many others just for being here, I'm so glad that justin bieber exist, he means so much to me so much than he'll ever know, I lovd u justin #8Yearsofkidrauhl
Watching his cover of this song from the other night in LA! So proud of how far he's come
lisning this song everyday im so proud of him xx true belieber
Proud would be an understatement to how im feeling now watching this
The guitar's so big on him :)) So cuteee <3
watching this in 2015; IM CRYING I MISS HIM SO MUCH
I can't stop crying :(
They said it would never happen. They said he would never make it. But we never stopped believing & just look at him now! He's one of the most talented and famous in the whole world. I'm so proud of u justin ☺❤ #8YearsOfKidrauhl
Y pensar que este video lo subio justin hace 8 años.. Nunca se imagino que cambiaria tantas vidas con su voz<3 #8yearsOfKidrauhl
8 años??? Enserio😢 no lo puedo creer...cada vez estoy mas orgullosa de ti...eres el mejor en todo lo que haces. Te amo con todo mi corazón😘💋❤
So proud of my baby. He's grown up so much and gotten so far. ❤️
me siento tan feliz de tenerte de vuelta con nosotras!!! aunque nunca te hayas ido :)
"everything starts from something and something would be nothing, nothing if your heart didn't dream with me. where would i be if you didn't believe?" #8YearsOfKidrauhl ❤️
In tears right now. So proud to see how much he's come to this day. Love you so much justin #8yearsofkidrauhl
could you all please check out my cover of this?
still in here since 2009. never leave you:)
I was here at the beginning and I will stay here forever <3 I will never leave you BELIEBER FOREVER #8YearsOfKidrauhl
the voice is there but dammn that was the wrong chords he was playing hahahaha
Miss this cutie ! What happened
Siempre estarás en nuestro❤️ Justin! Cantabas espectacular y lo sigues haciendo ..!
Wow, hes amazing. 8 Years of Kidrauhl. Te amooooo
#8yearsofkidrauhl watching this in 2015 ! Belieber for ever !!!
you're the reason I live Kidrauhl 💚 #8YearsOfkidrauhl
watching in 2015 :) FOREVER PROUD.
it's been 8 years of kidrauhl😭😭💘💘
8 years ago I fall in love of this little guy and now look at him ! I'm so proud !
#8yearsofkidrauhl been here for 4 years and will always be here
I'm so proud of you Justin and here to stay, always & forever xxx
8 years of kidrauhl, I'm so proud of you ❤❤❤
Like si eres belieber y ves esto el 2015
Watch this is 2015 and I still being so proud! 💜😭😍
Love you so much baby.. (': Kidrauhl ❤
This is just so beautiful<3
It's 2015 and I'm so proud of him ♥
Love u justin😭💜
I can't stop crying😭❤️
Watch this in 2015 , so cute 😍
8 YEARS 😭😭😭😭
All of you girls who like him are dumb as fuck. Trust me he won't live that long because trust me, people will fucking kick his ass.
:') OMG!!! So cute!!!
😭😪👌💜8 yaaa!-
already 2015 yet still watching kidrauhl fetus vids
Awwww 😍😍😍 my cute Boy😍😍😍 #8YearsOfKidrauhl
MRS Bieber Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Justin singing I'll Be by Edwin McCain:
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