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'Bath Salts' Causing 'Excited Delirium'?

by ABC News • 3,976,913 views

Legal drug can cause a phenomenon said to make a person act like a wild animal.

I wonder if that shit forces the one using it to see into another parallel universe or dimension which would account for the freaked out state they get in.
Those who study spirituality have said that taking anything like this will open up your mind to any type of demonic entities. Ppl can say what they want about it, but it makes sense after you do a bit of research. Those that deal with this have said those taking it were super strong & often heard growling. Those who took it & were interviewed said that they felt "very dark & evil", so much that they felt possessed. With all the ramping up of evil in this world lately...nothing would surprise me.
There are lots of drugs a person can take for entertainment that are safe, what kind of person does it take to want to try such a horrible thing?
It's media propaganda. The same media which compare Kratom to Spice. Uneducated news media catering to an uneducated public!
Looks like watching The Walking Dead will pay off. I'm ready to kill some zombies....... puts on sunglasses in slow-mo
That's why I don't smoke weed I seen someone act like that I pot too
It was laced. Guaranteed
move to washington or something idiot
Sometimes we use 'bath salts' at our church services in order to get in touch with Christ
They're talking like bath salts is PCP. My pet monkey took some bath salts once... he said it was more like cocaine or meth.
I guess it depends on the type of bath salts, it's really just a slang for research chemical speed.
Wait what?  Did he just say you can buy these at convenient stores?  I don't understand, how did these get into convenient stores?  Does this mean I can now buy chips, pepsi, gum, and a pack of incredibly addictive drugs that will turn me into a raging zombie?
+LucidTulpa Change drug name: Bath Salts to Bath Salt and Bath Salts to something that makes you calm in a bath
It's retarded how some people are dumb enough to take a drug that practically turns them into a blood-thirsty zombie
legalize weed you will see a drastic drop use on bath salts for started.
+Ken Newmann  yeah. when it comes too weed  it is easy to get and not much harm, my opinion.  anyone that's say once you do weed eventually you will get into harder drugs are an idiot. if you have issues in your life that can't beard reality then you might go and do somethings stronger, just don't blame weed. its you!
wow bath salts are legal and they make you kill yourself and people, but weed is illegal and it just makes you feel great and happy? American law makes perfect sense.
Who the hell got it into their head to smoke bath slats in the first place? "Alright. We  smoked some Dove and that didn't do shit, so Let's smoke some bath salts." Ridiculous.
+Roger David It's a purpose made drug, it's only use is to get high (cause euphoria), and induce hallucinations, like some or most other drugs. It isn't literally bath salts.
I'll do bath salts when I'm 90
No, don't lie and go to your room!
Amazing stuff ! this is truly amazing stuff, look at dem drugged up fools. you should try it too ! don't get scared because of these propaganda filled videos and enjoy your hard earned high, be sure you don't stop hitting the good stuff until you die. but enough b*llsh*t.... drugs can cripple nations and that's the only reason it's illegal to do drugs. look at china and the opium trade which was enforced by England. look at Japan and the amphetamine crisis after world war 2 look at the morpine crisis of the american civil war. drugs are bad because the establishment depends on their human cattle to stay healthy so the human cattle keeps generating money. the so called free world is just a dillusional perception. (no i don't do drugs, i hate drugs because my perception is defiled with anti drugs propaganda and deliberately manipulated opinions)
So this is legal but Cannabis, Psilocybin and DMT are illegal? What a bunch of bullshit. 
Weed and shrooms should be legal but in my opinion dmt shouldnt be legal because it can fuck some peoples brains up and what they think and believe
+comenplaysfc  Why would that be a bad thing? I came out of mine more spiritual and changed my outlook on life for the better. Since I did DMT I had no desire to continue my addiction with Mephedrone. And I also know people that have quit Heroin addictions or completely changed their lives around after DMT. It doesn't fuck up your brain either, it's the safest drug you could possibly do.
Excited Delirium = Nigga Moment...
im about to smoke bathsalt rn
Hey war on drug got spice, you got bath salts...  So.... Cocaine and Weed ain't looking too bad now, eh, eh? 
Smoke weed instead like damn😂,it's only illegal in some states/countries because the government can't profit off of it...,smh😁
dude had no bathsalts in his system anyway..
The problem with these legal drugs is that manufacturers try to make chemicals for recreation without scientific trials or really any supervision. The FDA does not oversee their production Its not a food its incense that people use as drugs. How do we fix this. Sure you can make their production illegal, but companies will just make detergent that gets you high. They can deem a molecule illegal but chemists will just make a new molecule that gets one high and market it as a detergent. At least with other drugs like amphetamine methamphetamine cocaine, morphine heroin marijuana there is some medical research. Morphine and its analogues are used in pain management medicine. Cocaine and the amphetamines are highly regulated but they are used medically (cocaine rarely for nasal endoscopy) and amphetamines for ADHD and narcolepsy. They are dangerous if abused but at least most people don't die from one time stupid experimentation. With these new bath salts it seems the people making it don't care about safety as long as they can find a loop hole in the legality and make a buck off of it. Perhaps there needs to be more DEA intervention with the production of any chemical that is marketed for commercial sale to the public.
why not just make cocain legal lol
Can you get it in 'Woodland Pine' flavour?
I think this drug might be the devil himself. Created by sinners with no thoughts except for cash. Hiding under an innocent name. Making you come back time and time again. Only to go into an anger filled super strength rage
You know what else is alarming?  The quality of journalistic reporting in this country.  It's no wonder that some Americans are so out of touch today.  Bath salts are clearly bad, for the most part it's obvious it's not an enjoyable drug.  But watching this "reporting" could easily lead one to think that it's a "national epidemic" with face eating zombies roaming the country.
I cant understand what the cops are thinking when they are tazing a person on such heavy drugs... That shit cant be good for you, it will probably just lead to an even worse psycosis.
So what are they originally intended to do when sold at fucking public stores?!!
If you have excited delirium i fell bad for u son, I got 99 problems but bath salts aint one.
пиздатая шмаль, всем рекомендую
Stupid fucking Americans, decided to legalize worst possible drug out there.idiots.
Natural drugs and lsd thats all
Most these clip are people on pcp
Lol the dude hyperventilating at around 46 seconds is on mushrooms. I seen him on tosh.o
why would one take this shit sad world we live in. 
this is meth shrooms and pcp not bathsalts fucking idiots 
love how the news jump s to conclusions with no evidence...the guy eating that homelass man was not high on bath literally lies about vrything
think ill stick to the weed
Stupid f*** that's what he gets one less mother f*** on the streets why would anybody take something to lose their mind you got to be stupid mother f***
Damn they do look and act like zombies when they are on that shit, maybe there will be a zombie apocalypse
I can't believe they were so readily available...shit. Evil :(
bath salts seem scary
The best part of that kid is what ran down his mamas leg . what a waste of skin .
They arent people anymore theyre zombies now
No child, they are drug fueled victims, which are still people.
If your gonna use drugs at least stick to the tried and true, whatever happened to snorting cocaine or adderall. Kids these days.
the dude breathing really fast at 0:45 is on psilocybin not fucking bath salts -___- its on tosh.0
the guy at 00:47 was on magicshromes he was on tosh.0
Poor people out there
People are CRAZY AS HELL smoking Salt !!!!
D This drug is stupid
Im always too stoned to do bath salts.
1:15 "this may be the next epidemic" lol get real lady 
Fuckup @ smokersvilleink ya fuckn druggy go find something better that dont involve drugs to do with ur sad life wtf? Who the fuk encourages ppl to take bath salts and shit ya fool!
If they made marijuana legal this would not be a problem
What are you talking about? With the munchies you get from weed you'd probably eat two faces LOL
I hate the news.  A bunch of douchebags who claim to know things that we all don't.  The guy who was eating the other guys face was not on anything.  Hes toxicology report came back with being dirty with THC (weed).  He might have been mentally sick, but NO DRUG WILL MAKE YOU EAT SOMEONES FACE OFF.  People do these things, drugs might be a factor, but nothing makes you do [Insert whatever behavior here].  Even the neuroscientist bitch in this video is stupid for making such comments to the media.  Bath salts is not 1 drug, it can be almost any new drug, so good luck trying to pinpoint what exactly we are talking about.
Dude, i know Gary was just kind of being a dick there, but lol...the guy who's face was eating was or wasn't the victim of a bath salts crazed person. That's not even the point.The point is it's dangerous, and I'm not just some clueless chick who's simply making judgement. I have had my own experiences, though not with bath salts in particular , some of the harder drugs in my past. The  amount of destruction it causes is the point. No, i didn't chew someones face off and maybe that man had some mental issues, especially if THC was the only thing they found, but that's not what they're getting at. Delirium  and paranoia and all that stuff is very very real.I was lucky to have only had a taste of it, but some others around me were further advanced and I've seen some sad stuff. Just saying. No hate.
Are they gonna try to close all the lush stores out there?
This cld BE an epidemic! it fucking is! y ain't the government taken out the shops? cos they prob made it! Illuminati!!!!! 
What is bath salts used for??!
Just kidding u just become crazy
dude this is creepy with a capital C i mean like for real
Bathsalts was not in the miami zombies body. He was not on "bathsalts"
WHAT...THE...FUCKING FUCK?!!! LMAO!!! This is the most bizarre fucking thing I have ever seen. I mean I thought paint huffing was bad. Whatever happened to just becoming a good old fashioned drunk? LOL
We should just legalize these drugs and let natural selection do its work. Zombie killing for self protection should also be legalized
Pls excuse my ignorance on bath saltd but pls someone explain what it actually is. Somrone posted iyd PCP...?
Luis Suarez is on them Bath Salts!
like valkyr from max payne games… best game of its time
Smoke weed for life stay away from those hardcore drugs !
That one dude looked like he was lifting on the pavement. 
firtst thing i thought
So this is legal and it makes you act like a zombie-numb to what you're doing feeling-, but weed is illegal? When I'm high, I don't want to eat someone's face, I just want to eat pizza! Legalize it man!
I have to go take a pee
Krokidil + bath salts = zombie
Woah lucky this shit ain't in the uk yet.or atleast that we know of (keeping in mind i live in london it probably is here :0)
Oh shit my bad guess i only read the first half of ur comment @ smokersvilleink ignore my previous comment lol
Why do people do this
I live in Louisiana and never heard of that kid killing himself cuz of being on those drugs
The Hallucinations and Paranoia will 99% be down to no sleep if people are staying up for days on this shit. I know from first hand experience that if you stay up for 4 days + you do start getting delusions and see fucked up sh*t on or off Drugs.
It doesn't turn you into a zombie the people in the video took so much to the point where they were close to an OD that's what the lady said
 Maybe ? bath salt wtf maybe 
Salvia, Bath Salts, Tobacco are perfectly Legal but Weed not? Salvia makes you trip, bath salts make you do crazy shit, tobacco slowly kills you from inside( because of all the poisions ). And weed? You can grow it yourself, makes you mellow, creative, hungry etc. You don't HAVE to smoke it, if it's legalised you can make edibles. NOBODY DIED of weed EVER. And if it's legalised you can grow high CBD & lower THC - CBD has anti psychosis qualities.
I wonder what happens when animals take bathsalts...
Fuck drugs man, it mess with you consider consequences.
if bath salts mix in a virus were fucked 
Ok. I didn't ever do the stuff called "bath salts" but I tried afew different powders which we bought in a smoke shop. Did it all summer a couple of years ago and Im fine. Only crappy thing about it was the come down. Caused anxiety, slight paranoia and depression. The high was AMAZING though. Made us really happy felt connected to each other and gave us energy. Snorted it and smoked it and Im not a damn zombie. You are all stupid. Its research chemicals. Which are companies trying to make legal versions of drugs. Not control your mind. The dude that ate that persons face was probably just insane period and couldnt handle the baht salt high- IF he was even on them. 
But why would anyone buy drugs in the first place!? specially bath salts.. smh
+amy guyette that guy didn't have bath salts in his system at all. All the news Outlets reported that at first but his tox screen came out clean. He was just having psychotic break. Very few news outlets reported that when it came out. Fear mongering to demonize it. You know like marijuana causes blacks to rape white women. They actually used to say that when they were trying to ban it.
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