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Backflip FAIL slow motion

by Scharamenko • 20,726 views

Daniel von Trier falls on his head in slow motion.

dont do that again, its bettler to under/over rotate than open up in the middle of the trick, fix your backhandspring, you are going up instead of going back, go back in order to increase your horizontal momentum and avoid to change it into vertical momentum, because you will need to do this at the backflip
Wat I learned is never bail a backflip. There is no way you are gonna end up better if you bail.
haha if have seen him a few minutes later ^^
one does not watch this without grimacing in pain
aoutch his hand it happend me with the hand it took three weeks before it was normal again
God, this is what scares me with back flip :/
He probably broke his neck and now has to be fed through a tube. That's why I want to do a front flip onstead
He said his left foot hurted the most.
ahhh why did he stick his head forward, he was doing it perfectly
Daniel du bisn BoB xD Der Fuß is gebrochen oder ? ^^
if you stop the vid at 0.49 it look like hes doing a good trick
nono. the hand was fine. He said his foot hurted the most.
@SirDaigox Yes, I saw him breakdancing a year after this.
If only his hand didnt slip on the concrete he would've broken his arm.
He's way to high on his backhandspring ... He failed because he stopped flipping. Probably realizing his backhandspring wasn't going to help me with his backflip
No wonder he failed he tried to do it in slow motion
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