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Eminem - Despicable (Freestyle) Lyrics HQ Sound

by Cynical • 377,263 views

Eminem - Despicable (Freestyle) HQ Sound *PLEASE READ* I do not own this song or the lyrics that marshall mathers attached to it. promotional purposes only!!

It is bat shit you where right the first time. you can tell by his pun cuz Ozzy (The real one not me) bit the head off a bat once.
Dude, You wanna here someone rap it? I am a girl yet I am obsessed with eminem and am amazing at rapping! :D I rap faster than busta rhymes!
Sick freestyle man this is rad
i think one of the lyrics is supposed to be "hitchcock better bitch shit ask doc got it zip locked in a bag"
"When i die so does hip hop" so true !
You had the bat shit part right. 
He said roelisberger cuz Ben roelisberger raped a girl in a bathroom stall. He actually raped two chicks apparently. Lol football players man.
This feels so slow after learning Rap God xD
+TheVortexPixel No it's not he worked on it for weeks he just never wrote it down
Who gets the heir to the throne bit
Everyone with common sense lol
lyrical genius, that shit was dope
I'm as passionate as Ozzy? It's definitely "bat shit" not "passionate," you had it right the first time :)
Whats the point of the 'passionate' annotation over top of 'bat shit'
Eminem warned me so many time not rap off his lyrics but I didnt my lungs hurt lol
1:33 you had it right the first time he says bat shit because ozzy bit off the head of a bat on stage
Ya this is totally an off the top freestyle...ha ya sure BULL SHIT!!!
+hiphophead555 free style is a free verse from any of your written stuff with no hook.
Damn this still shits on other rappers tahahah
Not even hard to rap lol
I can rap fast lane of the top of my head word for word its kinda sad wen u think about it
Holy shit this was amazing!!!
fuck an intro lets just go that just took the piss of drake 
Fucking amazing.
I can rap it I just don't have a cam.
It's not even hard to rap x)
Yeah right people u just liein
Freestyle? Cant be.
WTF is your problem? 
+C-Bruce eminem is just that good bro (:
Meow of the day is best rapper ever
He Disses Drake on his own beat lmao . Best Since 1996! MMLP2
"Dog get off my bone", not "Talking of my bone"
"When i die so does hip-hop". Derrm
haha and they say eminem is not as good as he used to be... this is insane
imma post a vid sometime lol
It's actually, "I'm as *batshit as Ozzy." :P
You're the retard its Bat Shit 100% and I'm not arguing about it, I know this as fact as I have ears.
LOL ur acting like ppl give a fuck about ur opinion on the internet go back to playing cod bitch
i been rappin eminem for 3 years, and i have suceeded at all of them so far, including G.O.A.T. You want a video of someone rapping this song successfully? Challenge Accepted. I'll get to work on it right away.
No, its a written freestyle, the way you mean it, its not on the spot. It will be wrote quite quickly, and memorized very, very quickly, but its not on the spot, its something all rappers who went round stations learned to do. the DJ would be like "so spit something now", you don't wanna sound shit coz you cant always produce your best shit, so you come prepared, "Hazard Youth" n "Weed Lacer" were like that. and a few others. in the book 'Angry Blonde' Eminem talks about it in his owns words.
Yo i know all the words to this and soon i will be on youtube and this is lewis white add me on facebook :)
fuck fuck fuck shit shit shit it's that all you motherfuckers know? suck my motherfucking dick all back to romania !!!!1
does anyone know where i can legally get this song???? I would really like to know.
it is as bat shit as ozzy... ozzy used to bite bats heads off, a lot of these lyrics are retarded stop making videos please or kill urself
How come his new rap just sounds like he's just yelling?!
BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Bentley. They are three luxury car companies.
Its definitely "Bat shit" idk why you changed it... passionate doesnt even makes sense. You obvioulsy dont understand his simile, cuz if you knew about ozzy osbourne the youd understand
suck my dick clanthenuke might as well named "yourself" sucksfatdicks
Thumbs up if u can rap this no prob :)
No Eminem did that when promoting albums like he did a verse from stir crazy when promoting sslp.. if you don't hear it in his songs it's a free of style freestyle that means you rhyme about anything check out even his earlier freestyle retarded kid named greg is an example of this just how this is it's pre thought bars mainly the first line or two and then he just plays on those words that is why Em is known for crazy wordplay and flow...
╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮ Fuck an intro man.
He's not trying to impress, the video creator had an annotation asking about people who can memorize/rap this.. Derp
lol i tot at the start Em said fuck international man until i found out he said fuck an intro hahaha
Don't like it due to the lack of a consecutive melody and the flow was pretty choppy. Not as good as Rabbit Run or Ticky Toc
The Hitchcock line is worefully wrong, but I understand I had to look it up years ago its really... "When I die so does hip-hop, Hitchcock of the shit bitch ask doc, Doc got it zip locked in a bag"
when eminem dies so does hip hop
best freestyle from eminem ever.... (besides the one with proof xD)
suck my dick frickinM0F0 might as well name yourself frickinF4G
if This Was More Longer , Would Have Been The Best Song .
rapping this everydy just cause it makes my brother pissed at me LOOLL <3
No this is pre written but Em does do off the dome sometimes.
feel like i get chills when i hear this. em is too good, for his own good. lol
also "this is mic dog on it I like hogging it" you missed two syllables
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