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Cool Things To Do In Minecraft: Landmine, Hidden Fireplace Door

by george12bobifer • 38,522 views

Items Needed To Make The Landmine: tnt, pressure plate, and some grass to cover up the holes. Items Needed To Build Hidden Fireplace Door: brick, netherrack, sandstone, lever, sticky pistons,...

Wow! That spelling of Civilization! Sivillizachion!
No, he didn't. He recorded it with "bandicam" which is obviously made out of rubber bands.
Because /no one/ will be able to notice that pressure plate
cool things to do in minecraft.. not like that was done already..
You can not record with a potato. Tell me, are you retarded, sir?
he didn't just use any potato! he used the potatocam series XV5000
thats how my older vids look... then i got Fraps! Now my MC runs at 9 fps, but looks like 60 in the videos!
Hes showing whit a slide show how to copy somthing thats already made more than 100000000 times
thats physically impossible. but on the other hand is a donut. you see their is a hole in the middle and a lens can fit in that hole. so he recorded it with a donut
no, he recorded it with bandicam. his computer is the potato
Evidently you have a broken space bar and a grade 4 education. Congratz, to think they used to laugh at you on the short bus.
please tell me that "sivillizachion" was intentional...
oh sorry my shift button is broken. atleast you got the right your this time.
The quality is actually not that bad, it's just the frame rate that is a little low. Probably just lag from using the recording software.
is this a cheap rip off of minecraft?
no you dumb ass, potatoes hyper-cam software isn't due out for another year
How could you think that? Potatoes can't film! This is obviously an eggplant! DUH!
you only say that if its not on a dazzle or hd pvr. Then if its not you're making your self look stupid.
What kind of raw fish are you recording whith
The potato doesn't get anymore updates. That must be a electric pencil sharpener that he used to record.
Hey dude can i have my rockcam v4.1 back?
no it's your computer that was build in the 90's.
let me summarize this video: hide a tnt under 1 block, and on top of that block have a pressure plate, then he spends the next 7mins building a piston hidden door behind netherack fireplace
OH BLOODY 'ELL GEH' OFF OF ME YA SILLY BASTARD Fuck off dude you're people have an annoying fucking accent. Enjoy virginity.
no he recorded it with a computer program go back to 3rd grade if you cant tell the difference
Wow so much lag! Is he an asshole?
How ironic that you didn't capitalize your sentence you uneducated fuck.
Good to know you have a creative brain and could even come up with a completely different title than Rooster Teeth
you are the slowest builder i have ever seen
Did u record this with a potato?
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