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Red Bull Triple Set Contest 2012 with Ryan Decenzo, Manny Santiago and more

by RIDE Channel • 17,867 views

Red Bull Triple Set contest at the Del Mar Fair. Watch the finals of the all day competition featuring Ryan Decenzo, Manny Santiago, Tyson Bowerbank, Yuri Facchini, Auby Taylor, JP Sauza, Kurtis...

he is saying it is ridiculous, not they dont deserve it. This seems way more enjoyable than street league
nollie front crook is such a smooth trick. poetry in motion
It is so good to see Derek still skating, he should drop a full part
i cant skate today bcuz of football pratice
It's go skate day, just woke need to get ideas to make my skate day and better one.
I agree, Manny with the pink shoes looked stiff and wobbly. I guess when you land a kickflip to feeble down a rail that is ok.
so this means he wouldn't be good at street league or what are you trying to tell me? i think decenzo is really consistent and that's what street league is all about! he has a lot of awesome tricks! so why wouldn't he have a chance against nyjah? of course, nyjah would propably win because he's a skateboardinggod, but he's not unbeatable! i think decenzo could beat him
you would think so, but street league is a different contest. Cole, sheckler,and prod, who usually dominate contests, are on the back burners.
maybe because it was a completely different park and format, just saying.
i was impressed by this clip of older decenzo. you can see he is growing up because he's landing his tricks super solid and with a smoother style. mannys tricks were fucked but his arms flail alot, lol. i think ryan should have won
the judges gave score for the skater who landed the best and consistent tricks not the best arm you dumb ass...
Varial heel - back feeble. crazy ender. Manny's back feeble variations were nuts!!
I've never heard of most of these guys and I find it funny that they only put Ryan and Manny in the title; people we've heard of.
smallest triple set ive ever seen
i dont see how were gonna be able to progress anymore than that haha
To me, pretty much everyday when I don't have anything to do and it's not raining/snowing is Go Skate Day
despite it being Go Skate Day, its just too fucking hot outside... also not paying $20 to skate indoors.
Some ea skate shit going on there @.@
nah im just saying that street league is different. It is not like regular contests. Its more nerve racking and a lot more pressure. Skaters like decenzo that kill contests may have a tough time because it's a different
the skating in this contest was way better then the skating you see in street league. just saying.
GODDAMN! probably the best contest ive ever seen
These are fighting to get 3000 dollars but nyjah is getting 150000 a contest. This shit is lame as hell
This music. Acid synths. I'm having flashbacks to my 90's childhood
c.r.e.a.m was playing at the end at the end
I hate how 270 noseblunt got more attention then hardflip front board
Now you can afford to get your front tooth fixed Manny!
i simply don't understand why decenzo didn't happen to take part at street league.... why didn't more people vote for him? he would've kicked nyjahs ass!!!
i loved those 360's bowerbank was doin
Everyone check my channel plzz!
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