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BBM Roulette Continues

by CollegeHumor • 178,527 views

THE 6 GIRLS YOU"LL SEE BACK HOME See more You can't put a price on embarrassment but $100 is a good start LIKE us on:...

@132bobcat i think that Collegehumor made more than 100 dollars for this and they really didn't need to do anything, how you could blame them for this easy money?
Oh, someone broke the perfectly even balance of likes and dislikes. No way I'm liking this, though.
@0wner517 seen as the texts are gay yes, but if say i or someone else were to make them up, then they could be funny, or maybe a phone call on speaker would be better,
im number 2,736 negative side. unbalancing it and i feel awesome!
it should've been more embarrassing/twisted like, "pissed in your beer the other time we went drinking. my bad mate! promise to make it up for you!" Now that would surely earn a great response.
It would have been better if people actually couldn't' last, instead of watching people get money for waiting 5 minutes. Maybe do it over a phone call that way the person responds right away, and make the people have to stick to a script of some sort.
The first guy is Reggie from The Key of Awesome's ET parody!! :D
it should be at least half an hour and the messages could be so much more embarrassing
i miss the old college humor ....all the stuff they have done recently kind of sucked
Keep the likes and dislikes equal lol
Wouldn't it be awkward if you ran into the person you BBMed during those five minutes?
likes and dislikes are 2382 to 2382
they shouldnt have told them that they shouldnt message their friends back. that makes it too easy. also they should have made the things seriously worse.
sorry they need to be more extreme nd funnier!
Too bad I just made them even again so suck it!!!
I'm going to like it so it's 50/50 =D
I have a feeling that $300 could be put to better use than this
lemme break the like-dislike equilibrium lol
I just made it 2551 likes, 2551 dislikes :P
They're throwing out money.. THose messages need to be WAY more daring.
BBM= Black Berry Message... or Big Beautiful Men
I just even the bars out... FUCK YEAH!!!!!
i feel like messing up that 50/50 like/dislike bar :D
had the opportunity to make it 2737|2737 even but i'm throwin a curveball and adding a thumbs up
2627 Likes and 2627 Dislikes.... Time to change the future!
I only disliked to keep the bar the same!
The friend should get the 100 dollars when playing along!
2,733 likes, 2,732 dislikes hmm, should I do it?
Likes and Dislikes exactly like Justin Beiber gender
they should'v made the prize fee much less.... like $10-$20
@CrazyGerbils Guess i'm a pretty big asshole then....woops
yea!!!! keeep em equal!!! w000t!!
lol like dislike i cant choose
@kkofthefunkoffv3 now its 2,687 likes, 2,687 dislikes lol
disliked, had potential but not funny enough
these were the *best* responses? the first episode of this was fantastic.. gone down hill already =[
Muahaha I kept the likes/dislikes the same!
Holy shit, 2594 likes and 2594 dislikes, NOBODY TOUCH ANYTHING
wow sarahs they cut the clip cause the red space was at the top then bottom
Reggie from the key of awesome!!!!!!
None of these were the least bit embarrassing.
Keep the like and dislike bars equal.
sorry but why just you dont give away phones??
i think that reginald played kanye in the barely political parodies, lol ti <3 KOA
2,676 likes, 2,676 dislikes Mind = Blown.
Ha! Myspace isn't even a social network anymore! Music video website!
2550 vs 2550 I GOTTA GO WITH LIKE
Muhahha im so EVIL i destroyed the balance
Let's keep the likes and dislikes the same for some fun.
i feel like the challenge is finding someone with a blackberry now a days
whats next? they give free gas to people that have hummers?
I thought it was goin to be a roulette as to whether your bbm will work or not... -.-
He stopped it at 2:24 so it wouldn't hit free space!!!
This video has exactly the same likes as dislikes, don't ruin this people !
if they do this they should set it up so the texts are more incriminating and the people are more embarrassing. none of this stuff is too awful
@TheLuckystar14 Are you saying that I am rich?
2584 people have never seen a $100 bill.
i disliked to even the bars!!!!!!!
college humor you can disband now after all these months of painfully awkward and not funny content.
The only point of this video I can see was giving away money. Hell I BBM'd my g/f one time saying "Do you want to double team this cheap hooker I found on craigslist" I figured that was the end of the relationship...nope! easy money i'd do this for living xp
Soooo this game is essentially a waste of everyones time and (collegehumors) money?
none of these are even that embarrassing, should be changed to easiest way to win $100
2,270 likes... 2,270 dislikes... O_o
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