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by BFvsGF • 257,382 views

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Hahaha my brother is actually Team Jesse and I am Team Jesse so thst means Team Jesse FTW!
Technically the Prank Champ is Jeana because if you go to the PrankvsPrank channel Jeana's prank is number one soooo.
You guys are awsome please give me a shout out in one of your videos' i am one of your number1 fan
I would like to see more of her food!!! It always looks banging like a bissy
i rely on my gf for my eating.......u kno wat im hungry now 
Hey Jesse & Jeana I Just Want To Say When Uploaded This Vlog On June 22 2012 That Was My 21st birthday!!! & Now Im 22 Almost 23 in 2 Months!!!!
Team Jesse saaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnn
Why is she getting ugly and ugly ever time!!!
I like your hair like this waaay better.
What is the song jesse is singing 6:06
Team Jesse but my brother is Team Jeana
malik banton Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
It looks they use a terrible toilet paper quality...
I ran headfirst into a glass door, it hurts....bad
Jesse is Soulja boy 4:49 bust it swag
damn carlie is bangin like a biscuit
I rely on my girlfriend for all my eating, both food and that other stuff
2:30 my husband is the same way.
You got me saying SAAN in real life now. Dammit.
That was a little girl :( come onnnn...
1:16 the dude is like there recording us
There is always a fight in a relationship they said, there's no relationship without fighting they said
haha jesse was laughing immediately after jeana said "sun keeps her motivated" and i did too.
that was the first pvp vid i ever watched lol
I have women clean my house naked... They suck my dick just so they can pay my rent. Making dinner for your man is simple enough.
The way to a mans heart is through his stomach
Team Jesse SAAANN, only because jeena goes way to hard core with her pranks....
the little girl was crying but i was still funny at the same rotf
this is for JESSE Sannnn can you delete one of your friend for i can add you as my friend on xbox PS write back yes or no.
Jess is whipped ...YOU are always responsible for his food go make me a sandwich 3
I don't have a girl friend *For ever alone*
Can someone please tell me in what other car are They driving all the time except for the Scion?
" :3 da sun keeps me happy and motiva- harharhar whahat the fuck" i love these two
omg all i was doing for 4 hours was watching your videos
Team Jesse because he's cutteeee <3.<3
am i the only one who loves winter
TEAM JEANA!!!! I love u jeana. U da bomb!! Jesses pretty dope fresh too
5:29 I totally did a double take because it looked like Jessie was sitting there with no pants on! lmaoooooooo
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