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Mac Miller - Loud (Prod. by Big Jerm & Sayez)

by TreeJTV ‱ 32,542,934 views

Rex Arrow Films, Rostrum Records & TreeJTV Present... Mac Miller Loud Produced by Big Jerm & Sayez Off of the new mixtape Macadelic: Directed/Cut By: Ian Wolfson Produced By: Noam...

Why the hate? Some of you guys are irritating as shit. Mac's making money and putting a smile on my face. Did you buy his albums? Did you put that money in his pocket? Did you help him while he was coming up? I don't see it. Like I get it, you're entitled to your own opinion But it seems like that opinion is coming from an ignorant mind or someone who just wants to hate on a successful person. I may despise Drake as a RAPPER but I don't go to his videos and say "Drake is a pussy, doesn't deserve awards, sings like a bitch" I just keep those negative comments to myself cause negative thoughts get me nowhere. You haters stay mad while I listen to Mac Miller. FUCK ALL OF YOU! :)
+Mike Hunt you say mike hunt. I say my cunt 😂
The song sucks because it doesn't say nigga.
Stupid ass Mac isn't a nigger dipshit it's not cool to fuckin say that word fucking dumb asf
+Danny bautista  dude u can say wat ever u want if no body minds, people like aren't fuckinnn cooolll its becose of people with that kind of mind, wich made racists... no problem at all saying niga its a word!
The beat = good The rap = sucks
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+Sea Tac Assassin +MrAssholebynature1 hey listen to the bass a voices on this song the sound is crazy clear
ill love for u to listen to my song on my page called Kush In My Cigarillo u would love it 
I play this song real LOUD
Useless pathetic scum bag piece of shit you should just fucking kill yourself. 
Says the pathetic one who takes pics of him self and his cat....go kill yourself
You must be fun at parties
Mac Miller so underrated. Queue the jerk-off to yell loudly at me that I don't understand what underrated means.......
You're right, and look no hate :) Mac miller is the man
Sylenth1 please
+kekee98 fuck how could i not have known this all this time i listened to mac miller
i prefer the others mac millers songs, but da instrumentals nice
well, it is a preset from sylenthOne, so i could have easily made it myself...
+Gabriele Gosetti no one asked if you could
Prove me wrong does this make any sense take a minute and think about it first before you reply a smart ass answer. Don't say "did you take a minute before you wrote down this pointless shit" YES I DID! Ok now where wuz I, oh yes does this make any sense to you when Mac says "I got dollars in my chain but it doesn't make a difference if your crying in the rain" think about this for a sec ..... Now I know it's a rhyme but I'm pretty sure this makes sense "call me a beast, call me a killer, call me a problem do you know why? Cause all DAT leaves to blood spiller. To me that's what rap is all about. Continuing a story and not making random rhyme words. Example eminem when I'm gone NOW THAT'S REAL RAPPING! I heard this stupid song with black guy repeating the same damn word something something n***a for the whole song and I just thought that's fucking garbage
mac comin out the building like POWW POW POWWW POW!!!!   empty his ivory handled llama nines like BDDDDAATTTTTT!!
Nah he drinks kool aid and smokes weed
i blast this song in my truck when im doing a buck 120 on the i15 to vegas
dont do drugs? yea i won't weed is not a drug so i'm not doing drugs!
lmao uploaded on my birthday. 
Noah loves lil panda Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
love this song more then anything
To the people hating: this song is supposed to be a cliche style you morons this song is meant to be successful now if you look at macs work it's a lot deeper and he has weirder beats. This is a song that you play in the club, that is what it is meant for, to be ignorant.
So is this song copying "Molly" by Tyga or vise versa? 
+Tiki Styles +Jesse Bowman The beat in tyga's song is sort of similar to this song's beat, but it is has a lower pitch.
I think his old stuff is a lot better personally i just like it better and it gets stuck in your head im not saying his musics bad just his older music is amazing
Yeah I agree but he got into drugs and his songs aren't just written if he was going through rough times his songs were dark like star room and thoughts from a balconey it's kinda sad actually he expresses himself through his so ds that's what I like about jom
At least u weren't a prick about it
Any mother F*^cker talk shit about the mac i'll Have a go wit you strat out this bruva got a deadly Rap style well I recon for a gubba Keep doin what you do Mac miller your soundz have got me thru some dark time peace my bruva godbless n keep doin Wat you do
Funny thing behind this is that this song is on the same mixtape that has Mac Miller sharing a track with K.Dot, but then again, some people choose the ignore that fact.
Mac killed it but I feel like this beat just screams MGK's name
wait did he say "this is makaveli"?
Macadelic, the name of the album
I agree. Every song I listen to theres haters that just say that because they cant achieve any life goals
All fucken haters...mac shit all flows...this shit is popin 2 i hope he dont read all this shit. Haha
IbReal king Shared on Google+ · 20 hours ago
Mac Miller - Loud (Prod. by Big Jerm & Sayez):
Am i the only one thinking how bright that old mans teeth are
Did he sample from the Beatles?
Mac millers music of dope AF fuck haters.
The start of the beat reminds of Lucy in The Sky With Diamonds.
This dude is ass, kids must like this shit or something
Mac a good rapper but did he fall of the rap game???
Smokin on the loudest in town
larry fremault Shared on Google+ · 5 days ago
Mac Miller - Loud (Prod. by Big Jerm & Sayez):casket life!!!!!!
Mobster Builder Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Mac Miller - Loud (Prod. by Big Jerm & Sayez):
I try to give respect to the ones that are getting money especially if they self made. That shit ain't easy. Stop the hate appreciate and You Go Get It!!!.
Any one who loves this song, should out my Bass Boost of it on my channel :)
Edward Gomez Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Mac Miller - Loud (Prod. by Big Jerm & Sayez):
"I experiment with drugs but I won't ever fuck with yay'" well look what happened. At least he makes better music now.
nĂŁo curti muito, prefiro umas eletronicas, uns Dubsteps
Mac Miller - Loud (Prod. by Big Jerm & Sayez) | | Mac Miller - Loud (Prod. by Big Jerm & Sayez)
Michael p Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
he should make that his name instead i like it more
Lol he was probaley eating a chili and the spice burned his tungue that he couldn't say mac miller xD
Im gonna hate, This is ignorant brain pollution. This is everything wrong with this generation. I'd like to hear someone rap about not abandoning his kids, paying his bills, having morals, investing in his 401k, ect.
Awwwwww yeahhh is real loud turn it uppppp ah ha ha
One of my favorite songs
I just realized Wiz stole Mac's laugh
Is this song copyright?
I feel like the reason people comment on the comment posts is because there are some fucking stupid ass people!! Hating on someone because he makes more money then you'll ever make! Or telling him to kill himself! Like really grow up!! My god!
check out that loud music on our page. Much respect to the smokers
Best song ever in my opinion
He says the world will go down in flames referring to Illuminati taking over
xD Sylenth1, still a dope beat and song!!
Song is pretty good but I like his older music
Why are people saying Mac copied Molly? This sing came out before Molly you dumbasses
mac miller sounds like bankrupt records
anyone know how his white pants are called i wanna buy it :D
This music is fuvking stupid
bruh, i think your language teacher might have been stupid...because you spelled fucking wrong
GJIKO - Sod Per Neser...
hes 100%real music!
He out blacked drake and Mac isn't even black O_o
Near enough the same as tyga-molly
I'll make a better song with no beat, Standing tall, on my own feet, Been over mountains like i was wearing cleats, Slowin down since im smoking weed, On the freeway doin high speeds, In Rialto posted in the streets, Been known to represent my team, Drinking jim bean, smokin caroline, Watch out for cops cus they wanna take mine, Im in the process but it takes time, half of these dudes really feminine, Never on the grind and always wastin time, Have money all on my mind like i was programmed, I see your girl lookin like a fan, Im talkin to her like im the fuckin man, And i have a plan.. lol no hate on +Mac Miller Doin big things homie stay up
the  beat is dope so dope.
i like this song and mac miller
You gotta think, how ashamed his parents have to be. 
Doesn't matter. He's getting bank
What's a diamond chain to a whole planet made of diamond or a double cup of lean to a cloud in space thats the equivalent to trillions of barrels of alcohol? Tell me that..
Lol stop hatein just lane to live with it
Weed is. Gateway drug I blaze every day if it wasn't for weed I wouldn't have done acid or shrooms , because the high I experience when I blaze , I was opens to experiencing other highs
+thisisSPARTAorsprite No, weed has nothing to do with it. YOU and YOU alone chose to try it. 
kenneth swink Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Mac Miller - Loud (Prod. by Big Jerm & Sayez) my anthem ;) !!!!!!
A nice car engine torque + this song = orgasm ! Amazing song
+jifyum07 yeah that guy is a faggot EVERYONE CALL HIM A FAGGOT FUCK HIM
you dont do weed tha fuck LMAO
Kas Dah Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
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