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Nonsensical Saints Row The Third w/Sp00n Ep.1 - Air Scissoring

by UberHaxorNova • 1,151,326 views

Leave some of DEM LIKES :) I took feedback from the Skyrim ones and tried to apply it here. Hope people enjoy :) Sp00n:...

Oh god I used to come home from primary school and watch this and now that I understand the jokes it's even better.
Wow 4 years ago you must be a big boy now, seeing as you're 14-15 at the most
HAHA , codunt agree more , This was soo fun watchin , its my fav series and im watchin it again :D
oh god, the memories. this was the series that really got me into Nova's channel. before that it was just random minecraft rage videos that my friends would sometimes post. also this game is just so much fun
Wow it is hard to believe this was 4 years ago.. It actually makes me sad seeing him play with sp00n again.. I miss this
omg good times in all saint row series hope they play saints row gat out of hell
Watching this again because it was my favorite series.
this is my 4th time already rewatching this
I wanted to go back to my memories :)
saint row 2 is way better than this crap
oh the memory's ;)
i miss spoon and nova collaborations.. 
audio is terrible
can you make more of saint row
Here I am again good lord I need a life haha
This was by far my favorite series by nova
The memories are shooting right back to me sad but happy :'(
First Series I watched. Such good memories.
this is my 6th time watching this series fav series 
What was that cutscene in the beginning? I've never seen it before...
make more and do cheats
Going to watch this glorious series again.
I've watched this a million times. This is probably my favorite gaming series on YouTube ever.
After watching ginger powder in sr4, I'm really starting to think that this ginger powder is actually quite normal xD
3rd time watching this :D
Ginger Powder begins...
Watching this again... Such nostalgia. Much man tears. Wow.
Isn't it strange that sp00n in-game looks almost like him in real life? (Without the mask)
the default character i mean...
your saying cry not sp00n
Sp00n and Ginger Powder, Co-Leaders of the Third Street Saints...
I'm never commenting on anything ever again.
Time to rewatch this series, it was awesome.
Compared to SR4 and Dark Souls 2, Ginger Powder doesn't look that ugly...
She got arrested for carrying 10 pounds of crack
ew their mics haha
so old but still funny as shit
I was listening to the binding of Isaac cave soundtrack and I saw some comments saying that novas intro to this is that soundtrack but I don't really see how that is seeing as his intro is a couple of seconds long... And I don't really hear it
Yep!! im pre-downloading Saints Row IV, i finished Saints Row: the third too
Jesus, guys, sp00n already said he'd be playing SR4 with nova, just relax
Nova made ginger powder in every game that has character creation.
I'm watching this before the saints row 4 I already betean saints row 3 but its nova who cares lol
I can not wait till saints 4 it will be the best thing ever!!!
Holy shit their Mics changed xD this is so weird watching it again xD
Nova please lay Saints Row4 with sp00n or 4L3KS
I cry every time when gat dies :,(
Hey am I the only one or the audio isn't that good
every person I've watched play this has mentioned all the cars
im watching it from the start again
Like if uve watched Novas Saints Row 4 videos and come back to watch he`s Saints Row 3 videos
President Ginger Powder with co-president Sp00n please... XD
Came here from their first part of their Saints Row IV playthrough. Forgot why this was my favorite series from them. :*D
seriously nova's character looks stupid but original
he meant that spoon caught shaundi and nova also caught shaundi so that's 2 shaundis
Let me tell you one thing ive been watching Nova for years and ive never once seen him completely serious. He can be serious but he still has fun. Also Saints Row 4 doesnt seem like a game you can completely take seriously.
Best President ever! I'd vote for ginger powder at least.
What I meant to say saints row 3 is better than saints row 4
Lol sounds like James has a speaking impediment in this video.
Novas character looks like miley cyrus
lol like s;poons mom if you no what i mean
James' microphone then and now.... huge change
i dont like shaundi in this one she was so cool in saints row 2 /like if you agree
except the hair being black, the character looks nothing like him.
What if he plays with Aleks,I like Aleks but I prefer Sp00n to play sr4 with Nova
why would they need a antonov 225 ?????????????
I'm watching the whole series again and I hope there will be another with SR4
The first words of the series "Did you make your character ridiculous?" that's what I was expecting.
Thanks! If you think the KH part is Kingdom Hearts though you are sadly disappointed.
Theres a family guy reporter. WTF?
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