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Minecraft: SkyBlock 2.0 w/ Mark and Nick Ep. 7 - Triple Efficiency

by CaptainSparklez • 1,180,919 views

Mark - Nick - Merch store! ● Minecraft Server: ●...

"Beyblades are like dradles on steroid" - mark 2012
This entire series was a gift from god
The fact that they said Ohh baby a triple in 2012.. My god.
Beyblade was Horrible but I watched it anyway XD
someone should animate these
You predicted the future!
I guess i did! and im so glad i did!
I like beyblade better in the Japanese anime version not the American cartoon mainly because gingkas voice sounds less messed up and less annoying
Hahahaha 4:00 we have to save as much as possible block falls off
.... The Bey Blade joke wasn't funny... My cousin helped make that TV show...
totally agree but face it it is good 2 sum ppl and all peoples likings are not same
Anyone else watching this while just mining cobble  
That was pretty damn smart xD
beyblade beyblade let it rip
They don't realize that you can see if there is a sapling in a leaf block, It doesn't just "drop" like most other things in the game.
That's not a wetsuit, it's a pair of Pajamas XD
I can't stand it when he hoes the ground in front of the Pumpkin stalk for no goddamn reason,
what the hell is a morphing suit
Power rangers reference.
Someone should make a Power Rangers minigame :D Call zords and stuff :D
Awkward edit at 4:25. I wonder if that's the infamous pumpkin jumpimg scene
I like big booty baccas. 'NUFF SAID!
90% of work done by Jordan. 10% absolute wankery from Nick and Mark lol
If you put a block over the lava, it will be even more efficent
The moment they sang livin on a prayer, it came on the radio. Greetings from The Netherlands
cool shows: Beyblade Yi GI Oh SpongeBob Squarepants Pokémon And oh yeah I am Jewish really a dreadel on steroids so offensive to all Jewish people Jerk
nope.avi its Bling Bling every time i go around your city Bling Bling!
How do you not know what Pokemon is?
Digimon,Pokemon,Yu-gi-oh were the reason i had a childhood. PS : Fuck beyblades. shits retarded.
your stupid u should have said STFU SU is nothing
Make a house and bayblade SUCKS!!!!!
"We wanna save as much as possible" *Cobblestone falls into the abyss.*
ok everybody is no that kinda pokemon fan jeez
Hey! Beyblade isn't that bad!
Don't freakin make fun of France people *im not USA nore France
they must've forgotten to upload the outtake where the lava had a place to flow down and the water was able to flow straight into the lava before he fixed it XD
Mark : Look at these flowers. Nick: DON'T TOUCH MY PATTUNIAS! Don't crounch on my flowers!
Nick's got more balls than the black power ranger
yeah go roblox check my account to watch some videos of roblox.i dont upload anymore since i cant play it anymore D=
The series is GREAT when mark and nick join along but i really don't like skyblock because you would have to do tedious things (make 10 of this,that) in my own opinion....and i knw nobody asked...
Lmao, the way Mark laughs is like a super villain that just killed Batman. xD
i drank apple juice while watching this... bad idea
U dont talk about beyblade it is awesome
Don't Touch IT!!!!!! It's Mine!!!
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