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The Sims 3 Supernatural - NOW

by TheCurtisParadisShow • 107,941 views

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I love supernatural its my favorite cuz werewolves are cool WEREWOLVES ARE COOL!so are witches and faries and the rest anyway i am not buying sims 4 unless they have supernatural.
how about we all stop playing video games and learn about how our rights our being taken from us; TRAPWIRE is allowing the government to have us under surveillance all over the u.s to "prevent terrorist attacks"
Omg even better! Its just because he never mentioned zombies and I wondered haha! Thanks for the reply! :D
Oh I thought you meant the fairy in the mountain side you didn't see the formation?!
YES YES YES I am super EXCITED, but hey CURTIS forgot about Zombies.
there needs to be mermaids and a bunch of creatures. other than that i want this expantion
Why must there be so many expansions? Can't EA just release it all in one or two boxes? And stuff packs.....that's just greedy.
Dude you forgot to say ZOMBIES THEY ARE NEW ALSO!!!
This game is the first thing on my birthday list.
Yes! I've been waiting for another magic expansion pack since I played sims 1 making magic as a kid. Also, since I missed the sims2 weather ep, why is everyone so obsessed with weather? Was it really that cool?
You're too funny for your own good. And of course I'm waiting for Supernatural! God, it's sep 4, where is it? I'm freaking out aren't I? Anyway, getting 'sidetracked' as you named it, made it all better. Wish you'd get 'sidetracked' more. Great usual:d
Woow I can't wait to casting new spells! woohooo!
Dont be a cyberbully dont like him keep it to yourself
Yes totally! It comes out tommorow! kyuuun!
u know what their are no mermaid
i like your t-shirts. lol so creative
Considering in Sims 2 Seasons and Sims 3 Seasons both took a year to create, if seasons was in the base game of Sims 4 then the release date would have to be pushed back a whole year.
If only werewolves looked more wolf-like, otherwise, YAY :D
And EA did call him! They invited him to the ea studio in the san francisco area, and told him not to tell us the date of the event. So they did listen to him when he said "CALL ME"
Can't wait for it! And yes please someone from EA call him so he can make weather for the Sims!
im going to get it the week it comes out
I have all sims 3 games, but not supernatural, seasons and disel.!! I want them to be on chrismas sale!!. it has to be cool to get sims 3 in a chrismas present!! :D
Pre-ordered mine last night! ;D Can't wait for Sept. 7th
I got it, but i am still looking for the bookcase/secret door. does anyone know where they are??
Oh and btw i am only 12 (until september) just saying for opinion matters.
not to be a hater or anything. but you know your a diva when you have a t-shirt with your full name on it.
yay no washing machine and omg werewolves i am so gonna from a team jacob and team edward on there
In the old sims (1) There were never any fighting spells and (HARRY POTTER SPOILER) this looks like the scene from Harry Potter, DH Part 2, where Ron and Ginny's mum shoots Belatrix (1:21) so now there WILL be combat spells... YAY XD im really exited about this and please give me an opinion for this. should I start a sims 3 lets play with the cheats?
Fuck ya fairies and werewolves!!!!and they don't look like team Jacob yaaaay better than twilight also they shoulda added fairies also there's fuckin zombies!!!!!
Actually, sometime in November sims 3 seasons is coming out!!! :D
the sims 4 should have weather in the base game!!!
they dont but if they would they would have a pool to take with them everywhere when they need water
I got it the day it came out sooo fun!!!
You know, Seasons is all about weather. Has he already made one about Seasons?
I woud love to have this expansion pack (ps: my dad kinda promest that he woud buy it to me when it comes out(just sain!)) :)
WEREWOLVES?!? We've been waiting so long for that YES!!!!
I cannot wait for this to come out. Only 5 more days to go! Actually, I wasn't getting Sims 3 at all until this expansion pack came out. I loved the original Sims and Sims Makin' Magic was my all-time favorite expansion pack they ever made. But Sims 2, while awesome, ruined the game experience for me. I didn't feel it was worth shelling out 50 bucks in the hopes Sims 3 would actually be good (for a gamer like me; I know other people loved it). But this expansion pack sealed the deal for me.
Thumbs up if the ad at the beginning was the sims 3 supernatural trailer
sims seasons is kind of like weather because it has snow
Check out the trailers for sims 3 seasons! THEY FINNALLY LISTEN TO US!!!!!! :D
When you zoomed in I thought it would be something scary.. :)
hey man I love your vids. I have a question for you. I'm reading this great book sceries called the Mercy Thompson sceries its basicly about a shapeshifter that's raised by werewolves and I wanna make sims3 movies in them but I suck at making houses. can you help me out? the first book is named Moon Called if you want to skim though it.
Seasons is coming out on November 12 or 13 Dont remember perfectly.
Note to EA: You need to hire Curtis Paradis ASAP you are freakin nuts if u think the game will not improve with his help he is a genius and i am on strike and am not buying anymore of ur products until u hire him!!!! Yours Truly~Rez
did anyone else get a sims 3 seasons add?
Do you not get zombies too in the supernatural? :)
I love you for insisting on weather. I just love you.
Curtis will you be doing a Seasons review once its out? I hope you do! Xx
i put this comment up 1 year ago... Im fucking aware
Sims 3 Seasons will be released on November 13, 2012!!
eeeee... tough descision.Well im kinda looking forward to the FAIRIESSS!
YAY faires, and yes they are new unless you got custom content
He forgot ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!!!JK Luv ya
yes!!! i want tobe a vampire witch and attack people in the rain >:D
i agree weather should be in the game and curtis, im not so sure ea would be watching this just saying and yes
No, I am not a fan of magic in The Sims 3, sorry! D:
You kind of remind me of a male version of Lilly from Princess Diaries.
I have supernatural YAY! But seriously! I call all simmers forth to go on the sims 3 site and start a riot! EA! WE THE SIMMERS REQUEST THAT YOU HIRE CURTIS!
No im not looking for it cause it comes out september 4 second u forgot the zombies
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