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Minecraft: Hershels Land w/Nova, Dan Ep.65 - BOTTLE CAP JUICER

by UberHaxorNova • 358,527 views

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I miss people power lol
If you had secret missions, why would you tell us, and second, if your so high and almighty why are you getting worked up on some comment?
i litteraly fucking died when dan started imitating john laurinatis and stone cold steve austin, and then saying what over and over again like stone cold
why is no one talking about dans stone cold impersonation?? that shit was golden
my grandfather really is dieing of cancer. i hope u burn in hell.
I don't think if you stack the bookshelves on each other makes a difference.
Weres Chandler!!! Bring Him BACK PLEASE
Excuse me Mr.I am the best sniper in the USAF, it's spelt Guerilla
pro tip: reed can grow on dirt and grass, although it grows faster on sand
HEY! I knew i had seen that comment before. Ugh! i thought i was going insane. HOORAY FOR SANITY! :D
If u were Navy SEALS you wouldn't say you participated in secret-raids on Al-Qaeda dumbass and if u did kill him you'd go to leavenworth for 15 years
If he was "8 to 14 years old" then he wouldn't fucking know what the hell Al-Quaeda, dumbass.
are you talking about your confirmed kills and call of duty mw3 and i navy would never yell and curse at a civilian. so go fuck off and stop making up lie. and if you are part of the navy oh i will make sure you get kicked off
If all of that was true then you wouldn't be saying it. It's that simple. A real seal doesn't talk like that.
Lori was in the chicken pen because she wanted to have sex with them
nova you should get revenge for your chickens
0:13 Aw, one little- Whoa, two- WHAT THE FUCK? XD
NOVA you should start a pork chain. Uncle Shane's Bacon Range
what if they are about to faint or something? just cause someone is in your guardian doesn't mean they want to harm you. what if they got doors mixed up and thought your house was one near it. and beat them up a little bit is fine but just cause someone walked threw your guardian take a gun and start shooting them?
he knows how to spell, He's just being retarded you idiot.
I like how nova knows he can plant reeds in dirt for the whole time he plays minecraft on the original treehouse series, but he forgets all of that on this series. If you didn't pick up on my sarcasm....
I don't think he really cares he just says it to take the piss
If you were the top sniper and had 300 confirmeds, then you're know that Guerilla warfare was not spelled gorilla.
@TheShizzlesizzle They don't need to be in cold weather
They should burn down the barn then go make a prison!!!
Uncle Shane's bent nob chicken.
do you or any of the creatures know each other irl? :P
lol the top sniper has around 150-120 and you have 300? Why dont you have your own city?
I wish they record when carl was there
okay good im not the only who has seen this comment before.
wow are you fucking serious you must be the best copy past bitch i have ever seen you copied this off of novas happy wheels video and the person who you copied copied it off someone else on another happy wheels so before you come and try to act like a bad ass actually think of something great you did in life and not copy shit off the internet
Now that I think about it, You're right. I really am a dumbass, lol
Time to make a supply of tnt
Why dont u just kill Dan he killed u n hes rubbin that chicken in ur face
Does he like people power... I hope not...
Wish they continued the serious
I Have Nothing With This Conversation, But It's Spelled "Guerrilla Warfare" Not "Gorilla Warfare'' :D
Haha, like we haven't heard that before! You're probably some 9 year old kid who have played way too much CoD!
Lol's kill in mw3 is 300 he's bragging about killing people so u think your big and bad im gonna give you a gun and point it right at me you might not even know how to put ammo
Actually, it dosen't. So what? Presenting yourself dosen't mean you need grammar...
I know this is an old video, but why doesn't James just pick up the already planted reed make the books and bookshelves and finish the goddamn fucking enchanting table!?!?
i had all my dogs disappear but they all looked at me then i hit one and puff gone all of them
How do you harvest reed? Nova: Ya Punch it.
I love the Stone Cold Steve Austin impression
People they were making a joke about cancer a JOKE so STFU and just watch the video
Most of these people are too young to know who he is
Dan is Gonna turn into a walker from eat to much papa rick crispy chicken beacause its filled with viruses
Navy Seals can't reveal that they went on "Secret Missions". Also no one in the Navy Seals would threaten to kill a civilian. There are actual people who work hard to protect you and you mock them like that? Kinda rude if you ask me...
Dont make fun of John Laurnetis the Big Show will pop out of no where and Knock u out jk make fun of him
0:34 Mitosis - Binary fission of cells. Osmosis - Diffusion of water. Scoliosis - Spine disorder. XD
11:32 i guess you can say it had a reed-ection
You know how many times I seen dat comment? So many times I can't count.
How am I a dumbass? It seems to me that you're the dumbass.
how does the world save by itself????
if your wondering what happen to your dogs its cause they need to be in cold weather so i suggest but lori or how whatever in the dog house lol
LOLXD i love wwe and how they talk about it reminds me about the old days of stone cold;](sorry i not good at english)
does it seem like I give a fuck. No because I don't give a fuck.
HI NOVA IM YO BIGGEST FAN fyi im a guy dis is ma moms acc.
Dan: How do you harvest reed? Nova: You punch it. Like everything in minecraft.
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