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so what? free speech...get over it crybabies
everything is scripted on every station.....funny you mention "drone"
"Good for her" as if everything on Fox News isn't scripted out that ass. I wouldn't put it past them to have planned such a comment, and planned her exit. That way you make your ridiculous Fox male demographic happy with a chauvinistic bit, and you keep whatever drone-like female viewership happy too.
Did I say otherwise. As if you, Panchee123, know more than me. Hah.
I Didnt hear anything and rematched the video over and over?!?
She is such a hypocrite! Giving out about a man calling a woman a "dog" and then she calls him a "pig"!!! works both ways you idiot!!
Thats not true... she's a horse! Get it right!
He needs to admit that he likes men and get on with his life.
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