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This Is...Batman: Arkham City - Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC

by Rooster Teeth • 343,236 views

Geoff and Millie check out the Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC for Batman: Arkham City. Achieve-me-ints have never been cuter.

"Which you haven't played cause you're 6" That made me laugh so hard.
2:33 It's actually kind of fuc...kind of fun to get: Nice save, Geoff Ramsey
2:34 that save. I'm pretty sure he was about to say "that's pretty fucking easy to get"
I love the fact that as I go through Rooster Teeth's videos, I discover little treasures like these.
This was so adorable I couldn't watch all in one go.
"Achievemeint Hunter".  Millie is so cute I can't stand it! XD
Hearing DGeoff talking for an entire video and not using profanity in front of his daughter is very ironic. just saying.
i don't get how that's ironic
I don't think he was doing it for his daughter, I think it was to avoid everyone complaining about it.
"Which you've probably never played because you're six."  This is adorable.
You always know Geoff is married with his daughter at home, but when we actually get to see "Daddy-mode" it's precious.
Millie is so adorable!! 
She couldn't possibly be anything else
Where are we from? "Texas!" Haha she's so freaking cute!!
this was absolutely adorable
Achieviement hunter
she's adorable :3
Hearing them talk to each other makes me want to have kids one day
love that Millie is into Robyn. girl got taste
Put Gavin and Millie in a game and see what happens
Haha that would be the best thing ever. I can imagine Millie getting angry at Gavin because he's not playing the game right.
Millie is so adorable! Omg!
they should have girls vs ladies, it would be like lads vs gents but with the girls :D although I don't know who Millie would share the girls team with. All I have is Barbara and Lindsay for the ladies, (or Lindsay and Arryn, considering they both have a relationship status) and Millie with ???. :(
Like Milli with Cara and Griffon or something?
That could work yeah
2:24 he almost says the f word xD
No, he just stuttered on the word 'fun'.
More Millie! She should do her own video.
why doesnt geoff do this mor often
Her voice is so cute! I love it
You need to do this more often with her! :) She's adorable and you can review some pretty good games with her like this one!
tehehehe cute n ya only video hes not sworn in lol
Awww Daddy daughter episode
It sounded like Geoff was about to say "fucking fun".
BEST DAD JFC also props for the mini science lesson
what an awesome dad Geoff is
lol geoff saying freebie around his daughter :) millies voice is so cute!
She sounds like her mom.
Geoff and Millie playing together is so sweet.
I'm not a big fan of videos with Millie
Simply.. Don't watch them :) 
This was very touching
is that availble for pc??
+Ironbat92 yea it is i played i on pc and finished it :D
Can Millie be a permanent part of Achievement Hunter? She is unbelievably adorable.
Awwww. Soo cuute (Yang Xiao Long)
I love the way you talk with your child. You're being nice (slightly teasing, but that's okay, it sounds like she doesn't mind), but not overly babying, and you teach her about helium, which is great! Children are never too young to learn. And she sound like a great kid. :)
Helium......I can just imagine Millie's face :-)
That's about the cutest thing ever.
You're going to grow up to be an ugly pedophile. I know it.
Let's Play Minecraft, guest starring Millie.
Millie and Micheal play together!!
Listen to a little kid explaining batman is so funny! Geoff your an awesome father!
G: where are we from M: Texas..... LOL so Adorable!!!
One more person needs to dislike... And is will be perfect
Millie where are we from? Texas?
and i can tell you're going to grow up to be a petofile
Millie sounds like Ice cream and marshmallows
People thumbed down the comment because of spoilers, you moron. Not because of "factual error." Long story short, he got his facts straight.
this is so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Notice how Geof talks to millie then to Gavin
are u millie father cause u said we a lot
Achieve-mient hunter...child don't change
if they ever make a batman co op game millie and geoff need to play it
How can anyone dislike this???????
2:35 I swear Geoff was about to swear about how easy an achievement was.
i hope i have a kid that is that fucking adorable
Sounds a little like a thing in a game called Just Cause 2 which you've probably never heard of because your 6 xD
I can imagen millie telling gavin off for being british and michael of for shouting
i hope i have a daughter as cute as millie
I can imagine the Penguin or Poison Ivy or someone screaming "Damn you and your front porch swing, Batman!"
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