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Holset - How a Turbocharger Works

by powertrans • 1,006,799 views

Turbo manufacturer Holset shows how a turbo works and gives some fault finding tips. Very informative.

So basically the turbo just recycles air to cool the engine?
+Yolo Swaggins  THANKS DUDE your comment just explained it to me as well. Thanks!!!
Thanks for posting this. Very informative.
so, you could put a vacuum cleaner motor in your intake, and it would be forced induction. DIY turbo :D
In other words, it doesn't somehow keep the Turbo spinning while the engine is off
Now i know why my Typhoon goes like a bat outa hell !! LOL
''exhaust gas in diverted to the turbocharger, witchcraft happens and then you go faster'' -Jeremy Clarkson
i see what they mean about superchargers. but it depends on what car its for if you're gonna turbo or super it
ok correct me if im wrong. the turbo gets spinned from exhaust gases. the spinning of the turbine spins the other turbine thru a crank. so where does the exhaust that went into the turbo go? into the engine again?
if you only do "off the line" I have nothing to say~
true supercharger is cheaper then high end turbo, also give good HP boost. The downside about SC is that it stress the engine sences its pully on the belt. More stress on engine less life it lives.
haha, check for restrictions on the 6 inch I.D. pipes....YEAH.
lemme guess, u drive a Grand Prix GT lol
Don't for get the black spray painted hoods complete with useless hood pins, and the big wing on the back for extra down force on their front wheel drive car. LOL
duuude we are too busy buying fake turbo wistlers for our 1992 4 door automatic honda civic with racing stickers racing tires, custom steering wheel and custom spoiler with a lot of racing stickers on it for better aerodynamics. LOL im sure thy ahve found it but they just couldnt handle the truth!!! that thyere ricers and they dont know how to at the end
There is a awesome Holset turbo shirt on IBurnClothing. As for me, my greddy is fine for now.
Yep I knew that and I am not bragging about it's power am I? There is virtually no lag on the system, and I checked your channel I see you work with a turbo company.... Now I get it.
@xXxWildxChildxXx 1hp lag... Your getting a little carried away.
ive always wanted to know how turbos work thx for posting this
@NaomiChanX i just happened to pause the video to google what a wastegate was when he was spinnin' the turbine and read this, i lol'd.
If there is an obstruction, such as a banana or banana peel, remove for closer inspection.
thats why they make twins on small one big small one spools quick
I don't work with a turbo company, Lol.. I just really really love STS turbos. I used to like superchargers, but did a lil' studdying.
Turbos have lag, superchargers don't. The hybrid in theory could eliminate the spool...or you could just use nitrous like most...
when it comes to friction, light weight parts wont help much, that would be momentum unless gravity applys
sir can anyone answer my question and send me a message... sir is CT-9 turbo for toyota 4afte is slight loose? i mean is if you move the turbo shaft sideways i moves a little some say it is clearance is it true?
14 people like horsepower loss from superchargers
18 people still dont get the point of a turbocharger.
I guess turbo or supercharge really just depends on application and the money you have to spend. I've argues over that so many times I'm just gonna leave it at that.
i take this video and good knowledge only thank you.
@AF401 thanks...r u in the avation industry?
@GHICAGO71 eeeew eclipse.. 3.8L v6 and only 260BHP... thats barely 68Hp per liter.. thats a laugh, AND its front wheel drive and 6.5 seconds to 60 from 260BHP? haha that power to weight ratio is the same on a 350z , 350z are super heavy cars, but at least their RWD. you wasted your money.
I am not a mechanic, so this may sound like a silly question, but if a turbo forces air into the intake - would this not weaken the air/fuel mixture? Modern fuel injection may automatically compensate for this but how would it affect a carburettor engine?
faaaaaaaaaaaaaack that shit is older than t-rex
@sdozie k, air comes from the front of the car, into the airbox, through the aircleaner, down the intake pipe, into the compressor wheel at the front of the turbo, pressurised by the wheel and housing and forced out the compressor outlet, and either straight to the throttle body or through an intercooler then the throttle body, after which it enters the intake manifold, then the inlet ports, gets mixed with fuel and er, combustion happens, to put it simply.
Great Vid. Very details information
In Europe they don't bult superchargers on cars. But I think a supercharged engine would produce more torque becos its connected directly on the engine. The turbocharger need exhoast gas to power it up. So the power of the turbocharger will not be directly available. Variable turbo helps that a bit but even so the turbocharger is more directly
@monsterenergy0102 Yes don't even know why people still use superchargers anymore.
now i know what turbo does, now i need to just put speed holes in my hood for added speed
Damn I never knew, thx. I always though S/C were instantly boosted. I never knew about shift lag neither. I just watch videos on YouTube and the boost guage jumps to the psi the pulley is set to right away. You're right though, because on 3rd gear and beyond, it lags like a mother in those vids.
thanks alot about this great video its really helpfull video its developed the idea in my brain but is there another videos about the turbocharger and supercharger iam really need the second. thanks again
correct (you really just asked the same question twice). it works due to several laws of physics. there are equations for those things that would make your eyes bleed. but suffice it to say that it operates by way of the pressure and temperature differentials of the manifold and turbo downpipe.
i still dnt really get how the turbo works , isit tat it gives more air in the engine then the fuel can burn more easy which creates power ? N also helps u burn the fuel more efficient? (like normal ur engine only burn 80% fuel but now its 100%)
How the fuck am I meant to understand the diagnostics part, fuck you mechanics speak to fast and complex for me to keep up.
How many times must you spin and check free play in the turbo before some body slaps you in the back of the head and calls you a dumb ass for not finding it the first time you spun it!
you could but you might loose power or not be able to start the engine because an engine can only breathe so much thats why engines dont have like 10 valves per cylinder.
@reap62 Oh it was a joke, haha that was really funny. Dumbass.
This vid goes back to the early ´90s and was an amazing tool for turbo training of technicians in many countries around the world when it was launched in a VHS format. Myself I used it many times for this purpose. Excellent tool!
turbos have a parasitic loss aswell!!!
@takle84 depends on compression and amount of boost. if you were to put a turbo on a motor not set up for a turbo it would definantly effect engine life.
well i think when theres some compressed air over the fuel explosion, the explosion will go more down againt the cylender.. really i dont know xD just a tought
stupid question but i'm a noob so um. from the animation it seem that the turbo has pipping from the itself to the engine then itself again. My question is where is the intake how does air enter the turbo.
MR2 was only Turbocharged in the MKII MR2 where it used the same CT-26 [older models] and CT-20b [Newer models] turbochargers that are found in the Celica like mine. They were always twin ENTRY but never twin or sequential Turbo. If you want an explanation of what twin entry is I'd be happy to help you out with that.
Eh, no it doesn't, no matter how much you think it does, the serpentine system still has to be spinning at certain RPM's, also the roots style is shaft driven, and takes more power from your engine..
this is good, but the basterds protected it with DRM!
your right but about more exhaust gases come in the turbine and rotate the turbine but when it gets to the turbine it dosent slow down
HAHAHA "The Inefficient Supercharger is an Engine Parasite" LOL
@XxMusclecarsxX boost increases rpm, oil and oil pressure only changes with the rpm of the engine.
It may seem instantaneous to you, but you're definitely talking out of your ass, the engine has to be revved to a certain RPM to make a certain amount of boost, and superchargers create shift lag, while turbos spin freely.
I may be wrong, but I think I see a couple of phonies on this thread. If you are going to attempt to correct someone you might want to make sure your grammar is somewhat correct. At least that way they can understand you when you try to school them. I'm sorry for nagging, but it gets on my nerves when people try to act smart and talk (or type) dumb. Otherwise that was a good clip. It needs an update on the animations though. Haha
So... all a Turbo does is just inject more air into the mixture?
@kalijasin Turbochargers increase thermal efficiency by creating useful work out of wasted exhaust gases. Using the heat and force of the exhaust gases leaving the engine, the turbo sucks in air that otherwise is done simply by the piston moving down. Turbo's greatly improve volumetric efficiency. Also, turbo's allow for the use of smaller engines (with lesser frictional losses than large engines) that create equal power to larger engines.
Go with a small t3/t4 with a supercharger and you wont be disappointed. you have the supercharger there for low end torque start, then as you get to about 3k/4k the turbo and supercharger work together, and if you tune it right, it can be very powerful, but terrible for gas mileage.
@1tirefryer so more boost and a better oil pump can increase rpm limit? ive been wondering that for the longest time now, I wanna get my 2002 camaro rev limit to 8500 or 9000( if thats even possible...Ive seen a v-8 get to 9000 before)
holset makes the turbos that go on the cummins right.
Whats the point of the snail in the cartoon!??
My turbo ate itself the other day =( think something got into it cause the fins were bent and the shaft snapped
that explains why it's harder to dreath when i try to reach the cockiejar on the TOP shelf :P
Sequential turbo works more efficiently eliminate lag, twin turbos are the same turbo X 2. I understand they would spool at the same rate and produce 2 X as much power; however, with the MR2 turbo they used sequential turbos and it did well.
Wow, that guy really loves spinnin' that turbine. :P
So what do you think is more powerful a turbocharger of a supercharger send me your opinions.
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