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Fave MAC Lipsticks + Drugstore Dupes!

by emilynoel83 • 509,564 views

Check out six of my favorite MAC lipsticks, and I'll share some low cost dupes. I'll show you how similar they are on my lips! *I'll post a tutorial soon on my eye look To enter Abby's Contest-...

Emily you don't age I swear... :) x
Hey Emily, you should do this video again but with reds and other colors other than pinks and nudes!
For some reason the first thought in my mind when I started watching this video I thought "This woman sounds like a newscaster''
OMG I seriously JUST noticed your TV news video in the sidebar. haha
The Covergirl lip liner in #220, sophisticated ($3.37 at Amazon as an ad-on item) is a perfect match in color with MAC Burgundy lip pencil ($16). They both also are a perfect match with Kat von D Moterhead lipstick. Apparently I really like these colors since I unknowingly/forget I already owed them - but as I peruse my make-up stash, I see I have 3 of the MAC and 2 by Covergirl. No more MAC in this shade, I'm sticking with Covergirl for this shade forever!
GREAT dupes! Very informative - love it : THANKS!! xo
+emilynoel83 thank you very much for putting the name of the lipsticks on the screen as you were putting them on to show us because that is super helpful to me for when I go to the store to buy the lipstick. I take a screen shot of the color I like and when I am in the store I can just pull up the photos and see the color of lipstick, the color and shape of the lipstick container along with your description of what brand on color. I have watched videos and wrote down the brand and name but it is confusing at times trying to find them in the stores. By you doing this it is super helpful. Thank you.
Anyone know a dupe for macs nightmoth liner?
One of the greatest things about that you understand what is more affordable..I'm a college student and I can rarely splurge on MAC.. Thank you SO much for putting so much effort into your videos (the drug store equivalents)...I REALLY truly appreciate it.
You are so pretty! I'm watching all your videos...they are great! Im from Brazil.
I realize this is a way old video lol, but if you ever make another one, can you please try to find dupes for MAC's Modesty, Faux, Fabby, Blankety, and High Tea?
I have a tube of Mac Vixen. I was wondering if you might know another brand close to that? I enjoy your you tube. Thanks
her voice is so irritating.. :/ why did i even spend 4 seconds here
which is the closest lipstick shade in l'oreal or meybelline for MAC's BRAVE lipstick shade
I heard Maybelline warm me up is a dupe for brave
I'm darker than you but I loved creme cup so I DID splurge on the Mac (my first Mac product) after this video... It nudes out my lips and I love it. I'll look into the dupe though!
Your dupe videos are the best! ♡ yours are more accurate than anyone else's that I've watched& compared the actual product.
these videos give me life.
HOORAY! Makes me wanna cry with happiness haha!!!! Thanks for doing the research!
You are my favorite on  youtube.  :)
I am interested in mac dupes because I dont like the vanillay flavor but I love the color selection.  Lasting power I dont think is great but I do think they are consistently good lipsticks.  Matte line are my favorite.  mac please me to me is the only one I am unable to dupe...another reason why this is really helpful is because I have more access to drugstore lipsticks and you just mentioned maybellines born with it yet always wanted to try cream cup...well I already know I am not in love with born with it for myself do thanks :) and I have tried fairest nude too :)
I love the eye makeup!!
You look absolutely gorgeous in this video! Love the combo of the green eyes and the pinky angel lipstick 
Too many pinks... how about reds??
My favorite is, Russian red. There's just nothing like a really classic deep red with that blue undertone.
What is that pretty eyeshadow you have on?
Classy is not a dupe for angel. Classy comes off very purple, while angel a cool pink.
I've loved mac rebel for a few years now (as a fall/winter lipstick). But with the price of mac lipsticks I don't like wearing them daily because I go through them to fast. So today I bought your wet&wild dupe for mac rebel, and let me tell you I LOVE IT! It really does have incredible staying power & the shade is dead on the same! Thanx for the amazing dupes video!
Omg dang you paired them perfectly! You're my new makeup bible
You truly are a very sexy and beautiful woman :-)
My first MAC was Viva Glam Nicki. 
I must admit this is by far the BEST DUPE VIDEO !....
find a dupe for smashbox cognac ??? please lol
Love ur smokey eye look :)) can u put up a smokey eye tutorial x
Thanks for this vid!!! Greetings from Ukraine;)
i kinda re-watched this video and i still would like to give it a "like"!!!!  what a shame that i can't like a video multiple times!!!! Awwwww Thanks for sharing the dupes Emily! 
I love this review thank you so much you got a new subbie xo
Hi Emily! Do you think you could do a formula dupes video for lipsticks? I can usually find at least a few amazing colors in almost any line of lipsticks, but a pigmented, moisturizing, so-lightweight-you-forget-you're-wearing-lipstick formula is hard to come by. Also, safe ingredients (NO parabens, retinol or vitamin a, etc.) are a HUGE plus.
loreal lipsticks retail for 12.33 here , if mac was here i would purchase mac lipstick
awesome video thanks for that 
I love youu 😍🙏 totally subscribing
Love you so much! Very helpful <3
Your laugh doesn't suit your looks...
Mac lipsticks in Australia are $36 each 
Wow, you nailed it! Great vid! Thanks!!!
Great video! My first video watching you and I will def subscribe. Love how you get to the point and don't talk too much!! Love it!!!
I've looked at two Targets and can't find Elf Classy. Wish you would have provided a link to the other store, because your spoken representation of it is unclear. "Eyes of Space" is what it sounds like. I have never heard of it and can't find it online.
"Eyes Lips Face': ELFs website
KatiaRumyanka Shared on Google+ · 11 months ago
Моя любимая англо-язычная блоггерша!!! С неё и началась моя любовь с Ютюбом, в 2007 году :)
люблю тебя, Катя, и Елену Крыгину за позитив и скорость! кстати, моя любовь к ютьюбу началась с твоих липучек для носа )))
+Olga Ten как приятно!!!!!
what color are you wearing while giving the tutorial?  Thanks!
Can you please please please do a tutorial on this eye makeup look!
Can you do an eyeshadow tutorial on the look you are wearing now
Love love your videos. Its a joy to watch you because all your videos are so informative. My first Mac was also angel. :)  PS: More cupcake footage :P
Thank you so much!!! You are a very beautiful lady.
A dupe for Mac purple lipsticks please!
Is it possible to find a dupe for Mac Peach Blossom? I've been trying but can't seem to find anything that is like it. Thanks so much. P.S I love your channel and have been enjoying watching them and being inspired by them. 
Girl!! I don't know where you get your energy! Love this vid.! My new fav is hue by Mac! Best nude ever!!! I just want you to know, I have been watching your bids for about 3 years now and love them!! They behave helped me so much when it comes to makeup!! I appreciate all the hard work you do and time you put into them! Congrats to you and your hubby on your soon to be new edition!!! God bless! I always look forward to your vids !!!! :-)
This was such a great video! Thank you so much! I definitely added some of those to my wishlist! xoxo Karina
I don't agree with your dupe choice for Creme cup. Born with it has fine glitter particles in it that actually gets left behind once the lipstick wears off. Born with it is a better dupe for Angel. That should have been included in your review as some people don't like glitter in their lipsticks.
 It would be helpfulif you let me know the dupe  for MAC Lovelorn,creme in your coffee and Modesty.
this was awesome thanks!
Awwww speed dial was my first mac lipstick :') I need to repurchase almost forgot how much I loved it
Some are not the same colours
Very helpful thanx..
Great Dupe choices, thanks
For some reason these don't seem to be showing up very pigmented on camera at all....
Your eyes are gorgeous I'm in love
One of my favorite MAC lipstick dupes is Viva Glam Nicki, the dupe for it being Wet N Wild's Pinkerbell. Btw it's funny cuz Angel was also MY first MAC lipstick color :)
Meme Ali Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
I love your hair dark.
FIRST EVER video I've seen of yours, found searching for MAC dupes and I'm so happy to try that Carnation color instead of Speedial! Been longing for a sweet, bright, what I like to call "candy-like" pink and I may have found it thanks to you! YOU have a new subscriber based on just this video! :)
Do you have a video on how to duplicate your eye makeup?
You are adorable ^^. Thanks for the video 
Emily, I have been looking for Rimmel's Sunset and cannot find it anywhere. Did they discontinue or rename this product?
Tina Ellen Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
BEST accurate lipstick dupe video I've ever seen!  ;)
Girl you are so good! You put in work trying to match the dupes with the real deal :)!
I actually bought Classy during Elf's last 50% off sale. Didn't even know it was a dupe for one of my favorite M.A.C lipsticks! So glad I watched this video before I went to my M.A.C. store to buy it! :3
Do u have a dupe for sunny seoul? I really need that one :0(
Omg!! I love u!! More makeup dupes!!! so much
I just bought Viva Glam 5, I love it.
Creme cup is the exact color of my lips; I put it on and I didn't even see it lol
I love ur hair color and style and makeup in this video! You look hot hot hot!
You have the most gorgeous lips I have ever seen! 
It would be helpfulif you let me know the dupe  for MAC Lovelorn,creme in your coffee and Modesty
Do you find dups for Russian Red or Woody Red?
I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS. Thank you so much for sharing :) I bought Fairest nude and I love it. Don't care for the smell too much though. Wanna get sunset and party pink as well….!
Great video ever see on dupes... n you have beautiful lips. ... plz plz make a video on mac eye shadow dupes n mac red lipsticks dupe.... waiting. ..... :)
Hi guys, I sent a message to COTYabout the Rimmel lipstick in Sunset, it's not available anymore and their inventory is completely depleted. But they did say that Coral Shimmer is a great substitute.  I hope this helps anyone looking for that color.  Have a wonderful day!
Great video, I am so happy that I stumbled across this. Can you list what lip liners you would suggest wearing with each and if you have some good drugstore duplicates for them. 
Emily I'm so excited because I just received my first box of online purchases from containing some lipstick dupes!!!  I do have another shipment coming from ELF with more of your recommended dupes for MAC lips & shadows. I received Maybelline Color Sensational in Party Pink & Born With It and L'Oreal Colour Riche in Fairest Nude. Also purchased some Rimmel face products you recommended.  LOVE EVERYTHING, THANK YOU!!!
My questions is, how well do the stay on and look compared to the real thing? yeah they look the same but do they stay on as well.
Well, none of the MAC lippies were matte or longwearing, so I guess it's safe to assume the dupes will stay on for the same amount of time? Which is usually 3 or 4 hours max, considering their creamy & slightly glossy formula
Cool thanks for getting letting me know :)
I added these to my Buy List! Thank you Emily!
Love this video!  Already found 4 out of the 6.  Still looking for Rimmel in Sunset & Revlon Color Burst in Carnation, they might be discontinued but I'll keep looking.  Thanks again Emily, you've helped me so much and I've shared this with family & friends.
dupe for viva glam nicki plzzz!
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