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The Recording Session

by Rooster Teeth • 863,512 views

In the box with Shannon McCormick: This is a dialog recording session from last year that was very important for Shannon. Burnie and Geoff share some unusual insights.

back in the day when geoff actually did stuff
I nominate Shannon for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!
I was drinking milk. Now I have milk in my nose. DAMN YOU ROOSTER TEETH!!!
I miss these so much.
I wish Geoff did more live action shit nowadays. He's such a good actor I think.
I like how you end it with "...I think"
You can never be too sure with Geoff
Greetings from the future. Look at Chubby Burnie :3
This video made me feel uncomfortable
Now the conspiracy short makes sense.
That's the dude who plays Wash!!
why does it say the end in Japanese
Don't do that to Agent Washington...
+Khalid Brown Yes I know... that's why I said "Don't do that to Agent Washington"
That was oddly terrifying.
So Shannon there is Agent Washington in somewhere from season 6 to season 7 in Red vs Blue
So 20 years from now Burnie will be a African American golfer? Makes sense to me
Hey guys jam searching for a short or something were burnie really flips shit and totally looses it, he yells something like : " IF I FIND ANOTHER ONE OF YOU FUCKIN ASSHOLES I WILL FUCKIN KILL YOU!"   I just can't seem to figure out which one it is...any ideas ? Not the facility tour though...
Here's what I've been able to glean, knowing RT and a little Japanese: かぎ = if written with this Kanji, 歌妓, means "woman who earns her living by entertaining" ごぼ = onomatopoeia for "gurgling" or "bubbling" sound I have no idea what "キヂ" means though. So, my best guess is that it says something like "blow me". Or it's gibberish and they are completely innocent. 
Sorry I forgot to tell you that is where what he said in the begging about trust came from.
Man I really miss these. They don't make the one off shorts as often anymore.
have major respect for Shannon, ive seen alot of his work and it is great! check out backpack picknick. to see more of shannon
4:28 That's Japanese and doesn't mean anything XD
Im pretty sure I remember seeing that Shannon guy in a Breaking Bad episode.
They said about him being in Breaking Bad on the spoilercast
He played twitchy guy in season two, he's mentioned in the rooster teeth spoilercast as his character from breaking bad
Oh my god the part where it says "the end?" is Japanese, not Chinese, and it's making me laugh so hard.
And thus begins an awesome season of RT Shorts. Hope they do something similar in the future, where each short is somehow related to each other no matter how small the connection is.
This could be full length movie.
The song/soundtrack that plays when they start acting creepy is cool.
Goeff can be very fn creepy!!!
I wonder if this links to RvB e.e (Probably not but I like the thought)
What the hell is "kagigobakidji" ? Lol that's not Chinese nor does it mean anything in Japanese (which is what it's written in)
I lost it at kung-pow
Isn't there a sequel where Shane comes back?
yeah, in conspiracy weary
Stay out of my territory...
I really want to see what happens next
yeah i wish they would continue off from conspiracy weary but hasnt happen yet
Wait, at the end it's in Japanese, not Chinese
Shannon McCormick 1971 - 2859 seems legit
Remove that comment right now. Remember what happened to Fred?
Fun Fact: Shannon was the tweeky dude at the homedepot buying meth lab equipment in breaking bad when Walt did his "stay out of my territory" scene bad-assery
my bad...its not kanji....its hiragana/katakana.
The flash at the end is Japanese
I think honestly think that Red vs Blue would make a good transition to TV. And we really haven't seen a good web series being translated to TV yet, it could work.
but if its their channel they could do what ever they wanted
no no my adblock has stopped working nooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Why is it whenever Geoff is Geoff, Geoff seems like Geoff?
I just realized this was released on my birthday
Was this episode ever continued?
Spoiler alert avengers assemble: the avengers... assemble!
It's japanese, the first four are hiragana and the last two are katakana. It says "kagigobo kiji" No idea what that means though.
My aunt? or the Shannon in Seattle? or the one in New York those are all the Shannon's I know so who could it be?
what red vs blue was that line from i know but i cant think of it
Is it just me or does Geoff sound a little bit like Zach Braff?
Both were shitty when they first started. I guess little kids loved it but kids grow up and no longer like childish humor.
ooooh ok now i understand the other video where he wanted revenge O_O
so this is when they sent him to the future
they arent, they have them there for when they make rvb
Shannon was in Breaking Bad! /watch?v=6H5fL6WCf9Y
Here, they can swear, fart, kill shit, kill more shit, swear some more, and kill shit,
I was gonna unlike your no-just-no stuff until I saw your later comment. Well, silly me. I almost did something I would regret for my entire existence.
I love that the lines Shannon is reading is pretty much the gist of everything Washington has said up until Season 9.
I fail to see how a children's T.V show about a boy, his dog, and an adventure is homosexual. A cartoon can't be attracted to the same sex when it doesn't have one, silly.
Holy crap! I remember seeing the sequel to this like a week ago!
this is Burnie when he doesn't get his sandwiches.
Am i the only one here who noticed he had the same last name as kenny from south park?
They actually looked into going on TV. Turned out they were making more money on the internet than they would on TV.
Funny how they got the tiger woods thing right before the incident with his wife
Burnie said it was a genieric lines making fun of how washington knows things but doesnt tell the blues and reds haha
Geoff Geoff Geoff Geoff Geoff Geoff Geoff, Geoff Geoff Geoff Geoff?
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