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New BMW M5 (F10) 0-315 km/h (Motorsport)

by Motorsport Magazine • 4,287,017 views

Un V8 biturbo de 560 chevaux, ou comment catapulter une berline de 1870 kilos à 315 km/h ! BMW M5 Moteur : V8 Biturbo Puissance maxi : 560 chevaux Couple maxi : 69,3 mkg 0 à 100 km/h : 4"7 Prix :...

i dont want it to be the fastest i just want to drive it , its my dreem car , BMW the best
does not sounds good.. sorry, but its true.. still a nice car to drive and buy
can you believe that this m5 can beat e63 amg so easly , will you know BMW is a BMW , the ultimate driving machine, the best and successful sporty car in the world . E 6.3 AMG is a nice car but they have to steal m5 technlogy to beat the best in the world , ///M <3 . ///M < ////AMG 
I don't know what you have a problem guys, for me this V8 sounds nice.
It sounds nice. Nothing special though. The V10 was special. M cars have always sounded special. Exciting. This doesn't sound exciting.
Escpecially with aftermarket exhuast listening to those turbos spool is amazing
195mph!!!!!!!! In an M5 now that's 911 territory!!!!!
Honestly though.i respect all your response.but i adore this car and loved gonna own it one day.anyway nice response guys.
fast, but merc E63 is even faster than this
M5 is faster than E63 AMG
 none of you have the driving skill to appreciate any difference in performance between these two vehicles.
Normally the newer car is better by default.... but damn the v10 E60 engine sounds so much better than the V8 F10. Given that both cars will do 0-60 in around 4.5 seconds, I'd take the e60! f10 is no doubt a different type of beast.
Quicker than the E63AMG from 100mph
Sounds like a 4 cylinder. :(
+wiigamer136 "fasse" means "faire" (make) in present subjunctive. You were almost right :)
+bkr6ekc For daily use, the V10 was shitty to be honest, believe me.
why the fuck some of you guys complaining about sounds , this car sounds nice the e60 v10 sounds fake like ferrari , this sound also fake from speakers but i love it and i dont give a shit about sounds i like the performance and technology 
hahahah nissan gtr ? nissan gtr its still a nissan , its only fast from 0 to 60 mile then look what happen when they do drag race m5 vs gtr starts from 60 mile to 190 . it will get ass kicked i dont compare this great m5 to nissan :S it makes me feel sick , like i compare gold with rubbish :D 
After 100 kph this engine pushes strong and strong...
its fast, but i dont like the way it sounds
0-100 km/h en 3,71s et non 4,3s
Name of song? please
+R95FTW I cannot find the song, you could send me please  :(
Nice! Thanks! What is the name of a music? :-)
You have Parkinson, or are you just so excited about this car?
Is 315 km/h drag limited or electronically limited?
Drag the car is actually limited to 155mph but you can easily get it removed Actually I don't think it's drag I just think this engine falls off at about 180-185 ..the one thing the e60 m5 is faster at is top end above 150mphthat car just keeps pulling like no other all the way to 212mph stock!!
il a beau être au RUPTEUR le moteur en redemande,sans aucuns bruits .... comme si il était pas au RUPTEUR....
Needs a turbo haha !!
It's twin turbo stock
U serious !! must b at 4 psi needs 30+ + haha
0 to 100km limited is 4.2sec in m5 f10 end she is 3.75 second
Idont know but seems a bit slow..
+Rim Str So this is slow compared to an x-reg A-class Mercedes?
+Rim Str its faster than mercedes there are a lot of drag race's
Still prefer the E60 M5
time lost from 1:24 to 1:34 ... bad automatic gearbox, with manual the car will be faster (i mean faster on 315 km/h)
He is using the manul gears so he has to change the gear at the appropriate moment!
a manual car with same engine and hp , it is always faster 
Check out the smallest BMW Diesel engine doing 0-100 km/h on our channel.
Why you didn't jump on 7th gear?
Looks nice!  Looks like any other BMW 3series
is it me or the 6th gear pass at 310 km/h .. holy shit
the BMW m5 owns the mercedes e63
The car its still cold and you push it like that?
Check out the smallest BMW Diesel doing 0-100 km/h on our channel.
my god!! 315km at the 6th gear!! it would fly to the moon if u put in to the 7th gear!! now that's true German Engineering.
Actually it tops out at 6th gear like most new cArs with 7-8 gears the last gear is just for economy on highway
와~ 연료게이지 줄어드는 것 봐~ㅎㄷㄷ이네
why even have an efficiency mode on an M car? 
+iMiG Music It depends , for long trips  this car is Extremely slow however for the the Track is Fast  I mean I ve done a 2700 Miles trip with my friend I only had to stop refuel 3x  In a M5 driving at this speeds 9 or 10 Stops would be expected
+SuperNiceguy60 You serious? hahah Thats your comparison?
Benim 131 le hertürlü veririm eline...
BMW M5 (F10) 0-315 km/h (Motorsport)
Sounds nice, e60 m5 was the worst and most unreliable bmw. E39 m5 was one of the best
+Connor M. Keep it short, got no time to read all this
the e60 is ugly? if you just look close enough, you could actually see how beautiful it is. Just search on the bmw e60 hurricane. thats some real good earsex. the e39 is just boring and old now.. 
6th gear only added like 10 kph. what's the point of 6th if it adds only 10 kph
0-60 wtf!! impressive!!
0-200KM IN 12,05 SEC....
I miss V10 ;-(. not bad though
Mind you, there is a 7th gear...
...was ist denn dass für ein Blubbern im Motorraum? Ist da die Zylinderkopfdichtung kaputt?
El sonido del v10 es unico y quedara marcado en la historia de bmw :) ///M POWER
bmw and sport cars are over... its embarassing to see, that all motors sounds like an Twingo and they dont give a fuck on material interieur and all the nice details... like two exaust on both sides. Mercedes have two exhaust on a 180 A CLASS. And the accelaration is very bad for a new M. E63 AMG is truely much faster. Mercedes was always a class higher and now we now things like Black Series. ohooo
Sounds like a Evo 😂😭
faltou motor kkkk parou nos 300... quem sabe numa descida kkkk
PQ ESSE CARA FOI 315????????????? DAVA PRA IR 330!!! O CORVETTE ZR1 É MUITO MELHOR! feels like it has been limited, m sure it cn do 340, that 6th gear tells it..
yes, it germany it goes up to 305 and then it is limited...but pretty sure some tuners can umlimit it
super my tiguan is 7.0 v20
I love the way the F10 looks but I think we can all agree that we miss the E60 V10
fuck off turbo engine! come back NA V10...
I would always prefer an american V8. German cars are like cars for kids with all their electronic driving aids. These cars have no soul. Camaro, Mustang, Corvette all the way
Z06 busts that ass!!
He is better than mercedes e63 amg .Audi rs6 better than mercedes
Bmw amg my ass lool my evo skoked the two cars..this cars not for race
marcin020799 Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
Jest moc! Jak to BMW <3
E60 M5 sounds amazing compared to this blowdryer! I'm a big fan of bmws btw but this sounds terrible
I rented that car from Sixt Munich last year...needless to say it's a phenomenal car, I was blown away by the raw power of it and also the amazing handling. I then drove back the e92 M3 right after and it felt a bit slow in comparison. I wish I had the money...
We all know if you want to get from city to city fast, use a jet..
Como que o combustível baixou rápido,kkkk
I would always prefer an american V8. German cars are like cars for kids with all their electronic driving aids. These cars have no soul. Camaro, Mustang, Corvette all the way. Even a Z06 smokes every AMG or M. ZR1 is out of their leauge in every situation.
yeah american muscles are great, unless you want to like take corners and shit
If you can't afford a M5 (which is my case), buy a E90/E92 335i and tune it... It's not as fast as a M5 for sure... but still I do 0-100 km/h in 4.8 sec (check it out here: BMW 335xi Twin Turbo JB4 Stage 3 0-100 km/h in 4.8 s) and 0-200 km/h in about 17 sec (check it out here: BMW 335xi Twin Turbo Stage 3 Low Boost 0-200 km/h). 
Wow this car sounds like shit.
If your shit sounds like this you´re a lucky guy!
Aziz M Shared on Google+ · 10 months ago
tak tak, sounds jak najbardziej nice :)
I prefer the m5 with the v10 better
sick car ´great sound
Il non même pas passer la 7eme :'(
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