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Duncan's Lab - 34 - Showdown

by YOGSCAST Duncan • 2,117,591 views

The final showdown with Sjin. Texture pack is Sphax PureBDCraft Using user submitted patches for the technic pack mods (found on the pure bdcraft forums...

So pitiful and scripted. Hes not even trying to PvP he is just trying to destroy the map
is fan of flux buddies and loves how duncan sounds so kind "hmhmhm i might as well check out the war that Rythian was always talking about." ^_^ Watches this "...h-he sounds so mean w-w-what...i am litterally shivering watching this... Duncan... you-you scare me."
this was the best serious of the yogscast
Actually the best series are the jaffa factory and moonquest 
I remember when this came out :\
that practically affected every single yogscast!
This was scripted. They all planned this so they could migrate to the new server that all members would play on.
This video is result of two gods fighting.
Rythian: Everything is on fire!!! Zoeya: Yep that looks like fire 
He's burning everything duncan burns everything
You should have just smashed the reactor. Oh well, i guess this spawned the whole castle thing.
+Harnate grewal Yes you can.  Just try to run a copy of your world on an updated client to see if it corrupts.
Not really, I had a world in terraria, it was running fine for a few weeks, but it corrupted, losing all the saved data from the chests. there were no patches in that time period
Bring this back! yes it was scripted but it was funny and the series was awesome!!!
I completely forgot all those people in the chat existed.
is it bad that i read all of rythains msgs in his voice
duncan the dumbass everybody
I'm wondering how the hell did duncans quantumn armor disappear from the explosion or can you die with it by jumping in lava?
this turned out way less hectic to what i remember, the current nuke war is hectic though!
Still one of the best videos / Series ever :O <3
can people stop saying it's scripted! I hate to think they would want to destroy that just to go onto a new server!
I love the Duncan is actually sorry for blowing everyone up and Sjin is just like, HAHA oh I'm sorry. NOT!
I'm sorry I'm confused DOES EVERYONE HATE RYTHIAN because every time duncan hit zoey/ maddie he was zoo sorry but when it came to rythian it was a different response i do know there enemys in rythians blackrock series but i thought that was role-play I NEEED ANSWERSSS Not picking sides
you could of put coolint cells in there and out the uranium.
Im just wondering so dont go butthurt on this  But what if he put the coolants in but it wouldnt instantly cool down dude it will still blowup 
it will aleast give him some time to get the uranium out plus freakin sjin's Inventory made duncans  inventory full of crap so yeah.
When they start the videos now, it is all exciting, back then, they start it calm o-o
Meh, it's my opinion, I mean voice-wise, But in a way I agree.
So....Duncan started it. Sounds about right. Yet Sjin kills Rythian and Zoeya and it all went tits up from there. GG Duncan! 
and in time of death, Zoey sneaks in one final Futurama refrence
Really Duncan? The reactor would been easy to fix, just put the coolant in, but noooooo there had to be a script. -Jacob
All over a arrow fight
too bad they didnt hit G
This wasteland should be on the Yogscast complete server
10:54 worst editing ever. So lame and scripted killing everyone "on accident" when you can totally tell that's what he was trying to do
You should have just broken the reactor with your morning star
Yeah and kill the rest of series and more
True. But he didn't, so, "boom-boom!"
War, war never changes
The rest of the players just stood there wtf
Holy shit, I just remembered this while looking at the Yogscast wiki.
Rhythian made 350 YouTube accounts and disliked the video on all the accounts.
It's so beautiful (the way made rythian that angry in his face)
Why the hell was Duncan so slow :I
+Maxx Hahn It is scripted because in Sjins POV you can see before they fight, Sjin is on his roof, with a tank cart, acting all casual. And when Duncan goes to kill Sjin, he doesnt attack back. I reckon its scripted.
+Will Kalitta  He didn't attack anyway. And plus I think his plan was to whack anyone that tried to attack him, as he sat there and let his hammer spin.
War.  War never changes.
It's funny how the complete laugh factor in this episode was watching the chat. If you had a conversation with me about this episode it would be like this, You - "How could Duncan blow up Sjin's house?" Me - "Wait, he did WHAT?"
Mine would be more like this: Person: Can you believe he did that to Sjin?!? Me: Yeah, yeah, sure. But did you see everyone's reactions in chat whenever the fire started?? And then when the reactor overheated!! XD Priceless
A sad day in minecraft.... 2 mother truckers just couldn't get along and they blew up everything
I really love how in episode two, Sjin told Duncan that he didn't know a lot about nuclear reactors. Then this happened. XD
Zoey made a Futurama reference :O My only regret is that I have Boneitis.
duncan sucks rythian was Innocent and duncan destroyed everything and ended rythians blackrock series, duncan might seem nice on the outside, but he's not, he's truly a very bad person who takes pleasure by hurting peoples feelings and destroying there builds. so go ahead like his videos, subscribe to him, if you do then you just agree with your ways and we should all just lose hope in humanity.
also, this was scripted, rythian new what was happening
They would have got in SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much trouble from Simon and Lewis
How do people not know yet that this is all scripted all of the yogscast use a script kiddies
R.I.P The yogscast tekkit server.
... and that is why you reinforce your reactor containment DUNCAN.
i like how in dun cans pov he actually feels bad for everybody but in sjins all he says is kill kill killm =D
I know! He's like, "Sorry... NOT!" and then purposely destroys flippin' everything!
And this is why on the new servers they build their bases as far apart as possible
Hey i remember when zoey and maide were dating....
Yea but it was A LONG time ago...;
hold on a sec why would he care about sand unless it was of magical importance so duse that mane that rythin mad the evil sand in soi ?
I Have to say, Sjin was the bad guy here
to those who lost their lives Duncan     sjin maide        rythian zoeya        barry the mushroom and the two chickens in the reactor they will be missed
Teep became mute. Maide was never seen again.
love your work big fan you do feed the beast more offern
Lol one server,tons of destroyed things
How did duncan die like the armor is invincible and he died from lava, I feel like it was scripted
yeah but it said he died in lava i think he lived through the nuke and he fell in lava somehow and died there
+The Yak the reactor broke his armor and the lava killed him
Just got the joke zoey made after she died! Futrama for the win!
Is it just me or it looks like two crators
I think they planned this out since EVERYTHING was destroyed. Duncan also was hesitating a lot when he entered his house when Sjin was in the reactor. They might have done this since they were migrating over to a new server and everyone was starting new series.
nothing like tekkit classic.
Its obviously a setup _.
your amazing Duncan but I know that sjin just loves to ruin everything you do but you guys are cool know
hilarious despite the stageness of all of it
only u can prevent wildfires - Smoky the bear  SIJI AND DUNCAN U FAIL LOL
I lined up sjin and duncans video at the same exact time. It was all good until the end where sjin was in the reactor room and it didnt line up at all so it was scripted without a doubt.
Because war, war never changes
meh, just rollback the server guys
They have a backup map +this was all a script
so i guess in the end duncan killed israphel not lewis or simon :/
What is the music name? 
FIRE FIRE FIRE oh god the tree is on fire :\
His condenser was full of diamonds but when he came back it had red matter in it
bad boy bad duncan you should sjin's home with him inside it 
+Skyrannus he accidentally his keyboard.
guys I know Im kidding xD I don't mind spelling errors.
Did this go down in one of Zoey and Rythian's recording sessions? i would love to see their pov
What is that awesome battle music called?
i like how sjin just stands there as duncan comes at him with a sword
What was that swedish flag all about?
Rhythian is Swedish
I actually figured that out yesterday, surprisingly :D
Lo and behold, the consequences of war.
I wish i could go back to the days of when these videos came out. oh how they gave me joy :') I miss it
My favourite episode of all.
Just realized that the Klein stars go up in German numerals
War. War never changes.
War what is it good for you only make things worse
And war, war never changes.
German Klein Stars!
Beggining of Tekkit Era.
I feel sorry for Rythian :(
Everyone actually :( Except for Duncan and Sjin! Those bastar*'s! >:(
Bastards is not a curse
that was staged he totally could have stoped the reactor by putting the cooling back in but didnt
or destroyed the reactor altogether.
I hate that this was all planned
And they they went on to be magic police.
A little scrap with TEN NUKES!??!! Are you out of your mind Duncan?
2 years later I'm finally realizing the use of ein and zwei for the klein star, as they're German for one and two...clever
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